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Daily Log

Daily Log: 7-8


Bay Park Community Hospital

Jennifer Cox, Walbridge, boy, July 6.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Tracey and Patrick Groves, Toledo, boy, July 5.

Brandi and Matthew Birr, Toledo, girl, July 7.


St. Luke's Hospital

Rosalynda Escobar, Toledo, boy, July 6.

Sara Lawniczak Holland, girl, July 7.

Janet and Nicholas Butler, Toledo, boy, July 7.


Toledo Hospital

Shannon Frankhauser, Toledo, boy, July 6.

Brittney Smith Coffey, Toledo, girl, July 6.

Shirley Boyd, Toledo, girl, July 6.

Elizabeth Schoonover, Toledo, girl, July 6.

Courtney Wisecup, Temperance, girl, July 6.

Ashleigh and Nathan Newsome, Lambertville, boy, July 6.

Jamie and Tom Foos, Toledo, boy, July 6.

Katie Foreman, Toledo, girl, July 6.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 5, 2011

Benjamin Joel, 30, canvasser, of Temperance, and Lauren Wittenauer, 24, customer service representative, of Lambertville.

David Ziss, 23, teacher, and Chelsea Clocksin, 21, catering director, both of Maumee.

Henry Davis, 63, retired, and Deana Matney, 43, home health care, both of Toledo.

Tracy Ware, 49, technician, and Kathryn Goin, 50, supervisor, both of Toledo.

Erik Blake, 33, geographic information analyst, and Kate Krisjanis, 32, project manger, both of Maumee.

Dwight Colvin, 29, and Deonica Smith, 24, student, both of Toledo.

Richard Schoenrock, 31, nurse, and Elizabeth Barcus, 26, teacher, both of Maumee.

Scott Nietz, 24, accountant, of Perrysburg, and Sarah Harnica, 22, student, of Toledo.

Kevin Hintz, 30, technician, and Halie Lambert, 30, student, both of Toledo.

Wayne Lewis, Sr., 40, self employed, and Loretta Holt, 38, environmental services, both of Toledo.

Samuel Shible, 48, truck driver, and Kim Smith, 50, day-care worker, both of Toledo.

Kevin White, 25, production worker, and Charlene Taylor, 38, lab technician, both of Tecumseh, Mich.

Keith Kirkendall, 21, U.S. military, of Lincoln Park, Mich., and Danielle Grames, 20, customer service representative, of Swanton.

David Lozar, 25, process engineer, of Oregon, and Katherine Siefker, 26, teacher, of Ottawa, Ohio.

Eric Buckman, 28, teacher, and Rebecca Barrow, 24, both of Toledo.


July 6, 2011

Edgar Wilson, Jr., 26, engineer, of Medina, Ohio, and Jennifer Ohtola, 26, medical student, of Toledo.

Joseph Yglesias, 42, delivery driver, and Renee Amos, 26, nurse, both of Toledo.

Ryan Sakowski, 35, application developer, and Devon Bechtel, 29, teacher, both of Toledo.

Michael Barker, 65, retired, and Carol Link, 68, retired, both of Adrian.

Richard Kozlowski, 32, driver, and Laurie Manning, 27, cashier, both of Toledo.

Harold Banker, 40, package handler, and Heidi Foster, 30, banquet server, both of Toledo.

Victor Ruiz, 49, cement finisher, of Oregon, and Robin Tarver, 52, nurse, of Adrian.

Ryan Householder, 36, finance, and Melissa Wehrman, 33, graphic design, both of Whitehouse.

James Gault, 42, educator, and Juliane McKinley, 32, educator, both of Maumee.

Edward Motley, 47, compliance officer, and Sonya Claar, 41, insurance agent, both of Toledo.

Christopher Arrington, 23, student, and Melody Powell, 26, cashier, both of Toledo.

Justin Jeffries, 29, general laborer, and Tiffany Barrett, 21, both of Toledo.

Mahmoud Ali, 22, manager, and Jessica Ward, 24, waitress, both of Toledo.

Richard Hatton, Jr., 25, welder, and Jade Montgomery, 25, server, both of Oregon.

Gregory Anderson, 53, disabled, and Teresa Miles, 51, disabled, both of Toledo.

Jeremiah Dicks, 29, stocker, and Kelly Smith, 24, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Alton, Patricia, 70, Densmore Drive, pneumonia.

