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Online letters to the editor: 7/17

Obamacare mixes insurance with welfare

Insurance is a pooling of risk. An actuary projects the payment outflows from the pool. The insured’s premium is set based on the risk taken for the individual and the resulting projected payments. Over time, the sum of the premiums taken in by the carrier would be equal to the benefits paid out plus the carrier’s overhead.

Welfare is aid in the form of money for those in need.

The welfare portion is the controversial part. Young healthy individuals are required to pay higher premiums so that older and less healthy persons’ premiums are reduced. Obviously, the young healthies don’t like this and don’t want to participate. So the government tries to force them to participate by charging them a tax penalty if they don’t participate. The same is true when those with pre-existing conditions are covered or children staying on their parents’ policy until they are 26. When some are insured at less than the risk assessed premium, someone else is paying. Those that are receiving a discount are happy and those that are paying inflated premiums are not.

The real bloated costs lie in the bureaucracy of the government, the insurance companies, and the health delivery system. When you go to your health provider, they ask you for your ID and your insurance cards. No mention is made of the cost. There are no posted prices so competition can drive down costs. Until the patient has an incentive to be sure the service is worth the cost, very little progress will be made. The various bureaucracies will be battling over “their share” of your health dollar. The incentive is not placed on delivering quality health care to the individual at a reasonable price.

We know that most people that show up needing care get it. Those that cannot pay or somehow weasel out of it show up as bad debts. That is taken into consideration when setting the fee for those that do pay. It is another facet of welfare.




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Trump didn't deserve to be on the front page

How dare The Blade put a picture of President Trump on the same July 4 front page with the picture of a true American hero: Army Technician 4th Grade John Kovach, Jr.

John Kovach, one of America’s Greatest Generation, who bravely went into the perils of World War II a teenager. He was a man who endured the atrocities and a horrendous death in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. Mr. Trump is a very spoiled rich man who got a number of deferments.

President Trump is a snake-oil salesman who pulled off the ultimate con.

America, wake up before it’s too late.


Petersburg, Mich.

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