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Today's Log: 08-28


Bay Park Community Hospital

Haley and Matthew Abraugh, Toledo, girl, Aug. 25.

Andrea Pence, Toledo, boy, Aug. 26.

Leslie and William Hartman, Oak Harbor, boy, Aug. 26.

Flower Hospital

Isasha Wilborn, Toledo, girl, Aug. 22.

Valarie and Marvin Walentowski, Toledo, girl, Aug. 23.

Julie and Joshua Barfield, Temperance, girl, Aug. 24.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Jaimie Rohm, Toledo, girl, Aug. 24.

Esperanza Ledesma, Toledo, boy, Aug. 25.

Gena Bellman, Toledo, boy, Aug. 25.

Amanda Johnson, Toledo, boy, Aug. 24.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jaymi Toledo, boy, Aug. 24.

LaTorrya Richards, Toledo, girl, Aug. 25.

St. Luke's Hospital

Cara Johnson, Toledo, boy, Aug. 27.

Toledo Hospital

Heather and Andrew Mossing, Toledo, boy, Aug. 26.

Erica and Michael Reese, Waterville, boy, Aug. 26.

Dana and Bryon Schaefer, Sylvania, girl, Aug. 26.

Patricia and Joe Ziegler, Toledo, boy, Aug. 26.

Sara Dotts, Toledo, girl, Aug. 26.

Malissa and Somsinh Malathong, Toledo, boy, Aug. 26.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sean Swigart, 26, warehouse worker, and Jennifer Wenthold, 25, financial aide, both of Toledo.

PhilipJoseph Wolf, 24, staff auditor, of Sylvania, and Molly Ocker, 24, benefit auditor, of Toledo.

Robert Childress, 25, laborer, and Kristine Cole, 22, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Michael Troxell, 58, teacher, and Jacqueline Campbell, 55, psychologist, both of Swanton.

Joshua Freidrich, 29, sales manager, and Renee Zuccarell, 28, nurse, both of Holland.

Paul Onody, 70, retired, of Toledo, and Rosario Krieger, 62, waitress, of Holland.

Roy Maiden, 74, retired, and Majorie Soards, 71, retired, both of Toledo.

Justin Wehr, 24, software developer, and Kelsey Perry, 22, student, both of Toledo.

Roberto Castro, 29, cook, and Brandy Hannigan, 25, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Gerald Harpel, Jr., 40, self-employed, and Heather Sattler, 31, self employed, both of Toledo.

Loren LaConey, 50, rural letter carrier, of Sylvania, and Mary Mackie, 42, customer service representative, of Grand Rapids, Ohio.


Lucas County

Aschliman, Vernon, 94, Archbold, Ohio, pending.

Brown, Iva, 68, Collins Street, ruptured aortic aneurysm.

Burgess, Roberta, 63, Pickle Road, Oregon, cancer.

Coon, Tommy, 69, Temperance, cancer.

Dick, Thomas, 87, Bedford Township, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Dunham, Carolyn, 94, Defiance, gastrointestinal bleeding.

Fullenkamp, Robert, 65, Coldwater, Ohio, leukemia.

Holewinski, Edward, 89, Seckinger Court, respiratory failure.

Joseph, Helen, 85, Maryhill Drive, Sylvania Township, congestive heart failure.

Loeffler, Earl, 83, Dorr Street, cancer.

Orr, Sallye, 80, Regency Drive, leukemia.

Stewart, Junior, 81, West Florence Street, cancer.

Taylor, James, Sr., 85, Pinewood Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Torres, Juan, Sr., 91, Swanton, accident.

Toth, Ruth, 97, Sarasota, Fla., pneumonia.

Tuck, Joanne, 79, Clover Lane, cancer.

Wallace, Carrie, 96, Cuthbert Road, diabetes.

City crime reports

Aggravated assaults

Jacob Damron, shot in calf in alley in 1400 block of Mott.


Jeffrey Walker, threatened with handgun and robbed of wallet with debit card, food-stamp card, and personal documents on street at Woodland and Hoag.

Major Goodlow, assaulted and robbed of bicycle on street at Earl and Berry.


Mary Albright, 1600 block of Vinyl, flat-screen television and digital photo frame.

Bobbi Constantinoff, 2100 block of Dana, laptop computer, video game system with controllers, two swords, and cell phone charger.

Lilly Baccus, 1000 block of Belmont, flat-screen television, radio, and video game system.

