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Geek Gift Guide: For the beloved dork in your life


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The letters usually go something like this ...

Dear (insert name):

My (husband/brother/wife/friend/sister) is a geek. We have a great relationship - until the holidays, when I'm stressed to the max over what to get him/her. I want to get a great gift for my geek/dork/nerd, but I have no idea what he/she wants or needs.

Please help!



Dear Perplexed: Relax. Help is on the way in the form of nine geek-tastic gifts your dork will love. These gifts aren't necessities - who wants that as a holiday present? - but will make his/her life much richer, much more fun, and certainly a li'l geekier.

Help your geek stay warm Star Wars style as a member of the infamous white-armored army of the Empire. Plus, with Mark Ecko's name attached to the label, this geeked-out hoodie has designer cred, too. Also available in a Boba Fett design, for those geeks who fashion themselves galactic bounty hunters. $98.

Not sure what game or game system to get your geek? How 'bout a freakin' arcade machine. Your nerd's head will explode when he/she sees a full-size cabinet of video game joy wrapped lovingly with a red bow. And best yet? No quarters are required. There are many options, but here's one to consider:

$589 (for a barebones do-it-yourself kit)-$1,499 (for a fully loaded machine)

This is the original and best captain's chair of all time. Imagine your geek commanding the home theater system plopped in a full-size exact replica of Captain's Kirk seat on the Enterprise. The chair also features sound effects such as phasers and photons being fired and the intercom hail, as well as familiar phrases: "This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise" and "Security alert to all decks." All this for only $2,000.

trekmovie.comSuper Wall Climber Remote Control Mini Car:

Geeks love cars - especially miniature cars operated remotely that drive up walls. Remember: Remote control cars/planes/helicopters etc. are not toys; they're hobbies. This is a hot item for the holidays, so be prepared to go on the hunt to find one. $29.99.

Give your geek the gift of retro chic with this bluetooth old school phone handset. This blast from the past is sure to elicit the green-eyed monster in geeks everywhere. If only they would make a rotary-dial cell phone to go with it. $29.99. Also check out the phone handset with the cord that attaches to a cell phone, also $29.99.

Who can forget that incessant drone as the alien invaders marched down from the sky to conquer Earth? All that stood in their way was a lone single-missile-firing base and three bunkers in which to avoid the invaders' counter-bombs. It was glorious, geeky fun that can be relived on most any wall surface. $39.99.

Yes, everyone's favorite "overweight glob of grease" is now a useful trash can. Make trash time fun time with this 24-inch droid replica with pop-open head/lid. $99.99.

Full disclosure: I own this wallet and I couldn't be happier with it. About once a month I whip out the wallet to typical comments as, "Wow, that's really cool. Where'd you get it?" Now you know. And as NBC says ... that's half the battle.


Geek rules require regular viewings and recitations of at least one Monty Python film, usually Holy Grail. So how about a gift that goes back to where Monty Python all started? Not only does this set include all episodes of the ground-breaking Monty Python's Flying Circus series, it also features two new interesting and informative documentaries and a "best of" collection from all the members. $78.99.

Contact Kirk Baird at or 419-724-6734.:

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