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DAY 4: Demons of past stalk Tiger Force veterans 10/22/2003
 Therlene Ramos visits the grave of her son, Sam Ybarra, at a cemetery on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona. After returning from Vietnam, Ybarra drank for days at a time.  `He was alive, but dead,' she said. For Barry Bowman, the images return at night. The elderly man praying on his knees. The officer pointing a rifle at the man's head. The shot. That piercing shot. Before it's over, the old man drops to the ground - his body twitching in the blood-soaked grass.

Why did some troops target civilians but others did not? 10/22/2003
 Former Tiger Force soldier Ken Kerney, who did not take part in atrocities, said: `Once you cross that line, you'll do it again and again. It will escalate. And that's exactly what happened.' Ken Kerney said he joined the Army to fight communism, but he would face another struggle in Vietnam. Entering a special fighting unit in one of the country's most dangerous war zones, he watched in 1967 as his new peers sliced ears from enemy dead and opened fire on unarmed villagers. He had a choice to make.

Vietnam's children: Photo story 10/22/2003
Toledo Magazine's photo story by Andy Morrison on Vietnam's children.

Vietnamese colonel to investigate Tiger Force 10/26/2003
 Col. Nguyen Thai of the Vietnamese Army says he is investigating the atrocities committed by Tiger Force. Thirty-six years after a U.S. Army platoon swept through the heart of Vietnam torturing and killing civilians, a Vietnamese military official is investigating the atrocities to determine how many people died in the rampage. (This story was published on Oct. 27.)

Army brass let Hackworth retire despite host of alleged misdeeds 10/31/2003
At a motel outside Washington a redheaded woman clad only in a robe opened her door one morning to two men.

Ex-officer may face justice for atrocities 10/31/2003
Three decades after an Army platoon repeatedly executed unarmed civilians and prisoners in Vietnam, a military lawyer has recommended the unit's former commander be brought up on a war-crime charge.

Witness to Vietnam atrocities never knew about investigation 11/8/2003
Dennis Stout was a soldier caught between the ethics of his job and surviving in an unforgiving Army. As a military journalist, he watched platoon soldiers force 35 women and children into a pasture in the heart of Vietnam s Central Highlands.

Tiger Force documents elude Army investigators 12/31/2003
(This article was published on Dec. 30, 2003) WASHINGTON - The Army is unable to find crucial records of some of the worst atrocities by an elite platoon in Vietnam, casting doubts on whether the American public will ever know the extent of the unit s actions 36 years ago. Officials have searched U.S. record centers for documents about Tiger …

Investigators will question ex-GIs about killing spree 2/15/2004
In a case that has reached the top levels of the Pentagon, military investigators will begin interviewing former soldiers of an elite platoon accused of slaughtering scores of unarmed civilians in the Vietnam War. The Army will begin meeting with witnesses as part an ongoing review under the direction of acting Army Secretary Les Brownlee, who was asked to look

Tiger Force answers still elusive 3/12/2004
For 37 years former Army journalist Dennis Stout has waited for answers - and justice - after witnessing members of an elite platoon in Vietnam kill unarmed civilians.

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Spec. William Carpenter

This southeast Ohio native was a specialist in Tiger Force.

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Sgt. Gerald Bruner

This former Tiger Force member and native of Colon, Michigan recorded a tape about his recollections of Vietnam in 1988.

He died in 1997.

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Sgt. William Doyle

This Tiger Force team leader currently lives in Missouri.

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