Kim Bartlett, 4300 block of Keygate, laptop computer, jewelry, DVDs, cash, and video games.

Samuel Abbate, 4300 block of Keygate, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and cash.

Sherina Harris, 1200 block of Eton, laptop computer and two video game systems with games.

Andrew Brock, 1900 block of Alvin, two flat-screen televisions, three laptop computers, three cell phones, two video game systems, and paint ball gun.

Elise Hawes, 3000 block of Reen, lawn mower, snow blower, two leaf blowers, ladder, weed cutter, and vacuum cleaner.

Sobalto, Inc., 3800 block of Airport, cash and computer with flat-screen monitor.

Henrietta Pisarski, 4500 block of West Alexis, silverware.

Joyce Wilkes, 500 block of Oliver, lawn mower, leaf blower, gas can, chain, and lock.

Janice Wilson, 5500 block of Heatherdowns, flat-screen television.

Gary Corner, 300 block of Willard, air compressor, nail gun, air stapler, and set of socket wrenches.

Keenan King, 400 block of Spieker Terrace, jewelry and video game system with games and controller.

Michael Collins, 4100 block of Suder, four video game systems with games, flat-screen television, three laptop computers, iPod, cash, savings bonds, and medicines.

John Martinez, 4500 block of Copper Creek, cash and jewelry.


Greg Dodge, car stereo-CD player combo, laptop computer, digital camera, cash, and cigarettes from vehicle in 2400 block of Georgetown.

Matt Montagner, laptop computer from 1100 block of North Byrne.

Robin Nowoslawski, navigation system and backpack with clothes, eyeglasses, and jewelry from vehicle at North Ontario and Washington.

Suburban crime reports

Bedford Township

Felonious assault

Gregory Lockrey, stabbed at residence in 1300 block of Pepperell.


Melissa Swain, threatened and robbed of cash from drawer at store in 8500 block of Secor.


Travis Gerweck, 2700 block of Pinewood, 2002 Ford Taurus and cash.

Eric Sessoms, 6800 block of Fortuna, jewelry, cash, and ammunition.


Thomas Cook, solar lights from residence in 2800 block of Floyd.

Virginia Corsini, two statues from residence in 3200 block of Fox.

Lake Township


Andres Cordero, 3100 block of Ayers, video games.

Jeana Delauter, 1200 block of Michelle, eyeglasses, two iPods, and purse and contents.


Walter Alder, 4200 block of Hakes, drill from vehicle at home.

Glass City Boardwalk, 27000 block of East Broadway, eight crates from grill.

Woodville Auto Parts, 4900 block of Woodville, tools and wheels.



Brieanna Houser, Wilderness Trail, Holland, bank card from 400 block of West Dussel.

Marcia Kovicak, Knights Hill, Toledo, wallet and contents from 1300 block of Conant.

Timothy Russ, Dundee, Mich., handgun from vehicle in 2300 block of Village West.

Tesha Schlegal, 1500 block of Michigan, bicycle from yard of residence.

Thomas Whitman, 900 block of Gibbs, CD and medication from vehicle at home.



Richard Garber, 1500 block of Jersey, unknown person broke in home, no loss.

Donald Medlen, 1100 block of South Wheeling, stereo system and DVD player.

John Parker, 1900 block of Ashcroft, unknown person broke into home, loss undetermined.


Arkanoff Painting, 2800 block of Navarre, trailer and power washer.

David Bomyea, 5900 block of Corduroy, hitch from residence.

Buffalo Wild Wings, 3500 block of Navarre, floor mats from business.

Sean Darling, 200 block of Van Buren, GPS unit from vehicle at home.

Roy Gilbert, 2700 block of Gladhaven, personal checks from residence.

Samaria Herzog, Newport, Mich., cash and debit card from purse in 3700 block of Navarre.

Brittany Honsberger, Bedford, Northwood, iPod from purse in 900 block of Isaac Streets; later recovered.

Connie Koch, 2200 block of Starr, cash from residence by unknown person who claimed to work for gas company.

Kimberly Njaim, 3100 block of Navarre, video game and video cartridges from residence.

Spartan Logistics, 1000 block of North Wynn, steel cross from business.

Dan Sutter, 4100 block of Brown, bending brake from yard of residence.

Emma West, 5000 block of Bay Shore, video game, iPod, camera, and Bluetooth device from residence.



William Holland IV, 1300 block of Mary Lou, cans from recyclable bin at home.

