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Daily Log

Daily log: 6-20


St. Luke’s Hospital

Michelle and John Morrison, Toledo, boy, June 18.

Toledo Hospital

Kevin and Tasha Felkner, Findlay, boy, June 8.

Danyelle McGary, Toledo, boy, June 17.

Desirae and Daniel Pedroza, Toledo, boy, June 18.

Keisa and Chad Schwochow, Fremont, girl, June 18.

Jennifer and Steve Lorenzen, Perrysburg, boy, June 18.


Lucas County

Allore, Nicholas, 6, Temperance, congestive heart failure.

Andree, Sonja, 86, Executive Parkway, hypoxemic respiratory failure.

Barron, Betty, 79, North Haven Avenue, sepsis.

Bautista, Isabella, 6 months, Willard, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Bruns, Dale, 85, Westminster Road, Sylvania, cancer.

Culp, Jo Anne, 8, Bentley Boulevard, brain tumor.

Miller, Harold, 86, Sunset Lane, Sylvania, congestive heart failure.

O’den, Grace, 69, Clyde Street, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Parker, Bud aka Maurice, 86, Browning Drive, Waterville, dementia.

Perrin, Noah, 5 months, Holloway Road, Holland, pending investigation.

Ratz, Dennis, 61, 106th Street, heart disease.

Stampflmeier, Joan, 81, West Rolland Road, vulvar carcinoma.

Stautzenberger, Ruth, 88, Butz Road, Maumee, Alzheimer’s disease.

Swimm, Roy, 78, South Detroit Avenue, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Wheat, Nelva, 93, Garden Lake Road, hypertensive heart disease.

Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Andre Dunn, 2800 block of Collingwood, struck in face by known person in 2300 block of Maplewood.

Robert Lomas, 2300 block of Chestnut, shot in index finger at Elm and Austin.


Eileen Price, 2200 block of Upton, cash by man with gun on porch of her residence.

Michelle Jewel, 400 block of West Delaware, medication by man with gun during struggle in 300 block of Kenilworth.

Clarissa Williams, cash by two men who she struggled with on North Byrne at Dorr.

Thomas Schira, 100 block of Apple Creek, cellular phone and sunglasses by youth on California at Bennett.

Yolanda Hall, 900 block of Hoag, cellular phone by unknown men who kneed her in the stomach outside her residence.

Aaron Cooper, 100 block of 17th, cash by man in 1100 block of Jefferson.

PNC Bank, 1800 block of West Laskey, cash from bank teller by man who demanded money.


JRK Telegraph LLC, 5000 block of Telegraph, no loss.

David Mochon, 1000 block of Linmore, copper pipes.

Gherin Johnston, 1000 block of Berdan, copper pipes.

Conforming Matrix, 6000 block of Suder, stainless steel.

Henry Meech, 2000 block of Woodford, copper pipes.

Trina Snoderly, 4000 block of 290th, watches and set of U.S. coins.

Regina Navarro, 800 block of South 13th, cash and jewelry.

Leon Lands, 5300 block of Douglas, television.

Donna Ryan, 1000 block of Lakepointe, bicycle.

City of Toledo, 600 block of Miami, unknown person broke into business, no loss reported.

Sherwin-Williams Paint, 4900 block of Jackman, safe and contents.

Jamar Hughley, 2600 block of Maplewood, two televisions.

Vernon Ladden, 900 block of Bricker, television.

Carmen Williamson, 900 block of Post, hot water tank, furnace, and central air unit from property in 2500 block of Lawrence.

Cheryl Ray, 2000 block of Northridge, two televisions and iPod.

COR Box Co., 3300 block of North Summit, copper pipes outside air conditioners.

John Alvarado, 700 block of Greene, two bicycles.

Attar Properties LTD., 4900 block of Jackman, no loss reported.

Aben Pallitta, 200 block of East Weber, video game, cable modem, and computer router.

