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Daily Log

Daily Log: 5-5


Bay Park Community Hospital

Nellie Whitten and Fermin Rubio, III, Curtice, Ohio, boy, May 3.

Alicia Cortez, Toledo, boy, May 3.

Sally and James Kimble, Stoney Ridge, Ohio, boy, May 4.


St. Luke's Hospital

Megan Johnson, Toledo, boy, May 3.

Kimberlee and Michael Williams, Toledo, boy, May 3.

Kari Sergent, Bowling Green, Ohio, girl, May 4.


Toledo Hospital

Meliessa King, Swanton, girl, May 3.

Frederica Barringer, Toledo, girl, May 3.

Tequila Church, Toledo, boy, May 3.

Jasmine Wiley, Toledo, girl, May 3.

Amanda and Todd Hasty, Holland, girl, May 3.

Nicole and Heath Stickley, Toledo, boy, May 3.

Shameka Poole, Toledo, girl, May 3.

Melenie and Brian Nelson, Toledo, girl, May 3.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

May 3, 2011

Dennis Seibert, Jr., 28, electrician, and Sarah Reynolds, 26, student, both of Toledo.

Danny Prater, 63, retired, of Elmore, and Diane Woodard, 57, retired, of Toledo.

Christopher Gang, 24, and Stephanie Barry, 22, both of Sylvania.

Anthony Bell, 33, metal finish working, and Donna Flowers, 32, nurse aide, both of Toledo.

Darin Meyer, 27, civil engineer, of Sylvania, and Beverly Tomsic, 26, teacher, of Toledo.

Zoltan Meszaros, 43, golf course assistant manager, and Doreen DiCarlo, 44, hair stylist, both of Ann Arbor.

Andrew Carman, 25, assistant manager, and Autumn Barke, 24, home health aide, both of Toledo.

Adam Gerathy, 25, mechanical engineer, of Toledo, and Britney McIntire, 25, server, of Woodville, Ohio.

Marcus Wilcox, 29, cashier, and Tammy Fowler, 27, both of Erie, Mich.

Terry Pitts, 38, field technician, and Rachel Pitts, 36, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Jonathan Roeder, 21, of Lima, Ohio, and Christina Klemme, 20, cashier, of Toledo.

Jason Goetz, 33, supervisor, and Nikki Clute, 31, homemaker, both of Monroe, Mich.

Jason Lewallen, 32, nursing assistant, and Loraina Knoblauch, 30, both of Sylvania.

Herbert Hurley, Jr., 43, and Mary Robinson, 50, both of Toledo.

Gerald Russell, 62, engineer, and Marcia Stemansco, 61, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

Shawn Carer, 25, production worker, and Sherrilyn Bumpus, 24, student, both of Toledo.



Alessandrini, Susan, 63, South Avenue, rheumatoid lung disease.

Allen, Lola, 66, Avondale Avenue, cancer.

Bierman, Russell, 89, Riga, Mich., failure to thrive.

Blazey, Frances, 74, Lakeway Drive, Oregon, heart disease.

Burton, Anna, 85, Bell Street, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Cameron, Donna, 79, Darlington Road, acute myocardial infarction.

Cieslukowski, Joseph, 87, Jodore Avenue, leukemia.

Copeland, Craig, 61, Spring Street, renal cell carcinoma.

Hague, Margaret, 81, Lucas Street, accident.

Hase, June, 85, Lambertville, shock.

Hiltman, Angel, 38 minutes, Revere Drive, multiple fetal anomalies.

Jankowski, James, 71, Bedford Township, sepsis syndrome.

Kohlman, Lorraine, 87, Palmyra Township, Mich., retroperitoneal bleed.

Langenderfer, Marilyn, 90, Central Avenue, Richfield Township, stroke.

Lemble, James, Jr., 52, Ottawa Lake, Mich., bilateral pulmonary emboli.

Lindsay, Monte, 17, Brand Whitlock Homes, cardiopulmonary failure.


Lucas County

Lyman, Genevieve, 82, Woodsdale Avenue, cerebral vascular accident.

Mays, Meckel, 60, Baker Street, cancer.

McCartney, Joeann, 73, Isha Laye Way, cancer.

McWilliam, John, 81, Kenwood Boulevard, myocardial infarction.

Mick, Mary, 75, Fayette, Ohio, sepsis.

Miller, Jacqueline, 65, Napoleon, Ohio, mitral valve repair.

Moening, Dena, 89, Clarion Avenue, Holland, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Moore, Adorthy, 66, Scottwood Avenue, cerebral infarction.

Neuendorf, Wayne, 89, Pioneer, Ohio, dementia.

Neuman, Helen, 83, Blissfield, Mich., bilateral embolic strokes.

