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To the editor: The true meaning of feminism


I am writing in response to Keith Burris’ Feb. 2 column, “The last gentleman.”

If Mr. Burris chose to use the word “feral” to mean either than women are not domesticated or have escaped from domestication, then perhaps he has some idea about the intellectual underpinnings of feminist ideology. However, I am nearly certain that this was not his intention.

Being outspoken about societal constructs that prevent gender equity, and being a victim of harassment or assault are not mutually exclusive. Modern feminism suggests that women should not be coddled and kept like helpless creatures, nor should they be brutalized by acts of verbal and physical violence.

Believe it or not, there is an in-between.


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Thought, humor in equal measure

The Blade is blessed with two editors (one retired and one current) who grace the op-ed pages with their thought and perspectives on Sundays.

Keith Burris recently opined about the bygone days of manners and civil restraint (Feb. 4, “The last gentleman”). If readers missed or did not take the time to read his piece, please do so, and pass it on to your friends. He spoke about his learning of manners and restraint from his grandfather. It reminded me of the lessons my siblings and I learned from my grandmother, not so much in words, but through her good manners and restraint. Thank you, Mr. Burris.

On the same day, Thomas Walton, in his every-other-weekly column, made me smile, as he always does. This time, he wrote about his vast collection of the written word; some read, some unread, and all collecting dust (Feb. 4, “Light inside of a dog”). If any readers missed it but would like to wear a smile, you won’t be disappointed taking the time to find and read it. Thank you, Mr. Walton, and please consider running your column on a weekly basis.


Hyperloop prices too good to be true

If the suggested $20 price to be transported via Hyperloop from Cleveland to Chicago was not a misprint, it make me wonder what was in the Fruit Loops that U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur “and eight other congressmen” had for breakfast (Feb. 4, “Hyperloop coming?”).

Get real. I can’t take a cab to the airport for $20. Anybody have a bridge to sell her?


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