Don Johnson, Sweetwater, Oregon, copper pipes and binoculars from property in 2000 block of Idaho.

Andrea Simonetti, 3100 block of Stickney, video game and video cartridge.

Robert Neary, 2000 block of Alvin, two water hoses.

Leann Schwirzinski, 1100 block of Gribbin, video game, video cartridges, diamond earrings, and medication.

Gary Hilbelink, 3800 block of Drexel, jar of coins.

Antionette Ware, 400 block of Ware, laptop computer, flat-screen television, video game, video controllers, video cartridges, motor scooter, computer, portable DVD player, and cellular phone.

Betty Wesolowski, 1900 block of Talbots, unknown person broke into home, loss undetermined.

Torrance Glander, 4900 block of Roywood, laptop computer and flat-screen television.

Ernest Schaefer, 300 block of Cyril, motor seat, Harley bags, two bicycles, tools, lawn mower, snow blower, air compressor, jump box, motorcycle pipes, weed trimmers, softball bats, two tackle boxes, and fishing poles.

Walnut Carryout, 800 block of Walnut, cash, phone cards, lottery money, and carton of cigarettes.


Cherron Humphrey, 1300 block of Brook Park, medication from residence.

Stephen Livingston, 2500 block of Castleton, laptop computer, iPhone, and laptop computer bag from vehicle in 1100 block of Adams.

Lawrence Maher, 2500 block of Eastgate, bank card from wallet in 1200 block of North Reynolds.

Hand H Wheel Service, 400 block of West Sylvania, two catalytic converters from vehicle in parking lot.

Jennifer Volker, 2500 block of Shoreland, personal papers, tote, sunglasses, cosmetics, perfume, and wallet and contents from vehicle in 600 block of Holland-Sylvania.

Eric Kirchhofer, Kansas City, Kan., personal computers and personal property from vehicle at Adams and 15th.

Kinnie Kimberly, 600 block of Cloverdale, assorted jewelry from residence.

Lakeysha Knox, 5200 block of Glencrag, surround-sound system and jewelry from residence.

Mark Henkins, 5000 block of Heatherdowns, global-positioning device, rings, and clothing from vehicle.

Robert Miller, 4000 block of Monroe, gift cards, global-positioning device, and glasses from vehicle.

Tim Strayer, 5000 block of Airport, drills, jigsaw, and nailer from vehicle.

Kate Pudlowski, 2000 block of Tremainsville, purse and credit cards from vehicle.

Tameika Moorer, 900 block of Baker, air conditioner.

Ben Mitchell, 800 block of Hamilton, handgun from vehicle.

Brandi Brooks, 1000 block of College, identification, credit cards, wallet, and iPod from vehicle.

Sondra Moore, 700 block of Moran, video-game system, keys, and cash.

Eric Blaylock, 4000 block of Monroe, clothes, jewelry, and bag from vehicle.

Christina Banks, 4000 block of Jackman, purse, identification, credit cards, and cellular phone from vehicle.

Alyce Sheats, 3000 block of Glendale, cash, debit cards, identification, and gift cards from vehicle.

Sally Scherer, 200 block of Erie, purse from vehicle.

Mark Pedersen, 10 block of Main, clothing from vehicle.

William Sims, 1000 block of Oak, lawn mower and weed trimmer.

Dilbert Blankenship, 5000 block of Airport, air compressor, drill, tank, and saw from vehicle.

Karen Bakir, 300 block of Belmont, cellular phone.

Alexandra Pena, 1000 block of College, digital camera and cash.

Chantal Keahey, 400 block of Dexter, flat-screen television.

Erika Ferguson, 5000 block of Airport, bag, medication, and cosmetics from vehicle.

Judith Jaynes, 2000 block of Airport, assorted medication.

Daneshia Wysinger, 400 block of 6th, purse, wallet, and identification.

Mary Bishop, 800 block of Mason, bricks.

Robin Lazeang, 500 block of Colburn, bed frame and mattress.

