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Daily Log

Daily Log: 6-9


Bay Park Community Hospital

Cassandra Wilson, Toledo, boy, June 7.

Angela and Victor Wawrzyniak, Northwood, boy, June 7.

Tina and Trevor Walsh, Oregon, boy, June 7.


Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Emily and Patrick Kertesz, Genoa, girl, June 4.

Summer Hall, Toledo, girl, June 4.

Natalie Hecker, Genoa, girl, June 4.

Tracey and Samuel Herman, Lambertville, girl, June 6.

Angel and Mark Mendez, Toledo, girl, June 8.


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Asia Hughes, Toledo, boy, June 6.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 7, 2011

Brian Stamm, 33, mechanical technician, and Kathleen Becks, 32, sales, both of Toledo.

Michael Draper, 26, driver, and Nicole Angel, 25, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Craig Lake, 23, package handler, Brandie Snyder, 26, both of Toledo.

Bryant Hanson, 57, research scientist, and Constance Schall, 55, professor, both of Sylvania.

Gregory Yrick, II, 23, and Michelle Hubbard, 23, both of Lambertville.

Stephen Wenzel, 25, cable technician, and Seena Thomas, 26, teacher, both of Toledo.

Aaron Hayes, 37, manager, and Ashley Dinkens, 27, nurse, both of Maumee.

Benjamin Dougherty, 26, teacher, Sylvania, and Carrie Frost, 23, teacher, Englewood, Ohio.

Beverly Rogers, 26, loader, Cleveland, and Ashley Carr, 23, guest services representative, Toledo.

Anthony Armstrong, 27, and Mary Clark, 28, student, both of Toledo.

Andrew Thornton, 22, driver, and Kiely White, 23, kitchen designer, both of Maumee.



Lucas County

Brummett, Thomas, 85, Seaman Road, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Crittenden, Charles, Jr., 71, Arlington Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Gilmore, Gordon, 88, Monac Drive, acute myocardial infarction.

LeSage, Beverly, 64, Vogel Drive, cancer.

McVicker, John, Jr., 67, Ravenwood Boulevard, aspiration pneumonia.

O'Connell, Betty, 78, Whitechapel Drive, congestive heart failure.

Young, Sharon, 76, West Laskey Road, hypoxic encephalopathy.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Alexis Rubin, 100 block of West Bancroft, struck in the face with gun in 100 block of Brand Whitlock Homes.

Ruby Cosper, 4300 block of West Alexis, punched and kicked several times in the 1900 block of Madison.

Arthur Richardson, 2800 block of Warsaw, shot in the side in the 700 block of Nebraska.

Adrienne Packer, 2700 block West Central, struck by vehicle in the 2700 block of West Central.



Bernadine Haynes, 300 block of Kingswood Trail, assorted cash and medications.

Bert Harris, 100 block of San Rafael, copper pipes.

Joshua Groves, 4000 block of Haven, safe, assorted medications, gift cards and bank checks.

Laura Anaple, 5000 block of Bernath, bicycle.

David Sadowski, 500 block of Park, television, camcorder, toolbox and dishes.

Martin Teadt, 3000 block of River, cameras, coin set and range finding camera.

William Paxton, 6000 block of Benore, iron beams.

Bobbie Burtscher, 5000 block of Lewis, flat-screen television, Nintendo Wii accessories and digital camera.

Jacqueline Knack, 700 block of Toronto, lawnmower.

Kevin Tenney, 4000 block of Vermaas, copper pipes.

Sarah Williams, 30 block of Lake, lawnmower and trimmer.

Charles Baker, 600 block of Colburn, lawnmowers, snowblower and chain saw.

Do it Yourself Storage, 4000 block of South, no loss.

Tiffany Szych, 100 block of Park, no loss.

Donita Syph-Barton, 5000 block of Detroit, refrigerator.

Harold Reddick, 900 block of Whittier, copper pipes and assorted power tools.

David Philipps, 4000 block of River, plates, glassware and assorted photographs.

Tina Sheridan, 2000 block of Glendale, Nintendo Wii and accessories.

