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Bay Park Community Hospital

Micaela Reno, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Cynthia Swarthout, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Amber and Eric Gonzalez, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Flower Hospital

Amanda and Eric Deanda, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Jenise Brown, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Sarah and David Hamilton, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Deborah and Jason Lenke, Oak Harbor, Ohio, girl, Saturday.

Dottie Furry, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Stacy and Michael Fitch, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

Jodi ad Doug Dierksheide, Bowling Green, boy, Sunday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Taryn and Michael Hampton, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

April and Stephen Yoder, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Bethany and Andy Dale, Sylvania, girl, Thursday.

Toledo Hospital

Tracy and Kyle Hutchins, Perrysburg, boy, Tuesday.

Latyra Allen, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Jonelle and Josh Semancik, Wayne, Ohio, boy, Wednesday.

Heather and Paul Podolka, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Molly and Justin Matsch, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Christine and Todd Keel, Sylvania, girl, Wednesday.

Joy and Eric Swartz, Sylvania, girl, Wednesday.

Valerie Sawyer, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Kelly Murphy, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Robbi Young, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 8, 2006

Richard Curry, 57, and Catherine Curry aka Allen, 53, janitorial, both of Toledo.

June 9, 2006

Frederick Byrd, 35, barber, and Stacie Steward, 30, laborer, both of Toledo.

June 14, 2006

Jason Hemmelgarn, 23, IT professional, of Toledo, and Cassandra Knoth, 22, teacher, of Celina, Ohio.

Nicholas Fisher, 22, heating and air conditioning, of Toledo, and Theresa Dumas, 22, manager, of Swanton.

Jason Helman, 28, manager, and Megan Robbins, 26, teacher, both of Holland.

Andrew Miers, 23, marketing manager, and Jessica Brogan, 19, hair stylist, both of Toledo.

Robert VanOrden, 37, sales, and Suzanne Johnson, 26, teacher, both of Toledo.

Daryl Duncan, 35, manager, and Jeanette Hansen, 22, waitress, both of Toledo.

Adam Spieker III, 54, business owner, of Sylvania, and Yuliya Bogomolova, 26, of Ukraine.

Michael Mastroianni, Jr., 22, of Orange, Calif., and Jennifer Barton, 22, graduate student, of Toledo.

Tony Johnson, 45, formation handler, and Frances Scott, 44, registered nurse, both of Toledo.

Kevin Moore, 46, purchasing agent, and Lori Kertesz, 44, consultant pharmacist, both of Toledo.

Jason Gunn, 26, student, and Mary Hoover, 26, teacher, both of Toledo.

Dean Metzger, 41, of Perrysburg, and Mindy Russell, 31, pharmacy technician, of Toledo.

Christopher Fahim, 27, teacher, and Tracy Kutchenriter, 27, teacher, both of Toledo.

Merl Webb, Jr., 39, assembler, and Shelly Thompson aka Sumner, 29, assembler, both of Toledo.

Richard Earl, 25, service manager, and Mindy Cox, 23, cash audit, both of Holland.

Rodney Schmidt, 42, supervisor, and Christina Zibbell, 35, both of Sylvania.

Todd Cosby, 29, and Samantha Lucio aka Cosby, 30, both of Monroe.

Tony Kandik, 43, sales representative, and Amanda Blatnick, 31, both of Toledo.

Steven Stone, 38, and Lyndsay Fetchik, 27, occupational therapy assistant, both of Toledo.

Harold Thomas, 73, and Loretta Mays, 63, both of Toledo.

Crime reports


Victoria McQuin, of Toledo, cash by several people with whom she struggled in the 800 block of Moore about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.


Dennis Richardson, Maplewood, handgun and shotgun.

Edward Hackett, North May, windows, screens, and aluminum downspouts from the 1100 block Sherman.

Debra Nelson, Locust, no loss.

Lagrange Development Corp., Page, no loss.

Christine Raczkowski, Oswald, cash.

Jessica Mroziewicz, North Ravine, no loss.

Brian Calfee, Milford, laptop computer, cash, safe, and silver coins.

Allison Heck, Forsythe, no loss.

Daniel Douglas, Eastgate, clothing.

Christy Turner, Ginger Tree, beer.

James Murray, Auburn, no loss.

Delsynea Dinkins, Boles, no loss.

Anthony White, West Bancroft, TV.

Betty Christoff, Burton, change.

Darlene Baird, Royalton, cash and jewelry.

John Meyers, Lockwood, video game, bow, arrow, and fishing poles.

Derek Jones, Secor, microphone, keys, cables, and bicycle.

David Wizinsky, Burton, change, baseball cards, and video game.

Debra Morris, Jutland, check.

Stephen Pennington Law Offices, North Summit, hard drive, printer, and copier.

Michael McCray, Stratford, laptop computer, Palm Pilot, and jewelry.

Michael Gaston, Willys, laptop computer, TV, suitcases, clothing, video game, video cartridges, shoes, hair clippers, and jewelry.

Annette Carter, Foster, loss undetermined.

Mark Katko, Thornapple, no loss.

Lucreija Hamilton, Somerset, loss undetermined.

Sterling Construction LLC, Spencer, refrigerator from home in the 2200 block of Auburn.

Tobacco Outlet, West Laskey, cigarettes and cigars.

Cassandra Mays, Mayo, no loss.

Bradley Clark, Broadway, no loss.

Ronald Jones, Belmont, lawn mower, tires, rims, light fixtures, boom box, weed trimmer, edger, outlet covers, paint, and air conditioner.