Nieman, Charlotte, 105, Whiteford Township, Mich., congestive heart failure.

Oswalt, Judy, 65, Dorcas Road, Springfield Township, respiratory failure.

Pappas, Charles, 60, Richards Road, adenocarcinoma of pancreas.

Pierce, Ralph, 80, Mott Street, pending.

Rawson, Robert, 83, Oakridge Drive, Parkinson's disease.

Rayford, AJ, 71, Old State Line Road, Holland, Alzheimer's disease.

Reed, Albert, 71, West Crest Drive, Parkinson's disease.

Russell, Vertis, 91, Avondale Avenue, Alzheimer's dementia.

Sanders, George, 84, Whiteford Township, Mich., respiratory failure.

Schoonmaker, Betty, 82, Brussels Street, heart disease.

Shaw, Mildred, 68, Gretna Green Avenue, Alzheimer's disease.

Shinaul, Thomas, Jr., 83, Upton Avenue, dementia.

Shinsky, Marguerite, 76, South McCord Road, Holland, accident.

Short, Donald, 80, Parkcliffe Lane, Alzheimer's dementia.

Spearman, General, Jr., 66, Lucas Street, cancer.

Steinhurst, Eugene, 88, Stafford Drive, Oregon, intra-abdominal carcinoma.

Stoeckley, Thelma, 83, Rushland Avenue, cancer.

Thompson, Mary, 81, Genoa, chronic renal failure.

Van Camp, William, Sr., 83, Tiffin, Ohio, hemorrhagic stroke.

Woodley, Diana, 20, Pepperwood Court, accident.


Crime reports

Shooting into occupied dwellings

Timothy Gromnicki, Jennifer Dellaflora, and Bobbi Nierman, 2300 block of North Erie.

Gail Brown and several small children, 1000 block of Bricker.

Leydi Torres, Louis Areanas, Natalie Areanas, Louis Areanas, and Alexa Areanas, 900 block of Noble.

Debbie Woodward, 2900 block of Warsaw.


Felonious assaults

Richard Hill, shot at bar in 4500 block of North Detroit.

Aaron Coleman, assaulted with knife at residence in 2200 block of Lagrange.

Justin Roach, stabbed at residence in 3800 block of Sylvania.

James Rouen, stabbed at residence in 1900 block of West Alexis.

Robert Bermejo, assaulted at residence in unit block of Jay.

Sharmaine Crumby, assaulted at residence in 2000 block of Elliott.

Deadrick Rocker, assaulted on street in 1600 block of Buckingham.

Kim Shuler, assaulted at residence in 3700 block of East Manhattan.

Masimino Rodriquez, shot in vacant lot at Western and Boody.

Brock Baker and Deborah Burton, threatened by man firing handgun at residence in 2900 block of Chase.

William Swanson, assaulted in residence at 900 block of Secor.



Carolyn Simms, 1000 block of Elmwood, man's, woman's and girl's bicycles.

Karen Blue, 1000 block of North Ontario, flat screen television.

Richard Smith, 20 block of City Park, gaming console and assorted games.

Sheila Martin, 600 block of Highland, flat screen television and assorted jewelry and cash.

Wendy Murphy, 4000 block of Overland, air compressor metal bending machine and assorted power tools.

Mark Wohlfarth, 5000 block of Boyd, rifle compression set and assorted tools.

Dennis Reed, 1000 block of Hurd, assorted tools.

Stacie Tucker, 1000 block of Vance, bottle of scotch.

Terilyn Coley, 4000 block of Cherry Creek, flat screen television laptop computer mink coat and assorted cash.

Julie Shufeldt, 700 block of Geneva, flat screen televisions, assorted jewelry.

Betty Shultz, 5000 block of Fairgreen, leaf blower, hedge trimmers and generator.

Greater Green Technology, 3000 block of Upton, desktop computer and flat screen television.

Lillie Pettis, 500 block of Bates, flat screen television.

Kelly McCree, 100 block of East Woodruff, flat screen televisions.

Janine Thorton, 700 block of Stickney, flat screen television.

Tony Reasti, 1000 block of Page, LCD television and Nintendo Wii.

DaShawn Barker, 600 block of Streicher, assorted shoes and cloths flat screen television and X-Box 360.

Ted Hodnicki, 400 block of East Weber, assorted cash.

Clearence Hicks, 3000 block of Cottage, gas stove water heater and copper plumbing.

Don Biery, 4000 block of Lyman, copper pipes.

David Mills, 4000 block of Commonwealth, assorted women's jewelry credit cards gift cards and cash.

Charlotte Steinman, 4000 block of Folkstone, assorted tools and copper pipes.

Michelle Murphy, 3000 block of Stickney, assorted welding equipment and tools.

