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St. Luke's Hospital

Trisha and Donald Yoast, Bowling Green, girl, Saturday.

Toledo Hospital

Natasha Watson, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Kelly and Ron Stoffel, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Jennifer and Joshua Jacob, Perrysburg, boy, Saturday.

Marie and Scott Loar, Blissfield, Mich., boy, Saturday.

Holly and Todd Woodfill, Temperance, boy, Saturday.

Lori and David White, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Cassandra and Victor Hartzell, Waterville, girl, Friday.

Alicia Wilson, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Marcella and Chip Decator, Archbold, boy, Friday.

Flower Hospital

Kelley and Michael Wheeler, Swanton, girl, Friday.

Kira and Ken Spencer, Waterville, girl, Friday.

Kristi Hines, Temperance, girl, Thursday.



Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations

Jagel's of Heatherdowns Place, 5072 Heatherdowns, inspected April 25. Critical violation: Ammonia test strips are needed. Chlorine should be used until quaternary ammonia test strips are available. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Kaz Bakery, 8252 Mayberry Square North, Sylvania, inspected April 17 Critical violation: Provide a container with sanitizer at 200 ppm for storage of wiping cloths. Inspector: James Herzberg.

Cottage Inn Pizza, 1122 North Byrne, inspected April 21. Critical violations: All employees working with exposed food must restrain their hair properly to prevent contamination of food. Garlic spread kept at room temperature; all potentially hazardous foods must be kept under refrigeration at or below 41 degrees at all times. Pizza sauce, garlic sauce, and items believed to be shelf-stable must be tested by independent lab to determine whether they are or are not safe. Otherwise, follow manufacturers' recommendations. Provide scoop with handles in all bulk food bins in storage. Bulk food containers must be properly labeled with contents and ingredients if they contains more than one product. Inspector: Karim Baroudi.

Giant Food Market, 4148 Alexis, inspected April 22. Critical violation: Keep eggs stored on the lowest shelf in the reach-in cooler to avoid possible contamination. Inspector: Jeff Neistadt.

Cottage Inn Pizza, 5318 Heatherdowns, inspected April 23. Critical violations: Ammonia and chlorine test strips needed as soon as possible. Wipe cloths must be used in conjunction with sanitizer. Repair standing water problem in reach-in portion of prep top. Repair door gasket. Inspector: Brady.

Clark Station, 5410 West Alexis, inspected April 24. Critical violation: Provide chlorine test strips sanitizer solution at the three-vat sink to insure that solution is set at 50 ppm. Inspector: Tyra Van Leer.

BP Oil Co., 3369 Navarre, inspected April 24. Critical violation: Thoroughly clean condenser fans and ceilings of walk-in cooler. Inspector: Sanders.

The Blade Lounge, 541 North Superior, inspected May 8. Critical violations: When food is to be reheated on the stove it must be put on a flame immediately. Food must not sit at room temperature under any circumstance. Food to be thawed must be thawed under cold running water or as part of cooking process. Handwashing is to take place in handwashing sink, not in three-compartment sink. Repair steam table so all hot food is held at minimum of 140 degrees. At time of inspection, bacon, sausage, and potatoes were held at 80-85 degrees. All food was discarded. Pickles at 44 degrees, bacon at 45 degrees, chicken at 39 degrees, gravy at 42 degrees, and sauce at 45 degrees, all items discarded. Inspector: Van Tilburg.

Bambino's, 3156 Navarre, inspected April 24. Critical violation: Provide thermometer for small reach-in cooler. Inspector: Sanders.

Navarre Carryout, 3156 Navarre, Oregon, inspected April 25. Critical violation: Provide mop sink for disposal of mop water. Inspector: Sanders.

Sunoco, 1455 Byrne, inspected April 26. Critical violation: Provide a new thermometer for the cooler. Inspector: Brady.

Non critical violations

Huron Market, 528 Magnolia, inspected April 17 by Kristine Van Tilburg.

Lorraine Hotel Restaurant, 1117 Jefferson, inspected April by Debbie Dacquisto.

Rally's, 1035 West Bancroft, inspected April 8 by Dacquisto.

Arby's, 1425 North Byrne, inspected April 8 by Brady.

Wernert Elementary School, 5050 Douglas, inspected April 8 by Neistadt.

Rusty's Tavern, 1010 Vinal, inspected April 8 by Gottschalk.

James Wes Hancock, 5760 Bayshore, Oregon, inspected April 7 by Sanders.

St. John's High School, 5901 Airport, inspected April 7 by Brown.

The Belmont Store, 1159 Belmont, inspected April 17 by Perrine.

Our Time, Inc., 2100 Dorr, inspected April 17 by Perrine.

Summit Carryout, 3740 North Summit, inspected April 17 by Gottschalk.

Family Dollar Store, 1121 Reynolds, inspected April 16 by Brown.

Milt's Carry Out, 1501 Buckingham, inspected April 14 by Perrine.

Walnut Carryout, 832 Walnut, inspected April 17 by Van Tilburg.

Monroe Carry Out, 2829 Monroe, inspected April 23 by Debbie Dacquisto.

Lagrange Food Center, 2304 Lagrange, inspected April 24 by Van Tilburg.

Bush Quick Stop, 702 Bush, inspected April 17 by Van Tilburg.

Marco's Pizza, 2525 West Laskey, inspected April 22 by Neistadt.

Sunoco, 2461 Navarre, inspected April 22 by Heidi Sanders.

Broadway Food Center, 1503 Broadway, inspected April 24 by Stephen Perrine.

Your Community Market, 1501 Nebraska, inspected April 24 by Perrine.

Dollar Fifty Plus, 1312 Nebraska, inspected April 24 by Perrine.

B & B Beverage Center, 1901 Broadway, inspected April 24 by Perrine.

Rite Aid Pharmacy, 1605 Broadway, inspected April 24 by Perrine.

BP Oil Co., 1456 Holland-Sylvania, inspected April 24 by Amy Brown.

Dollar General Store, 3245 Navarre, Oregon, inspected April 25 by Sanders.


The Beer Dock, 932 Huron, inspected April 17. Violations from previous inspection corrected, no critical violations pending. Inspector: Van Tilburg.

Wags Party Store, 422 Steadman, in|spected April 23. Violations from previous inspection still pending, none critical. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Meijer, 7240 West Central, Sylvania Township, inspected April 25. All violations from previous inspection corrected, none added. Inspector: Herzberg.

EOPA Jefferson Center Head Start, 1300 Jefferson, inspected May 19 by Dacquisto.

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