Jeffery Wright, North Michigan, video game, cash, video cartridges, and set of knives.

Randy Baumert, Birkdale, copper plumbing from home in the 500 block of Utah.

Peggy Lipscomb, Moore, TVs.

Marietta Dawson, Bronson, TV, DVD player, stereo, speakers, and DVD movies.

Harritta White, Cherry, DVD player, DVD movies, jewelry, and medication.


Betty Byrne, Commonwealth, cash from the 4900 block of Jackman.

Vivan Bridges, Walnut, identification and bank card.

Elaine Tucker, Griffin, TV from residence.

Linda Gillespie, Tyler, air conditioner, fur coat, and stereo receiver from residence.

Jeanita Hopings, Pulaski, CDs, rims, and phone charger from auto at home.

Kimberly Wilson, Firethorne, wallet and contents from auto on Monroe at Secor.

Joy Perry, White, Perrysburg, CD player, amplifier, and speakers from boat in the 3800 block from North Summit.

Jill Nowicki, Cheltenham, checkbook, toolbox, and tools from auto at home.

Yolanda Thornton, North Cove, CDs, camcorder, camera, watch, personal papers, money order, and change from residence.

Samantha Gust, 289th, CD player, TV screens, stereo system, CDs, and wallet and contents from SUV at home.

Dan Clay, Layman, TV, amplifier, speakers, pool cue, and door opener from auto at home.

William Myers, West Alexis, boat, air conditioner, fan, and kitchen utensils from the 2700 block of 116th.

Bob s & Son Towing, South Hawley, radiators.

Linda Ditch, of Toledo, purse and contents from the 2000 block of Airline.

Michael Lorenzen, Martin, edger and trimmer from truck in the 200 block of Platt.

Mary Hughes, Ottawa, pouch and contents from the 400 block of West Bancroft.

John ta McCoy, Parkside, computer, CDs, and clothing from auto at home.

Alan Bonczek, West Laskey, engine, transmission, interior parts, and air conditioner compressor from the 2200 block of Chase.

Stephanie Koepfler, Drummond, CD player, CDs, and checks from the 2100 lock of West Laskey.

Traffic injuries


1:20 a.m. Hamilton and Weiler. Hit-skip vehicle and auto of Rajeeyam Triplett, 27, of Woodruff, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center along with passengers, Asia Thomas, 31, of Fairfax, and Jason Phillips, 32, of Foster. Another passenger, Jason Draper, 28, of Freeman, was admitted to St. Vincent in fair condition.

11:35 a.m. 100 block of Main. Auto of Paul Jacso, 78, of Reineck, struck building. Driver was treated at St. Charles Mercy Hospital.


5:29 p.m. 22nd and Monroe. Auto of Keith Pope, 17, of Fernwood, Monroe, Mich., and SUV of Kim Williams, 42, of Tremainsville, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

Fire alarms


12:08 a.m. 712 Howland, outdoor fire.

12:25 a.m. 1520 West Laskey, structure fire.

2:24 a.m. West Central and Maplewood, auto fire.

5:02 a.m. 918 Islington, structure fire.

5:04 a.m. North Detroit and Islington, structure fire.

5:24 a.m. Euclid and Starr, structure fire.

5:37 a.m. 3200 Glendale, commercial fire alarm.

6:28 a.m. Navarre and White, odor investigation.

10:15 a.m. 1020 Klondike, residential fire alarm.

12:43 p.m. 4757 Monroe, commercial fire alarm.

2:56 p.m. 1318 Crystal, dumpster fire.

4:48 p.m. 1613 Milburn, structure fire.

7:27 p.m. Ashland and West Bancroft, dumpster fire.

7:27 p.m. 2165 Ashland, dumpster fire.

10:09 p.m. 612 Winthrop, outdoor fire.

11:52 p.m. 3154 North Detroit, structure fire.


4:10 a.m. 706 Woodland, structure fire.

10:03 a.m. Bennett and West Laskey, outdoor fire.

11:07 a.m. 2112 Sylvan, commercial fire alarm.

2:03 p.m. 612 Locust, structure fire.

4:28 p.m. 3200 West Alexis, structure fire.

10:44 p.m. Hopewell and Middlesex, outdoor fire.


12:31 a.m. 323 Islington, structure fire.

3:59 a.m 2545 Amara, residential fire alarm.

11:58 a.m. 2350 Anthony Wayne Trail, commercial fire alarm.

1:11 p.m. 1410 Starr, commercial fire alarm.

1:56 p.m. 4923 Flanders, residential fire alarm.

3:11 p.m. 1200 Sherman, structure fire.

3:31 p.m. 200 East Hudson, outdoor fire.

4:23 p.m. 1534 Buckingham, structure fire.

5:27 p.m. 1814 Marlow, structure fire.

6:10 p.m. 4106 Talmadge, structure fire.

6:41 p.m. 5975 Telegraph, outdoor fire.

7:22 p.m. 1722 Freedom, structure fire.

7:50 p.m. 5270 North Detroit, commercial fire alarm.

7:56 p.m. Second and Main, outdoor fire.

8:20 p.m. 662 West Poinsetta, outdoor fire.

9:28 p.m. 820 Cherry, dumpster fire.

9:29 p.m. 3200 Glendale, odor investigation.

9:35 p.m. 5956 Walnut Circle, structure fire.

10:15 p.m. 322 14th, structure fire.

10:28 p.m. 6132 Herst, outdoor fire.

11:15 p.m. 233 Waggoner, commercial fire alarm.

11:46 p.m. 1028 Colburn, garage fire.

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