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‘Lie’ fails to absolve Obama


Your explanation of President Obama’s “lie” about Obamacare is an insult to all Americans (“Truth about a ‘lie’,” editorial, Nov. 10). To suggest that his action is OK because he had good intentions is irrelevant.

To suggest that he had to “make the complicated simple for public consumption” is a slap in our faces. To suggest that he is doing us a favor by forcing us to get new plans because we will have better coverage is paternalism at its worst.

The President’s “good intentions” aren’t enough to justify his misrepresenting his plans and his shrugging off its affect on millions of citizens.

An incorrect statement made once might be a “misstatement,” but one affirmed repeatedly and proudly is clearly a deliberate falsehood. To make that simple for the public, it is a lie.


Claudia Drive


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Keep health plan? Not so fast

We now have an addition to the list of biggest lies, right behind “I’m from the government, I’m here to help you”: “You can keep your health plan if you like it.”




Health care law fallout: Job cuts

Here comes the job cuts with Obamacare (“ProMedica offers 1,200 buyouts; Federal reimbursement fallout said to spur action,” Nov. 5). What happened to the notion that Obamacare will create health-care jobs? In this economy, that’s not going to happen.




Obamacare muddies nation

Voting to pass the Affordable Care Act may not have been the best thing for the country at this time (“Despite bad start, Obamacare is fixable, but what of its future?”, op-ed column, Nov. 7). It has caused turmoil and will add to the financial deficit.

Obamacare will hurt the quality of health care. There won’t be enough doctors to treat the millions of people insured under the law.


Lincoln Avenue


Web site woes? Call the expert

I’m surprised The Blade’s liberal friends have not thought of this solution to the health-care Web site problem (“Health-care data center crash halts enrollment,” Oct. 28). Call Al Gore — a self-styled founder of the Internet.


Springfield Township


Web site’s roots reach to Canada

We’re the world’s most sophisticated nation in technology, yet who has the lead in setting up Affordable Care Act Web site? CGI Federal, which is a U.S. subsidiary of CGI Group. That’s a Canadian company.



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