Shamika McCarver, 900 block of Byrneport, flat-screen television and DVD player.

Mark Waldbuesser, 800 block of Woodsdale, X Box 360, PlayStation 3, Blu Ray and DVD player and assorted cables.

Brad Cobourn, 3000 block of 145, lawnmower.

Vanessa Miles, 700 block of Ashwood, flat screen televisions, laptop computer and stereo system.

Shamerah Adams, 200 block of Marion, flat screen television and clothes.

Leonard Bragg, 100 block of Bancroft, flat screen televisions.

Cheri Johnson, 2000 block of Idaho, flat screen television, Nintendo Wii and I Pod Touch.

Calvin Gholike, 500 block of Church, flat screen television.

Rebecca Stocker, 3000 block of Brock, chain saw and assorted power tools.

Tiffany Carter, 4000 block of Harvest, flat screen television, X Box 360, shoes and desktop computer.

Denise Pickle, 2000 block of Seaman, flat screen televisions, Nintendo Wii and assorted jewelry.

Lashonda Slaughter, 600 block of Dorr, furniture, kitchen supplies and food.

Robert Matlock, 2000 block of Waite, copper pipes and wiring.

Taresa Scott, 1000 block of Woodland, flat screen television, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and clothing.

Roy Fisher, 2000 block of Oxbridge, assorted medication and cash.

Hope United Methodist Church, 4000 block of Sylvania, cash and digital camera.

Norman White, 3000 block of River, flat screen television, Nintendo Wii and assorted accessories.

Safeguard Properties, 3000 block of Upton, copper pipes.

Helen Kennedy, 1000 block of Champlain, desktop computer, flat-screen television, Nintendo Wii and monitor.

Ann Hageali, 2000 block of Foxbourne, watches and assorted jewelry.

MGS Innovations, 800 block of Phillips, car rims and tires.

Allen Nalls, 3000 block of Leybourn, no loss.

Teisha Davis, 2000 block of Maplewood, no loss.

Eric McIntosh, 800 block of Greenwood, assorted CDs and DVDs.

Ralph Shively, 2000 block of Nevada, assorted clothing.

Brandi Cabello, 800 block of Willow, no items stolen.

Joel Hale, 100 block of Park, PlayStation 3 and laptop computer.

Summit Diner, 1000 block of Summit, cash.

Gurtzweiler Inc., 900 block of Galena, metal grating.

Heather Elam, 1000 block of Broadway, no loss.

Constance Chaney, 1000 block of Westland Gardens, cash, jewelry and medications.

Horowtiz & Pintis, 1000 block of Tracy, no loss.

Michael Thompson, 1000 block of Bancroft, flat-screen television, DVD player and accessories.

Tonyetta Wilson, 500 block of Bronson, flat-screen television and cash.

City of Toledo, 4000 block of Kingsbury, copper pipes.

Njari Fombiad, 5000 block of Heatherdowns, flat screen televisions, DVD player and assorted watches.

Connie Brooks, 600 block of Northgate, copper pipes.

Jaquelyn Cook, 2000 block of Maplewood, air conditioner.

Marshea Jones, 2000 block of Elliot, clothes and cash.

Angie Rosengarten, 2000 block of Oak Grove, copper pipes.

Lashanna Haney, 100 block of Woodruff, no loss.

Amber Mendoza, 200 block of Koschiusko, PlayStation 3, DVDs, laptop computer and assorted cash.



Ruth Schumann-Perez, of Toledo, bank card and cash by several youths on South at Broadway.

Perry Smith, of Toledo, cash by two men who struck him with gun on Cherry at West Central.

Shaquitta Maples, of Toledo, purse and contents by man with gun on Western at Mozart.

John Murray, of Toledo, wallet and contents by two men with pocket knife on Sherman at Locust.

Floyd Hunt, of Toledo, cellular phone and cash by several men with gun in 1200 block of Collingwood.

Donald Headley, of Toledo, cash by man who stated he had a gun in the 800 block of North Erie.

Sean Ruffin, of Toledo, cellular phone and wallet and contents by two men with gun in 500 block of Nesslewood.

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