Beauch, Dolores, 78, Temperance, cardiac arrest.

Bookenberger, Waneta, 84, Clarion Avenue, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Brewer, Susan, 60, Woodmeadow Drive, cardiovascular disease.

Butz, Mark, 57, Bellevue, Ohio, cerebrovascular infarction.

Campbell, Catherine, 93, Airport Highway, Holland, sepsis syndrome.

Crawford, Karen, 69, Pioneer, Ohio, aortic stenosis.

Duncan, Gary, 61, Mayfair Boulevard, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Ellis, Nema, 88, Clark Street, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Fording, Patricia, 71, Northwood Avenue, cancer.

Franklin, James, 55, Rockcress Drive, congestive heart failure.

Goethals, Irene, 63, Harbour Creek Court, Monclova Township, multisystem failure.

Grubb, Farie, 84, Defiance, pneumonia.

Hawk, Barbara, 80, Tiffin, cerebral vascular accident.

Helton, Leo, 39, Acklin Avenue, acute myelogenous leukemia.

Hemminger, Clara, 90, Clyde, Ohio, arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Klem, Madeline, 90, Banbury Drive, coronary artery disease.

Kynard, Victoria, 86, Glendale Terrace, cerebral vascular accident.

Littler, Thelma, 90, Fremont, stroke.

McClure, John, 82, Convent Boulevard, Sylvania, Alzheimer's disease.

Maddox, William, 57, Catalina Drive, acute myocardial infarction.

Meglitsch, Rosa, 80, Cuba Street, cancer.

Ott, Philip, 69, Grosse Point Parkway, acute myocardial infarction.

Przybysz, Patricia, 82, 303rd Street, congestive heart failure.

Regelski, Frank, Jr., 77, Walbridge, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Ruby, Robert, 61, Bowling Green, bacterial peritonitis.

Selman, Susan, 64, Granville Court, hypertension.

Todorowski, Irene, 88, Halfway Court, coronary artery disease.

Yard, Norman Jr., 63, Leybourn Avenue, multiple myeloma.


Crime reports

Felonious assault

Wayne Anson, Jr., assaulted in 2500 block of West Alexis.



William Ark, assaulted and robbed of bicycle in parking lot at Heatherdowns and Byrne.

Dequeshia Carter, assaulted and robbed of cell phone in parking lot in 3100 block of Airport.


Dereck Grove, 3100 block of Franklin, cash and food at residence.

Karen Aliyeh, 400 block of Maumee, no loss.

Genea Evans, 400 block of Bronson, furnace and water tank from residence.

Timmerly Savage, 50 block of City Park, laptop computer, shoes, and Nintendo Wii from residence.

Brenda Curtis, 4300 block of Jackman, jewelry from residence.

Lendra Pratt, 400 block of Elder, TV from residence.

Ed Coleman, 500 block of Arcadia, copper pipes and sink from residence.

Takeila Mac, 2400 block of Evans, TVs, stereo system, and XBox 360 from residence.

Garland Woodson, 5300 block of North Detroit, cash from residence.

Chastity Stephen, 3900 block of Woodhaven, personal items from residence.

Karen Pratt, 1400 block of Mott, shotgun from residence.

Pearl Xedos, 4300 block of Commonwealth, medications from residence.

Zachary Broughton, 1400 block of South Cove, copper pipes from residence.

Audrey Kahle, 350 block of Langdon, lawn mower from garage.

Brent Short, 1900 block of Milburn, copper pipes, refrigerator, stove, and furnace from residence.

James Michalski, 4300 block of Berwick, cellular phones and iPod from residence.

Gina Crawford, 2600 block of Ralphwood, vehicle from residence.

Michael Cotton, 3000 block of Escott, lawn mower, washer, shovels, and rakes from residence.

Holly Jeffries, 100 block of West Crawford, cellular phone charger from residence.

Donisha Toney, 130 block of Page, no loss.

Elliot Livensparger, 2500 block of Nebraska, TV, laptop computer, and GPS from residence.

Peggy Abshire, 700 block of Elm, desktop computer and TV from residence.

Michelle Cowell, 4200 block of Eastway, jewelry from residence.

Robert Schuman, 4400 block of Commonwealth, stamp collection, swords, and DVDs from residence.

