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Jay Leno misses 'Tonight Show' taping for first time in 17 years

" human beings we are capable of making sense of situations based on the thinnest slice of experience."

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping Point.

THE STREAK ENDS: After a 17-year run of never missing a taping, Tonight Show host Jay Leno missed Thursday's show due to an undisclosed illness. Word from his spokesmen is that he's doing fine and we bet he's making jokes about it on Monday. (RL)

DVD PICK OF THE WEEK: I was a latecomer to Arrested Development, the brilliant Fox sitcom that garnered critical praise and tepid ratings for 2.5 seasons. Still, I wasn t impressed with the show until I caught an Arrested Development summer marathon just before the start of season 2. I was hooked. Set as a faux documentary on a dysfunctional California family, the Bluths, the series was nearly perfect in its casting and writing. And it was smart. Too smart, as it turns out, and most audiences didn t give it a chance (or two, in my case). Now you can see what all the fuss was about, and why the show was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2004 FOR FREE. Visit, and you can watch the entire series run, starting with the pilot. You ll also be better prepared for the long-discussed, even longer-in-the-making film version when/if it s released next year. (KB)

THE FALLOUT: Lindsay Lohan gave Ellen DeGeneres the scoop on her breakup with Samantha Ronson today and said breaking up is hard to do. We could've told her that. (RL)

UNLUCKY SEVEN: Lil Rounds and Anoop (we just like saying "Anoop") were knocked off American Idol Wednesday night, knocking the contest down to a best of five competition. (RL)

BE THE BARD: Because thou still haveth months until "Talk like a Pirate Day" rolls around," why not celebrate "Talk Like Shakespeare Day" today in honor of the Bard's 445th birthday. Check out these tips, or just sit back and watch a Gilligan's Island musical version of Hamlet. (RS)

LAWRENCE TAYLOR, GO HOME: Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was sacked from Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night and acted like he was frankly relieved to no longer be trying new dance moves. Now the avid golfer can go back to working on his short game. (RL)

BREAKING DOWN THE IDOLS: Somebody's gotta go on American Idol and here's a look at who's on the chopping block tonight and who's safe.Meanwhile, AI judge Kara DioGuardi says she's got a tough job. (RL)

HMMMM: So one of the big criticisms of various beauty pageants is that the contestants give stupid, non-controversial answers to questions about issues. But during the Miss USA pageant, Carrie Prejean, the candidate from California, gives an honest answer on her views on gay marriage and she gets criticized. Something is wrong with this picture. We don't agree with her, but she shouldn't be punished for speaking her mind. (RL)

FASCINATING: Susan Boyle is the anti-star: a humble woman from a small village who just happens to be loaded with talent. And we're still talking about her while her family and friends work to make sure she's safe from the crazy hype machine. (RL)

MADONNA FALLS: But she gets back up again when it's off a horse. After taking a tumble whilst riding in the Hamptons, she blamed a paparazzi for spooking her steed. (RL)

GOODBYE, NICOLETTE: Desperate Housewives said buh-bye to Nicolette Sheridan's character and she died just as she lived, "as the center of attention." Meantime, word on Wisteria Lane is Sheridan was a goner because of the usual "creative differences." (RL)

Rod Lockwood


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