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To the editor: Democrats wrong about the economy


President Donald Trump shows off the tax bill after signing it in the Oval Office of the White House on Dec. 22, 2017.


No Democrats voted for the tax cut, which sends the message that they can spend your money better than you. To justify their inaction, they said the tax cuts favored the rich and that it would raise the deficit.

The rich getting rich makes no one poorer, and in most cases it makes others richer. They don’t put their wealth under the mattress or bury it, so that wealth usually creates jobs or benefits someone.

Cutting taxes actually increases revenue, as the Laffer Curve demonstrates. Cutting taxes gins up the economy, and new revenue is produced from more jobs and more people paying taxes, so deficits go down.

It’s time we stop envying and taxing the rich. We should appreciate, celebrate, and emulate them. You can’t make the poor rich by making the rich poor. We’ve tried that.

Drummond Road

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Hard to list the top Trump actions

I was intrigued to see the title of Marc Theissen’s Jan. 5 column, “The 10 best things President Trump has done in his first year,” and eagerly began to read it.

I soon got the impression that it was satire because at least four of the 10 would make my list of the 10 worst things that Mr. Trump has done. Unfortunately it seems he seriously believes these are good things.

McGregor Lane

Rep. Jordan out to destroy foes

When the GOP gerrymandered me a few years ago from Marcy Kaptur’s district to Bob Latta’s, I was upset. Yet now I realize that it could have been much worse: I might have ended up in Jim Jordan’s 4th District. John Boehner referred to Jordan as a “political terrorist.” Indeed so. As chair of the so-called House Freedom Caucus, Mr. Jordan assumed an unearned license to question every politician and political concept to the left of his far-right ideology.

He previously told Fox News Radio that he was convinced the FBI was trying to stop Donald Trump from being elected president of the United States. 

Mr Jordan’s agenda is crystal clear: He’s a far-right bomb thrower in the image of Joseph McCarthy. Rather than legislating for the needs of the people of his district, Mr. Jordan seems to have assumed the role of purifying society of those he alone deems enemies.

Westcastle Drive

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