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Today's Log 1/29

Bay Park Community Hospital

Taylor Cuevas, Genoa, boy, Jan. 27.

Katherine Williams, Toledo, boy, Jan. 27.

Flower Hospital

Melissa Dickerson and Justin Middleton, Pemberville, boy, Jan. 24.

Krista Douglas, Rossford, girl, Jan. 25.

Cayla and Chris Vasill, Toledo, girl, Jan. 26.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Krystal Perkins, Northwood, girl, Jan. 24.

April Thomas, Toledo, girl, Jan. 26.

Megan and Pete Zapadka, Toledo, boy, Jan. 26.

Patrice Whitiker, Toledo, girl, Jan. 27.

St. Luke's Hospital

Patsy Sapp, Holland, boy, Jan. 27.

Toledo Hospital

Michelle and David Aguirre, Swanton, girl, Jan. 15.

Sarah Wilburn and Joshua Mattoni, Bowling Green, boy, Jan. 22.

Brenda and Perry Tibbits II, Berkey, Ohio, boy, Jan. 27.

Sarah and Bradley Cowell, Ottawa Lake, Mich., boy and girl, Jan. 27.

Puja and Lila Neupane, Toledo, boy, Jan. 27.

Sarah and Matthew Smith, Genoa, boy, Jan. 27.

Tarynn McCall, Toledo, boy, Jan. 27.

Laura and Paul Meyer, Bowling Green, boy, Jan. 28.

Lucas County

Jan. 27, 2011

Michael Cole, Jr., 23, chrome plater, and Brandy Smith, 20, both of Toledo.

Oscar Sparrow, Jr., 27, U.S. Army, of Baltimore, and Nicole Mitchell, 24,U.S. Army, of Toledo.

Jason Molden, 28, self employed and Shizuko Darling, 29, warehouse inspector, both of Toledo.

Jason Armstrong, 40, graphic designer, and Marlo Armstrong, 40, teacher, both of Maumee.

Lucas County

Cairns, John, 81, Executive Parkway, cancer.

Culbertson, Jean, 87, West Lincolnshire Boulevard, respiratory failure.

Gasser, Milton, 80, Centennial Road, Sylvania, renal disease.

Gonzales, Ramon, Sr., 87, West Woodruff Avenue, cancer.

Grim, Margaret, 84, Lewis Avenue, dementia.

Harris, Peggy, 73, Buckeye Street, congestive heart disease.

Kaufman, Newell, 85, Brookside Road, inanition.

McDaniel, Margaret, 76, Framingham Drive, Sylvania, cancer.

O'Brien, Stoney, 34, Whiteford Center Road, subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Putini, James, 85, Colby Drive, renal failure.

Rohr, Robert, 78, Luann Avenue, leukemia.

Saxton, Robbie Louise, 65, Woodruff Avenue, hyperkalemia.

Simpson, Willodean, 74, Angola Road, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Zimmerman, Raymond, 96, North Wheeling Street, sepsis.


Frederick Watson, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in convenience store at Belmont and Hoag.

In & Out Mart, employee threatened and robbed of cash from drawer at convenience store in 4700 block of Lewis.

Justin Spohn, threatened with handgun and robbed of cell phone, wallet, debit card, personal documents, and cash in field in 3800 block of Airport.


Geneva Simmons, 3300 block of Maher, flat-screen television, two video game systems, laptop computer, cash, and pair of tennis shoes.

Randy Baumert, 300 block of Mettler, flat-screen television, two laptop computers, and cash.

Kristina Alexander, 100 block of West Streicher, four flat-screen televisions, video game system, shoes, clothes, diapers, and cash.

Sandra Brady, 400 block of Dulton, flat-screen television, shotgun ammunition, rifle ammunition, and jewelry.

Julie Dread, 1700 block of North Erie, cash, credit card, and bag of medicines.

Andrew Weber, 1400 block of Brooke Park, large-screen television, video game system, and Blu-ray player.