Heather Knowles, 150 block of Mettler, TV from residence.

Tanillia Lyons, 400 block of Victoria, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and projector from residence.

Ron Ellis, 1600 block of Idlewood, no loss.

Vivian Manuel, 1000 block of Tecumseh, no loss.

Tahkea Simpson, 1300 block of Fitchland, TV, laptop computer, and computer monitor from residence.

Cornelius Madison, 120 block of West Delaware, copper pipes and air conditioner.

Quiana Carr, 20 block of Van Buren, cash, jewelry, and laptop computer from residence.

Julia Bryant, 400 block of Oswald, TV and PlayStation 3 from residence.

Robin Smith, 900 block of Bronson, TV, Xbox 360, laptop computer, and air conditioner from residence.

Teschelle McGrone, 1100 block of Baker, TV and cash from residence.

Lucretia Peacemaker, 400 block of Morrison, DVD player and DVDs from residence.

Pam Middlebrooks, 1000 block of Forsythe, TV from residence.

Donte Walker, 600 block of Hamilton, TVs, Nintendo Wii, and jewelry from residence.

Diana Sengstock, 100 block of Pasadena, copper pipes from vacant residence.

Michael Fitch, 1900 block of Fernhill, Nintendo 64, TVs, and mailbox from residence.

Larry Thayer, 1200 block of Melvin, jewelry from residence.

Jordan Taurence, 1300 block of Brookview, TVs, record player, and vacuum cleaner from residence.

Rebecca Legare, 3400 block of Beaumont, purse, debit cards, and check book from residence.

Kenyatte McElya, 1200 block of Ironwood, TV from residence.

Yolanda Sutton, 1500 block of North Ontario, microwave, desktop computer, TVs, and laptop computer from residence.

Tabatnia Swanson, 1800 block of Wyndhurst, no loss from garage.

Feymon Walker, 3100 block of Collingwood, laptop computer from residence.

Thomas Sheaves, 2100 block of Elm, ladders from garage.

David Lopez, 500 block of East Central, no loss.

Rita Hernandez, 1000 block of Kelsey, TV from residence.

Audrey Hannafius, 1400 block of Noble, copper pipes and lawn mower from residence.

Mattie Snow, 700 block of Hamilton, no loss from residence.

Diane Greer, 300 block of Swift, TV from residence.

Siemon Sims, 600 block of Locust, TV and couch from residence.

Laurie Slowinski, 400 block of Arden, TV, cash, and PlayStation 3 from residence.

Daniel McKee, 3700 block of Willys, TV, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and laptop computer from residence.

Daniel Levin, 700 block of Reynolds, digital neon signs from business.

Joann Warren, 600 block of Bowman, water heater, furnace, and garage door opener from vacant residence.

Jennifer Hilliard, 700 block of Parker, flat-screen TV.

Ralph Hahn, 2000 block of Glencairn, cash and medicines.

Carol Waggner, 500 block of Cloverdale, cell phone, silverware, bicycle, and jewelry.

Sonta Johnson, 1000 block of Dorr, TV.

Devon Foster, 1400 block of Western, three flat-screen TVs, two video game systems with games, furniture, clothes, and shoes.

Anita Cantu, 900 block of Byrneport, two flat-screen TVs, video game system, computer with accessories, and jewelry.

Taqueena Wilkes, 700 block of Locust, flat-screen TV and video game system with games.

Michael Walker, 200 block of 16th, flat-screen TV, stereo system, cable television remote controller, and VCR player with tapes.

Louise Barnett, 2000 block of Elliott, television, refrigerator, microwave oven, and furniture.

Garry Shively, 1400 block of South, flat-screen TV.

Betty Johnson, 3300 block of Blanchard, two flat-screen TVs.

Steve Anderson, 1200 block of Hamilton, two flat-screen TVs and computer monitor.

Jennifer Foster, 2800 block of Cheltenham, bicycle.

Paulette Rex, 4000 block of Penelope, two computers.

Andrew Webb III, 4100 block of Secor, flat-screen TV.

Shannon Valicenti, 1700 block of Balkan, flat-screen TV and cash.

Jennifer Snyder, 3500 block of Almeda, large-screen TV.



Donald Basilius, cash from residence in 3200 block of 134st.

Gary Ernst, medicine from residence in 2500 block of Consaul.

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