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Today's Log: 03-23


Bay Park Community Hospital

Ashley Schings, Toledo, girl, March 19.

Bethann Ambrozy and Brian Haer, Port Clinton, boy, March 21.

Flower Hospital

Jacqueline and Alton Tschan, Toledo, girl, March 19.

Randi and Kurt Walters, Toledo, girl, March 21.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Alison Myers, Toledo, girl, March 16.

Angela and Matthew Bradfield, Genoa, boy, March 17.

Bonnie Gorney, Napoleon, girl, March 18.

Angel Flores, Toledo, girl, March 18.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Ashley Reynolds, Fremont, boy, March 16.

Robyn Pearson, Toledo, girl, March 19.

Tenayuh Mosby, Toledo, boy, March 20.

Kimberly Kleparek, Erie, Mich., girl, March 20.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Erin and Brian Morley, Maumee, girl, March 18.

Nicole and Andy Gongwer, Maumee, girl, March 18.

Danielle Amborski, Toledo, girl, March 19.

Rachel Castillo, Toledo, boy, March 21.

Toledo Hospital

Nina Lynch, Toledo, boy, March 18.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

March 19, 2010

Generrio, Kizer, 21, and Jerrica Taylor, 22, both of Toledo.

Kip Studer, 24, conservationist, and Rachel Rader, 25, tax analyst, both of Waterville.

Lawrence Turner II, 33, laborer, and Jennifer Avila, 41, disabled, both of Toledo.

Hussein Obeid, 30, sales, and Soussan Hilou, 23, student, both of Berkey, Ohio.

Laroscoe Murphy, 36, steel worker, and Tishabu Nicks, 29, health care worker, both of Toledo.

Russell Glorioso, 27, network engineer, of Vienna, Va., and Jaime Bucher, 27, student, of Toledo.

John Robinson, Jr., 32, delivery driver, of Birmingham, Ala., and Rene Staples, 41, student, of Toledo.

Fielding Corbin, 28, cook, and Rebekah Sawdy, 28, both of Holland.

Todd Cope, 38, machinist, and Jennifer Fayling, 28, tattoo artist, both of Oregon.

Jay Stuard, Jr., 27, and Danielle Romaker, 34, both of Toledo.

Marcus Foreman, 39, fork lift operator, and Tonia Ellison, 45, home care provider, both of Toledo.

Joshua Lightle, 22, video producer, of Swanton, and Roseanne Rodriguez, 23, sales associate, of Toledo.

Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Danny Wongrowski, assaulted at residence in 4400 block of Jackman.

Alisha Waskom, shot in legs on street at Junction and Blum.

Kiara Johnson, assaulted with vehicle on street in 600 block of Greene.

Maria Bofia, assaulted at residence in 1000 block of Oakwood.

Deshawn Robinson, assaulted on street at Mulberry and Spring.

Brittany Swindaman, assaulted at bar in 5100 block of Glendale.


17-year-old girl, assaulted and robbed of cell phone on street in 1200 block of Camden.

Dontae Cheff, assaulted and robbed of cell phone at bar in 600 block of Junction.

Angela Williams, 800 block of Pinewood, snow blower, push mower, extension cord, and blower.

Thomas and Patricia Draheim, 2000 block of Green Valley, television with accessories.

Nicholas Gomez, 300 block of Valleywood, video game system with games and accessories, flat-screen television, and jewelry.

Jennifer Vanpelt, 2000 block of Balkan, video game system with games and accessories, digital camera, and brand-name boots.

Tammy Grace, 1500 block of Twin Oaks, large-screen television.

Maxine Spears, 900 block of Griffin, jewelry.

Marketta Gant, 4400 block of Cherry Creek, two flat-screen televisions.

Allen Schiffler, 100 block of Essex, two flat-screen televisions, video game system, and DVD player.

Richard Chappelear, 300 block of South Reynolds, two guitar amplifiers, tool kit, and air compressor.

Arthur Gardner, 2500 bock of Auburn, flat-screen television.

Phylicia Floure, 1000 block of Artis, flat-screen television.

David Laytart, 2700 block of 120th, laptop computer with accessories, disk player, and air card.

Shop Shop mini mart, 500 block of Madison, cash, phones, and cigarettes.

Brently Cross, 900 block of Gribbin, bicycle, three CB radios, and set of tools.

David Rieker, 3200 block of Aldringham, two televisions, jewelry, and rare coins.

Lisa Smith, 1600 block of Navarre, video game system with accessories, head set, and iPod.

