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Letters to the Editor


Truman justly didn’t apologize

Your Nov. 24 article “Presidents never likely to apologize about war” said that Harry Truman didn’t apologize for dropping atomic bombs on Japan. Why should he have apologized for ending a war the Japanese started?

To suggest that President Truman should have apologized is a gross insult to the World War II veterans and all other Americans whose lives were changed when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. His decision to use the atomic bombs quickly brought a decisive end to the war.

It is Japan that owes apologies to American, British, Dutch, French, Chinese, Korean, Malayan, and other people for its aggression. The American atomic bombs ended the Japanese years of tyranny and enslavement.


Oak Forest Drive


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Killers should never be freed

A woman and her two children could easily have been saved from death if their murderer had been kept in jail for life, instead of being released after only 13 years for committing another brutal murder in 1997 (“Execution ordered for murders of entire family; Courtroom outbursts punctuate man’s death sentence in Erie Co.,” Nov. 15).

I will never understand why release from jail is ever allowed when heinous acts such as these are committed.


Woodhurst Drive


Let’s give thanks to closed retailers

Kudos to local businesses such as The Andersons and Appliance Center, and national chains such as Dillard’s, Lowe’s, and Hobby Lobby, for holding onto one good American tradition: recognition of Thanksgiving as a national holiday (“Many local retailers vow no Thanksgiving sales; Businesses bristle at ever-earlier hours,” Nov. 28).

A short phrase in the Bible reads: “Let there be thanksgiving.” To those retailers who kept your doors closed for this one day: Thank you.




Retailers forget Christmas’ reason

Retailers have ruined Christmas for me. In their quest for higher profits, they tried to start the holiday shopping season in September.

If we don’t speak up, we’ll soon be hearing Christmas carols right after New Year’s Day.

Shopping is not the reason for the season. It’s time to put Christ back into Christmas.


Sylvania Township

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