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To the editor: Schools should take charge of safety


Students read inside a ballistic shelter designed to protect them from school shooters and tornadoes, in the corner of a classroom at Healdton Elementary School in Healdton, Okla.


Let’s face it, our federal and state representatives are unlikely to do anything about school shootings. So, where do we go from here?

Ask yourself this question: “Who has the day-to-day responsibility for the safety of school children?” The answer is, of course, the local schools. Why can’t school boards, school administrators, school teachers, and school staffs take the initiative to make our schools safe, or at least safer? They don’t need to wait for Washington or Columbus to come up with a solution.

Why can’t a school make it mandatory for each student to enter school through just one door? Why can’t the schools buy and install metal detectors? It works at airports and it works at government offices, so why won’t it work at schools? How expensive can a metal detector be? Is a metal detector going to bankrupt a school? Would parents and concerned citizens help with the purchase of metal detectors? Probably.

We have been going at this problem wrong. A solution will only come from the bottom up. That’s how things get done. Do something.


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Good luck fighting site for new jail

When The Andersons wanted to build their new headquarters in the Maumee area the county commissioners were behind them 100 percent. They more or less forced people in the Brandywine apartments to move and the owner of that property to sell one of the buildings, so they could put a road right through where the building had stood, and thereby have a loss of income from those apartments to the owners of that property.

So those of you who think the county will listen to you and put the new jail somewhere else, think again. There was a lot of empty land all around the area where The Andersons did build, but no, they had to have a certain plot of land, and the county was right behind them even though families had to be displaced so that a corporation could have its way.

The county wants new business to come here yet it partially destroyed one that was already here all for the greed of a local company that announced the closing of two of its local stores, shortly after and put a larger number of people out of work. Good job commissioners! You are the ones that need to be out of a job. And to the people that want the jail moved to another location, you have a fight ahead of you.

West Toledo

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