Johnny Holloway, 1400 block of Brooke Park, large-screen television.

Frank Crinks, 3700 block of North Beverly Hills, cash, two laptop computers, and canvas computer bag.

Rite Aid, 3000 block of Monroe, liquor.

Tonia Hartman, 100 block of Oswald, cash, video game system, DVDs, and medicine.

Tommy Austin, Sr., 800 block of Green wood, acoustic amplifier, grill, and hand grinder.

Linda Madrigal, 2200 block of Collingwood, jewelry, DVDs, clothes, and laptop computer.

Joseph Cook, 3900 block of Rohr, laptop computer, sub woofers, night vision sight, and DVDs.

Stop & Go Check Cashing, 3600 block of Upton, cash and phone cards.

Gary Bourke, 300 block of East Manhattan, cash and DVDs.

Shavann Taylor, 400 block of Southgate Circle, video game system.

Deana Chininis, 2300 block of Glenwood, cell phone.

Paul Emmitt, 300 block of West Manhattan, flat-screen television and jewelry.

Jessica Gonzales, 200 block of Walbridge, “pit bull” puppy.

Randal Goben, 1500 block of White, video game system with games and DVD movies.

Tangela Keahey, 700 block of Stillman, flat-screen television, stereo system, three brand-name purses, and computer with accessories.

Jane Franco, 1000 block of Sisson, flat-screen television.

Lorenzo Layson, 3400 block of Collingwood, 40 video games, 80 VHS movies, pellet gun, and jewelry.

Fredericka Johnson, 1000 block of Pinewood, flat-screen television and five pairs of brand-name sneakers.

Alexandra Hertel, 2600 block of Pine Trace, three laptop computers, two flat-screen televisions, video game system with games, and two cameras.

Saigon Restaurant, 4000 block of Airport, commercial grade stove, hot water tank, three-compartment sink, two refrigerators, two fire extinguishers, gum ball machine, grease trap, and two towel dispensers.

Eva Smith, 4000 block of Asbury, large-screen television, DVD player, video game system, laptop computer, portable DVD player, digital camera, cash, and bottle of liquor.

Elaine Smith, 1100 Hamilton, furnace, stove, and garbage can.

Kathy Berry, 5300 block of Nebraska, treasury check, two laptop computers, and cash.

Deanyale Waters, 1700 block of Milburn, two flat-screen televisions, safe with personal papers, and jewelry.

Kevin Howard, 3000 block of Nebraska, television and portable DVD player.

Lawanda Wright-Mosby, 100 block of Gradolph, two video game systems with games and controllers.


Shawn McKenzie, coat and wallet with credit cards and birth certificate from residence in 400 block of Walden.

Henry Nash, cash and medicine from residence in 2500 block of Monroe.

Sheena Frye, purse with cash, credit cards, flash drive, and personal documents and papers from vehicle in 2200 block of Ottawa Drive.

Ivy Russell, 3600 block of Heatherdowns, purse and wallet with debit card, jewelry, cell phone, and personal documents from vehicle in 3600 block of Heatherdowns.

City Forest of Toledo, 1000 block of Buckingham, central air conditioning unit.

Josh Gregson, air compressor, air hose, CD player, and navigation system from vehicle in 500 block of Hurston.


Lucas County

Bischoff, Martin, 78, Walbridge, pneumonia.

Carter, Michael, 33, Talbot Street, pending.

Diaz, Petra, 60, Genoa, respiratory obstruction.

Harkins, Richard, 72, North Cove Boulevard, accident.

Hertzfeld, Frank, 68, Schadel Road, Waterville, pneumonia.

Jaques, Donald, Jr., 54, Western Avenue, pending.

Kitting, Ronald, 67, Wickford Drive West, Sylvania, pending.

Koralewski, Chester, 75, South Hill Park, Holland, congestive heart failure.

Lopez, Maria, 91, Blessing Drive, gastric carcinoma.

Martire, Gennaro, 64, Perrysburg, acute myelogenous leukemia.

Phillips, Anna, 96, Perrysburg, congestive heart failure.

Sommers, Howard, 89, Belvedere Drive, Parkinson's disease.

Streeter, Curtis, 62, Cherry Street, cancer.

Turner, Arclouis, Sr., 63, Buckingham Street, cancer.

Walker, Harry, 79, Collingwood Boulevard, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Weikel, David, 64, 21st Street, probable heart disease.

White, William, 68, Butz Road, Maumee, gangrene right leg.

Woodard, Robert, 52, Pinewood Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Young, James, 80, Vinal Street, mesothelioma.

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