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Published: Thursday, 4/2/2009

Alyson Stoner says no boyfriends now, thank you very much

"...as human beings we are capable of making sense of situations based on the thinnest slice of experience."

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping Point.

HOMETOWN GIRL MAKES GOOD: Alyson Stoner continues to make Toledo proud and she'll be coming home April 18 and 19 to help young actors and actresses learn dance instruction. On Monday she gave an interview with Bonnie Hunt and discussed, among other things, boys. Back off fellows, the 16-year-old's not looking for anyone now. (RL)

THE BAD BOYS FROM BOSTON: The J. Geils Band has long made Detroit their second home and for a brief reunion gig, they'll be there April 24 at the Detroit Fillmore. Kids, this was one of the greatest live bands ever and here's the proof. FYI, the show's already sold out and we're bummed because we don't have tickets. (RL)

PICK 'O THE WEEK: Crude, juvenile, and obsessed with bodily functions, Kevin Smith's movies are an acquired taste. Occasionally, though, such as the underrated Chasing Amy, Smith rises above his sophomoric senses and creates a quirky tale that's refreshing in its honesty and believability. Add Smith's latest film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, to that group. Zack and Miri stars Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks as the title characters, platonic best friends since first grade, who, in financial desperation, opt to make an amateur porno to pay the bills. Zack and Miri is as profane and juvenile as most of Smith's works, but the comedy is secondary to an off-beat love story, which makes the raunch more human. (KB)

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: We're thinking that Queen song should be the theme for American Idol every night they're voting someone off. Last night's victim was Megan Corkrey. We're just glad we weren't watching when they did a group sing of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." Let the record show, we stopped believing a long time ago. (RL)

THIS IS THE END: Of ER at least. The long-running medical drama signs off tonight in a special two-hour episode in which Noah Wyle comes back and takes over the emergency room. (RL)

SIC WOLVERINE ON 'EM: Oh, wait, he's the one getting ripped off. Someone loaded a leaked version of the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine online to be streamed and downloaded. This is out of bounds, of course. (RL)

MADONNA AND MALAWI: Madonna has to wait until Friday to find out if she can adopt a child from Malawi. We here at Thin Slices can't quite see how taking a child from an impoverished country to live with a parent who will see to his or her every need is a bad thing. Even if it is Madonna and the child will likely be exposed to bad music. (RL)

THOUGHTS ON IDOL: Only two as the show narrows down its group of would be stars. Is it just us, or is Kara DioGuardi growing increasingly annoying? And based on this piece, do you think some people take this all a bit too seriously? (RL)

OUR PALMS ARE SWEATY: The new Star Trek movie is still a month away and they're already talking sequel. Yahoo!!!! (RL)

STOOL PIGEON: Not to seem to judgmental, but we think it's safe to say that when you're getting arrested for driving your morotorized bar stool while intoxicated, it's probably time to do a little soul-searching about your drinking habits. (RL)

FRIDAY NIGHTS RETURNS: Despite weak ratings, has decided it wants Friday Night Lights back for two more seasons, which is a total of 26 episodes. This is good news for Adrianne Palicki, the Toledo native who plays a key role on the show and may be getting a multi-episode story arc. (RL)

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL: The word on the streets in Hollywood was that Monsters vs. Aliens was a make or break flick for 3-D. If it worked, the gimmicky technology would survive. If not... So the numbers are in and it's safe to say that this 3-D thing will live on. It helps when you have a really good movie. (RL)

PRINCE TIMES 3: Leave it Prince to promote his new three-disc set with something completely different: three shows in one day at entirely separate venues and totally different backing musicians. Sound problems plagued the outing, but still we bet it was good fun. (RL)

Rod Lockwood


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