Ryan Mulvaney, 1900 block of Coopers Hawk, prescription medication from residence.

Omnicare Co., 7600 block of Ponderosa, ten Fentantl patches from business.

Abby Pontasch, 800 block of Walnut, wallet and contents from residence.

Helen Rollyson Haddad, Wilshire, Toledo, purse and contents from 3100 block of Levis Commons.

Perrysburg Township


Larry Crosser, 30000 block of River, copper pipes.

Tanglewood Golf Course, 9600 block of Dowling, unknown person broke into business, no loss.


Tara Crace, 10000 block of Five Point, medication from residence.

Dale Elliott, Murnen, Toledo, wallet and contents from 7700 block of Ponderosa.

Debra Sizemore, 6800 block of Wagoner, jewelry box and assorted jewelry from home in 12000 block of Harold.

Tiara Smith, Colima, Toledo, medication from purse in 10000 block of Fremont Pike.

Providence Township


Julie Smith, iPod from vehicle in 11000 block of Doran.

Spencer Township


Ramlow Brothers Landscape, 10300 block of Geiser, two leaf blowers and catalytic converter.


Ohio Ceiling and Partition, air conditioner from commercial building in 1700 block of Commerce.

Jeffrey Wallace, plastic log cabin from yard at residence in 1800 block of Berkey.

Springfield Township


Elizabeth Rochefort, purse with credit cards and checkbook from vehicle in 1400 block of East Mall.

Crystal Waldenburt, 100 block of West Heather, DVD player-radio combo with remote.

Swanton Township


James Weissenberger, wallet from pool table at lounge in 12500 block of Airport.



Thomas West, 5500 block of Bent Oak, cash, GPS unit, keys, credit cards, identification, and personal papers.


Ghaleb Abualhens, 5700 block of Foxpointe, GPS units from vehicle at home.

David Black, 7800 block of Westcroft, purse and contents from vehicle at home.

Julie Binz, 4800 block of Olde Meadow, grill from back yard of residence.

Timothy Gummow, 5800 block of San Reno, stereo face plate and book bag and contents from vehicle at home.

Arena Hill, 1200 block of Hamilton, purse and contents from vehicle in 6400 block of West Sylvania.

Cameron Kott, 3700 block of Fairwood, bicycle from 7500 block of Erie.

Michele Lewis-Krueger, 5500 block of Whiteford, bicycle from 5600 block of Webster.

Peter Makras, 6000 block of Apple Meadow, bicycle from front yard of residence.

Joseph Pethe, 5900 block of Grainfield, change and iPod from vehicle at home.

Nadine Vandervoort, 5500 block of Eagle Trace, iPod, purse and contents from vehicle at home.

Sylvania Township


Orlando Alarcon, address not available, wallet and contents by several men in 5000 block of Monroe.


Brad Jankowski, 2900 block of Hasty, auto, DVD player, change, jewelry, and tools.


Alan Borsos, 3300 block of Romaker, jewelry from residence.

Randy Butera, 5700 block of Mallard Pointe, cigarettes, watch, video game, memory card, and cash from vehicle at home.

Nannette Creamer, 6200 block of Sylvan Green, antique ivory tusk on black teak wood from residence.

Betty Justen, 4700 block of Southbridge, jewelry from residence.

Carl Keefer, 7100 block of Regents Park, wallet and contents from 7300 block of West Central.

Hosuk Lee, 8000 block of Bear Creek, MP3 player from vehicle at home.

Shell, 5400 block of Monroe, donation box with cash.

Speedway, 6500 block of West Central, $1,600 worth of gift cards.

University of Toledo


Brittany Bess, Maple Heights, Ohio, purse and contents from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Valerie Burns, Leavittsburg, Ohio, digital camera, golf clubs, and GPS unit from vehicle in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Olivia Davis, Stewart, Ohio, law textbooks from locker in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Natall Triplett, Jr., Whitney, Ohio, book bag and contents from vehicle in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Caitlyn Witt, Delta, Ohio, cellular phone from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

University of Toledo, 2800 block of West Bancroft, multimedia projector from office.



Ashley Manning, 30000 block of Drouillard, medication from residence.

Village of Walbridge, 2900 block of North Main, deep cycle battery.

Dawn Voelkle, 100 block of Blair, grill from back porch of residence.

Whiteford Township


Timothy Diponio, laptop computer from vehicle in 7200 block of U.S. 223.

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