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Daily Log

Daily Log: 8-4


Bay Park Community Hospital

Charlotte and Steve Perlaky, Northwood, boy, Aug. 2.


St. Luke's Hospital

Kelly and Steve Grube, Defiance, girl, Aug. 2.

Heather Kaleal, Maumee, girl, Aug. 2.

Riley Kalisik, Walbridge, girl, Aug. 2.

Rebecca Broyels, Toledo, boy, Aug. 2.

Brandy and Columba Niboro, Toledo, girl, Aug. 3.

Melissa and Daniel Sandy, Sylvania, girl, Aug. 3.


Toledo Hospital

Nichole and Joshua Rippke, Toledo, girl, Aug. 2.

Jamie and Michael Deck, Lyons, Ohio, girl, Aug 2.

Octavia and Eric Boles, Toledo, boy, Aug. 2.

Candy and Matthew Genot, Sylvania, Aug 2.

Erminia and Armando Calderon, Bowling Green, girl, Aug. 2.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 28, 2011

Jeffery Fowler, 29, manufacturing, and Nicole Ohneck, 26, medical billing, both of Toledo.

Mark DuFour, 29, student, and Allison Strauss, 28, student, both of Toledo.

Christopher Terry, 25, mechanic, and Melisa Zieroff, 26, cashier, both of Toledo.

Joseph Gorka, 66, automotive manager, and Kathy Czaja, 55, production worker, both of Sylvania.

William Brown, 36, traffic technician, and Kelly Behlmer, 36, ophthalmic technician, both of Toledo.

Wallace Brightbill, 49, sales associate, and Lisa Miller, 49, habilitation technician, both of Holland.

Jose Alfredo De Leon Garcia, 23, and Gabriela Vizuet, 22, student, both of Toledo.

Christopher Cheney, 60, project director, of Toledo, and Deborah Thomas, 54, retired, of Waterville.

Eric Ewersen, 27, operating engineer, and Kari Klosinski, 24, manager, both of Toledo.

Tremon Hinton, 37, and Juanita Lindley, 29, both of Toledo.

Luis Alberto Martinez, 28, mechanical operator, and Fabiola Carmen Gomez, 28, outreach worker, both of Toledo.

Rocco Spino, 43, truck driver, and Lynn Kearney, 41, assistant controller, both of Toledo.

Charles Carter, 25, mechanical operator, and Krystal Roth, 23, skin care specialist, both of Toledo.

Chady Anderson, 32, fabricator, and Alisabeth Dixon, 22, both of Toledo.


July 29, 2011

Paul Butler, 33, electrical engineer, and Tara Crotteau, 28, customer service representative, both of Maumee.

Christopher Bocook, 37, mechanical maintenance worker, and Heather Neagley, 32, both of Oregon.

Felipe Jaime Beltran, Jr., 35, mechanical operator, and Emily Gargac, 33, licensed massage therapist, both of Toledo.

Nicholas McGill, 26, student, of Sylvania, and Stephanie Nagle, 24, speech therapist, of Fremont.

Kevin Files, 23, assistant manager, of Toledo and Ashley Vincent, 23, sales representative, of Allen Park, Mich.

George Wesson, 40, production manager, of Toledo, and Margaret Grandowicz, 35, shipping clerk, of Temperance.

Daniel Linares, 26, financial services representative, and Dawn Maxcy, 22, nurse, both from Toledo.

Jared Brown, 26, financial analyst, of Maumee, and Julie Schulze, 26, teacher, of Perrysburg.

Jorge Garibay, 22, factory worker, and Brittany Fonseca, 20, both of Toledo.

Aundre Shabaa, 22, sales representative, and Traci Morgan, 21, student, both of Toledo.

Brian Boehm, 35, production worker, and Sonya Duran, 34, technician, both of Oregon.

Brian Taberner, 52, dispatcher, and Jana Niles, 53, self employed, both of Sylvania.

Kenneth Richendollar, 36, laborer, and Stephanie Kinser, 33, manager, both of Maumee.


Aug. 1, 2011

James Williams, 46, chef, and Sarah Biddlestone, 23, farmer, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Hatley, 51, custodian, and Ericka Mathis, 36, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Olman Eduardo Piedra Carvajal, 32, student, and Lee Martin, 26, student, both of Toledo.

Craig Allen, 37, construction worker, and Teressa Drake, 33, nurse, both of Toledo.

Matthew Bell, 24, landscaper, and Molly Gallagher, 23, collector, both of Toledo.

William Tipton, 21, cook, and Lauren Webber, 19, server, both of Sylvania.

Bradley Katafias, 31, storage worker, and Tara Reile, 30, both of Toledo.

James Pounders, 33, and Sara Rahe, 23, both of Toledo.

Thomas Miller, 29, material handler, and Sarah Bowen, 30, cashier, both of Toledo.

Chadd Dehn, 39, human resources, and Jill Zibert, 38, nurse, both of Maumee.

Adam Green, 35, manager, and Rachel Curtis, 33, manager, of Waterville.



Lucas County

Adams, Conley, 62, Applegate Street, Waterville, pending.

Allen, James, 62, Hollybrook Lane West, Sylvania, hepatocellular carcinoma.

Barton, Jimmie, 68, Woodland Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Bast, Helen, 87, Genoa, cerebrovascular accident

Benne, Nancy, 68, Heatherdowns Boulevard, pulmonary fibrosis.

Boykins, De'Sean, Jr., 20 days, North Erie Street, septic shock.

Coppler, David, 70, Findlay, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Diltz, Charles, 84, Temperance, accident.

Dorotiak, Raymond, 89, Lambert Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Duncan, Jessica, 27, River Road, pending.