Patricia Haase, 3000 block of Upton, purse, keys, driver’s license, and cash from vehicle.

Amanda Kavana, 1000 block of Steeple Chase, radio, global-positioning device, and phone charger from vehicle.

Michael Geisen, 20 block of Streicher, auto parts.

Shawn Stanley, 2000 block of Sylvania, global-positioning device, cash, and cellular phone from vehicle.

Thomas Stewart, 2000 block of Reynolds, guitar, global positioning device, and iPod from vehicle.

Rose Tebbe, 1000 block of Eastgate, debit cards and checks.

Kareuette Stuckey, 1100 block of Gordon, laptop computer and cash from residence.

Ollie Smith, 1200 block of Tecumseh, coin collection from 2000 block of Fernwood.

Chad Graham, Village Meadows, Temperance, refrigerator, washer, and dryer from property in the 4800 block of Fair Oaks.

Dean Willard, Brown, Oregon, stove and refrigerator from 700 block of Yondota.

Natalie Greene, 800 block Independence, credit card from 3800 block of Angola.

Robert Oneil, Gibsonburg, laptop computer from vehicle on Upton at West Central.

Ashley Eddy, 2900 block of Gradwohl, iPod, sunglasses, and medication from vehicle it the 3700 block of Airport.

Judy Frey, 2100 block of Atwood, wallet and contents from 2000 block of North Reynolds.

Sheila Funches, 5800 block of Spring Hollow, purse and contents from vehicle in unit block of South Superior.

Anne Bartsch, 1900 block of Collingwood, book bag and contents from bus in the 1100 block of West Central.

Lori Marko, South River, Waterville, rolling nurse bag, stethoscope, blood-pressure cuffs, laptop computer, and cellular phone from vehicle in the 2600 block of South Reynolds.


Lucas County

Susan Rapp and John Rapp, Jr.

Tracey Warren and Kenneth Warren.

Lori Davis and Michael Davis.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Hamway’s on the Main, 5577 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected May 18. Found meat loaf at 106 degrees in the steam table. The steam table was not turned on. This was corrected at the time of inspection. All time/temperature control for safety foods must be hot held at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Son-Shine Educational Day Care, 5701 Sylvania, inspected May 18. Pre-K cooler air temperature was 50 degrees, juice at 44.5 degrees. All TCS food and beverages must be held at 41 degrees or lower at all times to prevent bacteria growth. The cooler temperature may need to be adjusted. Adjust the cooler temperature and monitor with the calibrate metal stem thermometer. If the air temperature does not come down to 34-38 degrees, contact maintenance to make the necessary repairs. Inspector: Gottschalk.

SYD’s Bakery LLC, 8252 North Mayberry, Sylvania, inspected May 18. Observed eggs stored over box of heavy cream in the one-door cooler. Eggs must be stored on the bottom shelf below all products to prevent cross contamination. Noted the one-door cooler is full, if there is not enough space to store food correctly additional cooler space will be required. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Church’s Chicken, 5 South Reynolds, inspected May 19. Observed cole slaw at 48 degrees in the one-door cooler by drive-through window. All time and temperature controlled for safety foods need to be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth that can cause food-borne illness. Cooler has a broken door. When the door is closed, there is a one-inch air gap on top of the door, causing the cooler to not properly hold foods at 41 degrees or lower. Repair cooler door immediately. Cole slaw was removed at time of inspection. Back screen door is no longer a tight-fitting door that will prevent the possible entry of pests. The door does not reach to the bottom of the ground; a gap is seen from the floor to the bottom of the door. Provide a back screen door that is in good condition and fits the whole doorway to create a tight-fitting door that will prevent the entry of pests. Observed no sanitizer bucket at time of inspection. Manager said that all sanitizer buckets have cracks and holes in them. A sanitizer bucket needs to be set up at all times to properly sanitize the kitchen. Replace buckets. Inspector: Gottschalk.

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