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Today's Log 09-07-10

Bay Park Community Hospital

Danielle and Tim Mason, Maumee, girl, Sept. 2.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Shannon and Ronald Downing II, Oregon, boy, Sept. 3.

Meladie Jones, Genoa, boy, Sept. 4.

Jamie and David Dippman, Oak Harbor, girl, Sept. 4.

Brandy and Jared Dusseau, Oak Harbor, boy, Sept. 4.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Erin and Michael Perry, Toledo, boy, Sept. 4.

Dawn Hunt and Stacey Hawkins, Toledo, girl, Sept. 4.

Collette Huff, Sylvania, boy, Sept. 2.

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Critical violations

Marina Market, 3740 North Summit, inspected Aug. 17. Observed employee food stored with product for sale in the small display cooler, Designate and area for employee food items below or away from all food and food contact items. Observed boxes of chips and cups stored on the floor. All food and food contact items must be protected from contamination. Store in a clean and dry area at least 6 inches of the ground. Observed mold growth on the spout of the slush machines. Clean and sanitize according to the manufacturer's specifications. Observed the 3-compartment sink in a soiled state and used for storage. Do not use the 3-compartment sink for storage. Maintain in clean, accessible condition to allow proper ware washing. Observed no soap and paper towels at the hand sink in the kitchen or bathroom. At all times, hand sinks must be stocked with soap and paper towels to ensure proper hand washing. Corrected at inspection. Observed general cleaning needed in the store — floor, under and behind equipment, storage, shelves, inside coolers, etc. All areas must be cleaned on a routine basis. Observed expired baby food and formula on the sales shelves. Baby food and formula may not be sold beyond manufacturer's expiration date. Check dates on a routine basis. Product pulled from sale. Inspector: Stanley.

Toledo 76, Inc., 5432 North Summit, inspected Aug. 17. Observed the 3-compartment sink in a soiled state. Maintain all equipment in clean condition. Observed the 2nd bay of the 3-compartment sink not draining. Inspector: Stanley.

Toledo Food Center, 303 Main, inspected Aug. 17. Observed cut fruit in an unlabeled container in the produce area holding at 47 degrees. All packaged containers must be labeled correctly. Cut melon must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. No responsibility statement observed on the container of fruit. Containers must have responsibility statement with name and place of business, common name of foods, and ingredients with any major food allergens. Remove all cut fruit from sale. Observed cut fruit in the produce area. No produce or fruit may be cut until proper procedures are provided to this department. At this time, the produce room is not ready for cutting produce and vegetables. The room must be cleaned and organized. The sinks are currently blocked by pallets of potatoes. The tables have personal items on it. If the facility wants to cut produce, provide procedures on how and when produce will be cut. Also describe how and when produce utensil and containers will be cleaned and sanitized. The produce room does not have a proper 3-compartment sink. Procedures must describe how cross-contamination will be prevented. No produce may be cut until the procedures are submitted and approved by this department. Observed a leaking produce sprayer with severe buildup on it. To prevent the growth of mold or bacteria, sanitize all parts on a routine basis and repair leak. Observed duct tape being used on meat slicer. Duct tape is not an acceptable means of repair. Repair part so that equipment is properly working and remove duct tape. Inspector: Cipiti.

Petro's Foods, Inc., 5086 Douglas, inspected Aug. 17. Walk-in cooler is holding food above 41 degrees and has considerable ice buildup on its condensor; the condensor is leaking into a large trash can. Food must be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Repair the walk-in to remove the ice buildup and leak. Inspector: Wilke.

Speedway, 4305 Sylvania, inspected Aug. 17. The taquito on the roller is holding at 125 degrees; food must be held at 135 degrees to prevent the growth of bacteria. Discard the taquito. Inspector: Wilke.

King's Chef Chinese Restaurant, 6746 Sylvania, inspected Aug. 11. Observed food at room temperature (eggs 81 degrees, bean sprouts 78 degrees). All cold holding of food items must be at 41 degrees or lower at all times to prevent the possible growth of bacteria. Only bring out these items when busy for no more that 20 minutes then return them to the cooler. When business is slow, keep these items in the cooler and bring out per order. Make sure eggs are on the bottom shelf in the cooler. Hot water tested at 84 degrees. Hot water of 100 degrees must be available at all time for proper hand washing to occur. Hot water tank temperature was turned up at the time of inspection. Corrected at the time of inspection. . Inspector: Gottschalk.

Son-Shine Educational Day Care, 5701 Sylvania, inspected Aug. 11. Corn was hot holding at 126 degrees on stove top. Corn must hot hold at 135 degrees or higher to prevent the possible growth of bacteria. The heat was turned up and corn had a temperature of 170 degrees. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Wingate Inn & Suites, 5480 South Main, Sylvania, inspected Aug. 11. Cheese on buffet line had a temperature of 45 degrees. More ice was added to the container. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower to prevent growth of bacteria. Inspector: Gottschalk.

McDonald's, 1225 Collingwood, inspected Aug. 13. Observed two containers in walk-in cooler without date mark or label. Foods stored over 24 hours must be date marked with content name on containers. Observed cracked gasket in reach-in freezer next to fryer. Replace gasket. Repeat violation for broken thermometer for walk-in cooler. Provide an accurate thermometer to measure temperature of food. Inspector: Niles.

TJ's Courthouse Cafe, 700 Adams, inspected Aug. 16. Food was above 41 degrees; foods must at 41 degrees or lower in all coolers to prevent possible growth of bacteria. Adjust the layout of the top of the prep cooler. Observed gaps in between pans that allow cold air to escape. Monitor the temperature in all coolers. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Biggby Coffee, 4031 McCord, Sylvania, inspected Aug. 17. Drive-thru hand sink had a hot water temperature of 83 degrees. All hand sinks must have hot water of 100 degrees for proper hand washing. Contact plumber to repair the hand sink. Observed leak at the 3-compartment sink in both the wash and sanitize side. All plumbing must be in good repair at all times in order for the facility to operate. Contact a licensed plumber to make the necessary repairs. The 3-compartment sink must be in good repair at all times, since this is the only method available to wash rinse sanitize dishes and utensils. No date-marking observed on the open containers of lunchmeat; once the package of lunchmeat is opened, it must be dated. Inspector: Gottschalk.

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