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To the editor: Adults should not have to be taught how to dress for court


I understand the impetus behind Judge Linda Jennings demands, although she may be depriving herself of a aid in determining a defendants rehabilitation prospects (June 4, ”That’s what you wearing?”). After all, if someone does not have the presence of mind to dress appropriately for court, what would they wear for a job interview?

Fads come and go. Though some could be listed as fashion statements, others like ripped jeans, sweat pants, and flip-flops are not and never will be fitting attire for a job interview. You may be a dedicated follower of fashion and sport a full sleeve tattoo with multiple piercings, but unless you’re applying for a job at a tattoo parlor or the circus, remove the hardware and wear a long sleeve shirt for the job interview.

A person is judged by the company they keep, the language they use (either vulgar or refined), and how they dress. It’s sad that things people should have learned in elementary school have to be taught in a court.

North Toledo

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Students should know personal finance

I read with interest your June 4 editorial, “The real new math.” If an algebra or pre-calculus student left my class not able to balance their checkbook or figure out which mortgage they need, then they slept during class.

I would always tell the students that the exponential function was the most important topic they would study in mathematics. I would also tell the students that our class would be the only one that would tell them exactly what to do to be millionaires when they retired. We would use the exponential function to create an equation to solve for what to deposit every month for 30 years to generate one million dollars. For example, if you invest at 3 percent interest compounded monthly for 30 years, you would need to deposit $1711.76 per month.

Who says you will never use algebra in real life?

West Toledo

Editor’s note: Mr. Heitger is a retired professor at Bowling Green State University

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