Steven Indra, iPad with accessories from vehicle in 700 block of Washington.

Robert Shubert, laptop computer from vehicle in 1300 block of South Byrne.

Silbert Hyndman, personal documents from residence in 2500 block of Key.

Richard Fraunhoffer, speaker box, medicine, and wallet with credit cards and cash from vehicle in 2600 block of West Sylvania.

Sarah Speaks, bicycle, digital camera, and jewelry from residence in 400 block of West Crawford.

Deymisha Copeland, jewelry and two cell phones from residence in 500 block of Starr.

Kathleen Moran, wallet, bank cards, and personal documents from store in 3800 block of Monroe.

Tiffin Scenic Studio, Inc., tools from vehicle in 3500 block of Executive Parkway.

Karen Baker-Zepf, copper, plumbing, tools, lights, two fans, and brass door knob from residence in 3100 block of Kimball.

Lucas County

Genene Williams from Luvell Williams.

Angela Orth from Kevin Orth.

Victoria Mobley from William Mobley.

Kenneth Penn from Christine Penn.

Emad Amireh from Melissa Awls.

Pacita Trapp from Eugene Trapp.

Gregory Collier from Cenitha Carter.

Tonia Hunt from James Hunt.

Stephen Christie from Kari Christie.

Angela White from Earnest White, Jr.

Patricia Kozlaker from Leroy Kozlaker.

Sandra Fontana from Anthony Fontana.

Anthony Fontana form Sandra Fontana.

Edith Pilewski from James Pilewski.

James Blanchong from Giselle Blanchong.

Michael Scharff from Donna Scharff.

Donna Scharff from Michael Scharff.

John Salazar from Jacqueline Salazar.

Jacqueline Salazar from John Salazar.

Christopher Jones, Sr., from Michelle Jones.

Michelle Jones from Christopher Jones, Sr.

Latoya Smith from Victor Hampton, Sr.

Leslie Lanier from Carlos Lanier.

Orlando Williams from Sheila Green-Williams.

Sharlyn Hookano-Andrews from Michael Craig, Jr.

Thomas Bevens, Jr., from Denise Bevens.

Esther Williams from James Farmer.

Samer Musa from Carley Bragg.

John Colling from Jill Colling.

Ruben Parraz from Barbara Parraz.

Melisa Ciski from Paul Ciski.

Paul Ciski from Melisa Ciski.

Kimberly Repass from Lee Repass.

Heather Geiner from Brad Geiner.

Brad Geiner from Heather Geiner.

Samantha Wiczynski from Jason Wiczynski.

April Brown from Mark Brown, Sr.

Nancy Speakman from Dean Speakman.

Lucas County

Sylvia Valdez Kimbrough and Scott Kimbrough.

Andrew Mata and Kathy Mata.

Thomas Fulton and Lisa Fulton.

Deborah Shumer-Bradley and Richard Bradley.

Erik Cleavenger and Deanna Cleavenger.

Daniel Susor and Jessica Susor.

Laurie Manning and Joseph Manning.

Radu Coman and Mina Coman.

Leo Anello and Stephenie Anello.

Anthony Cutway and Amanda Cutway.

Jody Hudik and Ronald Hudik, Jr.

Debbie Speegle and Mohsen Elbakri.

Eric Gast and Rebecca Gast.

Barbara Glasby and Steven Glasby.

Aaron Baker and Jillian Baker.

Kelly Tober and William Tober.

Lake Pruk and Virat Dankratok.

Michelle Kwiatkowski and Michael Kwiatkowski.

Amy Colyer and Michael Colyer.

Susan Roush and Brian Roush.

Eric Komorowski and Nicole Komorowski.

Jean Valiquette and Connie Valiquette.

Caroline Pacer and Steven Spetz.

Laura Zobrist and Brian Zobrist.

Scott McGannon and Heather McGannon.

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