Shirley Metzger, 2000 block of Vanderbilt, chain saw, gas leaf blowers.

Cary Newton, 3000 block of Northwood, mini fridge, LCD television and liquor.

Elizabeth Barda, 800 block of National, laptop computer, DVD player and assorted DVDs and Nintendo Wii with assorted games and accessories.

Leah Root, City Park, assorted DVD players, desktop computer, flat screen televisions and Nintendo Wii with assorted games and accessories.

Richard Moore, 1000 block of Starr, assorted medications.

Joseph Irwin, 700 block of Deal, assorted cash.

Julia Ostrander, 2000 block of Chelmsford, assorted copper pipe and water meter.

Matt Cardenas, 600 block of Nevada, flat screen televisions and Playstation 3 with assorted games.

Brenda Davis, 1000 of Buckingham, gas water heater.

Serina Garmon, 300 block of San Jose, assorted ductwork and copper pipes.

Danesha Belcher, 800 block of Byrneport, flat screen television, computer monitor and printer, assorted children's clothing.

Jane Murrell, 4000 block of South, copper pipes.

Bavarian Sports Club, 2000 block of Lagrange, copper pipes.

Mark Brown, 600 block of Milton, video game, video controller and video cartridges.

Sheuesse Baccus, 800 block of Ambia, two televisions.

Anthony Rogge, 500 block of Orchard, folding cherry picker, tool box, and air compressor.

Paige Ducat, 400 block of Islington, iPod and charger.

Ramsey Brothers Restore, 300 block of 20th, tools from truck from back of business.

David Swartz, 1500 block of Heatherton, laptop computer and software.

Amir Ramadan, 1000 block of Front, girl and lawn mower.

Tonesha Ottrix, 100 block of East Woodruff, cash and food.

Pamala Moore, video game and video cartridges.

Beav Saylor, 1600 block of Brook Park, video game, DVDs, and DVD player.

Dewar's Pub, unit block of Fassett, safe and contents.

Jeffery Cooper, 3300 block of Arlington, two televisions, video game, video cartridges, video controllers, DVD movies, guitars, laptop computer, checkbook, and cash.

Gene Keith, 600 block of Maumee, lawn mower, air compressor, weed wacker, and power tools.

Patricia Doster, 3500 block of Wallace, furnace, copper plumbing, duct work, water heater, two sinks, toilet, and air conditioner from home in the 1100 block of Page.



Pamela Mansfield, assaulted and robbed of cash and medicines in alley in 1400 block of North Erie.

James Simms, 1300 block of Elmwood, three bicycles.

James Motter, 5800 block of Jackman, two vacuum machines and tool set.

Elisha Lopez, 3800 block of Jackman, flat-screen television.

Lucille Moan, 4100 block of Lewis, flat-screen television and DVD player.

Anthony Payne, 600 block of Prouty, motorized wheelchair.

Andrea Campbell, 400 block of Bassett, camera, three televisions, and three video game systems with controllers.

Katherine Stewart, 200 block of Field, video game system with games, DVDs, laptop computer with printer, and jewelry.

Alonzo Winters, 4000 block of Hill, three flat-screen televisions and video game system.

Lucas Mikolayczyk, 6100 block of 317th, video game system with games and accessories, flat-screen television, camera, iPad, and laptop computer.

Suzanne Shack, 800 block of Elm, video game system with games.

Jesus Rivera, 600 block of Bafle, flat-screen television and DVD player with DVDs.

Kimberly Self, 200 block of East Manhattan, two video game systems and computer monitor.

Jeannine Sheppard, two flat-screen televisions and video game system.

David Harrett, 4300 block of Walker, laptop computer and computer monitor.

Angel Jablonski, 1500 block of Nevada, copper plumbing.

Samara Smith, 3000 block of Warsaw, video game system.

Beverly Panning, 3600 block of Rugby, copper pipes.

Emily Jackson, 1100 block of Steeple Chase, laptop.

Genoefa Becker, 1000 block of Rochelle, television.

Mary Ramsey, assaulted and robbed of cell phone and cash in parking lot in unit block of East Bancroft.

Christian Anderson and Brian Cole, threatened with handgun and robbed of two cell phones and MP3 player on street at Spencer and Western.

Virgie Ratliff and Michael Yeary, assaulted and robbed of purse with cash, credit cards, and cell phone on street in 3300 block of Parkwood.

Aaron Futrell, threatened with knife and robbed of cash, money card, and identification card in alley at Arden and Starr.

Thomas Wallace, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash, jewelry, and two cell phones at apartment complex in 800 block of Cherry.

Todd Estes, threatened with handgun and robbed of wallet, two cell phones, welding hood, and tools on street at North Holland-Sylvania and Nebraska.

