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Who are we to judge who lives?

By arguing that women’s rights are denied by the closure of abortion clinics, The Blade relies on the fallacious and dangerous rationale that one human has the right to determine whether another human life should continue to exist (“Restricting women’s freedom,” Oct. 14).

Because the fetus derives its life from the mother, it is claimed that the mother has such a right. Logic dictates that proponents of abortion “rights” must also support the right of a mother to put to death a disabled child who depends upon her for life, or an ill parent who depends on an adult child for life.

The fundamental wrong of abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, and eugenic-based notions of any kind is that one human never should have the power to determine whether another human life has less value and should cease to exist — except in matters of imminent self-defense.

The rationale supported by abortion proponents and its bystanders only denigrates the value of all human life.

Ottawa Hills

Get pregnant? Take the consequences
When I read of employers having to include birth control plans for their employees, I just burn (“Church vs. state,” editorial, Sept. 23). Are men included?

Sex without marriage seems to be OK now. When pregnancy occurs, it’s simple to get an abortion, with the precious innocent child gone forever.

A woman who gets pregnant should take the consequences and deliver the child. Many couples would give that child a loving home.

Women are having abortions as a way of birth control. How sad. They will be sorry in the future.

Let individuals think about what they’re doing beforehand, and it won’t be necessary to hand out birth control.

Barstow Avenue


Think adoption over abortion
Abortion is an easy way for immature and irresponsible young adults to get out of ruining their lives at a young age.

Abortion should be illegal. It is inhumane. No matter how small a child is, that child should have a chance at life, even if it means being put up for adoption.

People who have sexual intercourse should be held responsible for the outcome that it may bring. Why would someone want to be known as a baby killer when you could be known as a source of life?

South Glass Bowl Drive


‘Cruise’ column needs to be read
Thomas Walton’s Oct. 21 op-ed column, “Toledo’s a great cruise stop, but there’s this sinking feeling,” should be mandatory reading for those who are involved in bringing businesses and their families to Toledo.

What a refreshing look at Toledo. If I didn’t already live here, I would seriously consider moving.

Sylvania Township

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