Rose Brumfield, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in parking lot in 700 block of West Alexis.

Alexander Staples, threatened with bricks and robbed of cell phone in 1300 block of West Bancroft.

Quentin Kenney, assaulted and robbed of hooded sweatshirt on street in 1600 block of Buckingham.

Dustin Bahrs, assaulted and robbed of cash and cell phone at residence in 1300 block of Crestwood.

Mario Menjivar Orellana, assaulted and robbed of wallet with cash on sidewalk at Nebraska and Collingwood.

Keith Rambo, assaulted and robbed of cash and cell phone at residence in 300 block of Wasaon.

Dollar General, clerk robbed of cash from register at store in 5800 block of Lewis.

Mechelle Singleton, robbed of cash on street at Forest and Fernwood.

Steven Pittman, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash and jewelry on street at Hoag and Avondale.

Tiffany Davis, robbed of purse with cash in parking lot in 4500 block of North Detroit.



Alexandria Taylor, 100 block of Dickens, DVD player and assorted medication reported missing from residence.

Jacqueline Neff, wallet, driver's license and debit cards at 5000 block of Monroe.

Shawn Weirich, 30 block of Magyar, flat screen television reported missing from residence.

Super Fitness, assorted desktop computers reported stolen at 1000 block of North Reynolds.

Dan Crawford, 1000 block of College, CD player, iPod, and stereo amp reported stolen from vehicle.

Angie Rowen, mp3 player, various DVDs and CDs, sunglasses and digital camera reported stolen from vehicle at 4000 block of Vermaas.

Bonita Hobson, Stereo 100 block of West Oakland, system and DVD player reported missing from residence.

Sean Duhart, book bag containing school books and laptop computer from corner of Jefferson and 17th.

Jackie Deible, 1000 block of Colton, appliances, car rims and tires.

Kelsey Gotha, 3000 block of Burnham, purse, various debit cards and gold necklace.

Leonard Tomanski, 3000 block of Westland, bookbag and textbooks, calculator and spiral notebook.

Charonda Horton, multimedia unit and various CDs from vehicle at 200 block of 16th.

Frank Scarlato, 3000 block of North Summit, television, GPS, radio and radar.

Ann Corton, 3000 block of North Erie, clothing and personal effects, various medications, dog.

Lawrence Burns, 4300 block of Broomfield, briefcase and contents from vehicle in unit block of Main.

Johnathon Gaines, East Lutz, Archbold, video game, video cartridges, toolbox, and tools from 400 block of Platt.

Melissa Barnette, 1800 block of Kensington, cellular phone, laptop computer and cash from residence.

Christian Love Baptist Church, 1600 block of Woodland, central air conditioner.

Premium Quality Meats, 1600 block of Coining, cases of meat.

J.S. Wass LLC, aluminum gutters, lawn mower, furniture, and metal scrap from residence in 300 block of Burbank.

Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, laptop computer from office in 600 block of North Erie.

Jacqueline Myler-Hardenbrook, deposit bag with cash and purse with cash, credit cards, check, and driver's license.

Thomas Santelle, in-dash CD-DVD player, navigation system, and skiing equipment from vehicle in 1000 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Tina Cashen, lawn mower, barbecue grill, cast iron firepit, and bag with steel poles for gazebo from backyard at residence in 700 block of Raymer.

Zak Taylor, two-way radios, power tools, hand tools, and materials from vehicle in 5300 block of Edgewater.

Anthony Fowler, wallet with cash, credit cards, and personal documents from vehicle in 1700 block of South Reynolds.

Arleasa Walls, two rims and two tires from vehicle in parking lot at Airport and Bernath.

Donna Kramer, purse with credit cards, checkbooks, driver's license, and cell phone from vehicle at residence in 1800 block of Giant.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Matthew Striff from Janine Striff.

Janine Striff from Matthew Striff.

Stephen Williams from Rebecca Williams.

Rebecca Williams from Stephen Williams.

Brian Garbers from Atalie Garbers.

Lanny Singleton from Hope Singleton.

Hope Singleton from Lanny Singleton.

Laura Alvarado from Raul Alvarado.

Kelly Fackler from Christopher Fackler.

Miroslava Hollingsworth from Charles Hollingsworth III.

Sharon Lee from John Lee.

Andrew Swartzlander from Graciela Swartzlander.

Graciela Swartzlander from Andrew Swartzlander.

Ryan Hart from Joy Hart.

Joy Hart from Ryan Hart.

Jaquan Coleman from Jane'l Coleman.

Jane'l Coleman from Jaquan Coleman.

Tanya King from Jerome King.

Andrea Steward from Joseph Steward.



Lucas County

James Rahman and Heather Rahman.

Thomas Fridrick and Barbara Fridrick.

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