Godie, Betty, 89, 105th Street, renal failure.

Graves, Brian, 56, Perrysburg, cardiac arrest.

Greenberg, Beatrice, 78, North Holland-Sylvania Road, obstructive chronic bronchitis.

Hankins, Louis, Sr., 67, Camille Drive, ventricular tachycardia.

Hawkins, Robert, 88, Brookley Boulevard, failure to thrive.

Helms, Harold, 72, North Holland-Sylvania Road, respiratory failure.

Hurst, James, 75, Browning Drive, Waterville, coronary artery disease.

Jacobs, Anthony, 63, South May Avenue, respiratory failure.

Johns, Sylvester, 79, Cedarhurst Road, pending.

Kemp, Henry, 81, Perrysburg, cardiac arrest.

Kozlowski, Nancy, 75, Romaker Road, Sylvania Township, coronary artery disease.

Luna, Maria, 94, Mountain Center, Calif., cerebral vascular accident.

Masters, David, 65, Napoleon, respiratory failure.

Opaczewski, Ella, 90, Kellerston Road, Maumee, pending.

Parker, Helen, 84, Temperance, cancer.

Penzinski, Chester, 67, Decatur Street, lymphoma.

Redlinger, Bessie, 67, Sugarmaple Lane, renal disease.

Shields, Howard, 69, Indiana Avenue, accident.

Tansel, Lynn, 65, Bernath Parkway, cirrhosis.

Villhauer, Beverly, 75, Eber Road, Monclova Township, cxanguination.

Wetzel, Ellen, 96, Grantley Road, cerebrovascular disease.

White, Thomas, 70, Ranch Drive, chronic respiratory failure.


Crime reports


Timothy White, 1500 block of Slater, desktop computer, Nintendo Wii, jewelry box and jewelry from residence.

Raymond Struffolino, 5400 block of Telegraph and knife from storage.

John Northrif, 1200 block of Adams, cash, cellular phone and identification from street corner.

Jasmine Smith, 800 block of Thornwood, no item loss.

Thomas Styer, 5000 block of Oldham, ATV from residence.

Michael Hughes, 1100 block of Peck, welder and assorted tools from residence.

Anthony Glover, 1400 block of South Cove, assorted tools and copper pipes from residence.

Douglas Devaughn, 1200 block of Crestwood, TV from residence.

Robert Ettl, 1200 block of Kelsey, air conditioner from residence.

Thomas Metzger, 1700 block of Erie, Xbox 360 and bicycle from residence.

Bobbi Spangler, 500 block of Nicholas, laptop computer with accessories and cash.

Samantha Bobbitt, 4900 block of Heatherdowns, video game system and flat-screen TV.

Olliey Crosby, 900 block of Post, DVD player.

Karin Pattin, 500 block of Bronson, laptop computer and two TVs.

Patricia Myniham, 4600 block of Byrnham, flat-screen TV with remote controller.

Joe's Tobacco Shop, 1600 block of West Sylvania, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Christina Jefferson, 900 block of Artis, flat-screen TV, shoes, and tablecloth.

Nijah Underwood, 3700 block of Bellevue, flat-screen TV and watch.

Chelanhnee Collins, 3500 block of North Erie, printers, video game systems with accessories, air gun, digital camera, and cell phone.

Robert Thebeau, 600 block of Toronto, laptop computer.

Nyesha Berger, 3200 block of Maplewood, TVs, laptop computer, air conditioner, cell phone, and box fan.

Lowell Greer, 600 block of Mulberry, furniture, hunting horns, crucifixes, jewelry, vacuum cleaners, candlesticks, musical equipment, refrigerator, barbecue grill, lawn mower, and tools.

Zonta Moore, iPod and wallet with debit cards and personal documents from vehicle in 500 block of Wabash.

Pamela Gust, furniture, TVs, DVD/VHS player, and vacuum cleaner from residence in 200 block of Oswald.

John Rhodes, cell phones, laptop computer, and iPod from vehicle in 500 block of Palmwood.

Nickole Kirk, laptop and food stamp card from residence in 3200 block of North Erie.

Robert Dunn, 600 block of Carlton, TV, video game system, digital camera, and computer monitor from residence.

Kimberly Robinson, 900 block of 13th, food and DVD player from residence.

Michelle Dunberger, 1500 block of Colorado, DVD player from residence.

Mackenzie Garton, 2000 block of Farnham, TV, video game system, and cash from residence.

Gayanne Wunderlin, 1300 block of South, lawn mower from residence.

Gregory Hayes, 1400 block of Prouty, cash, DVD player, and digital camera from residence.

Stephen Watson, 1200 block of Brookview, cash from residence.

Pamela Bell, 500 block of Walden, TV and speaker system from residence.

Andrea Johnson, 300 block of Beacon, TV, stereo system, and desktop computer from residence.

Ashley Watson, 3000 block of Gibraltar Heights, TV, laptop computer, e-reader, and iPad from residence.

Doug Wright, 200 block of Danberry, video game system and handgun from residence.

Aviance Hill, 500 block of Hudson, laptop computer from residence.

Michael Oakley, 600 block of Yondota, stereo system, jewelry, and bicycle from residence.

Judy Masters, 3000 block of Daleford, medications and jewelry from residence.

Beckie Price, 800 block of Fourth, assorted tools from residence.



Chester Sabin, 5800 block of Edgewater, videotape, stereo, fire extinguisher, and microwave from boat.

Jaymes Urban, 600 block of Pine Valley, speaker system from vehicle.

Jacqueline Jackson, 8000 block of Willowhill, jewelry from residence.

Shelmon Concrete Co., 600 block of Belmont, concrete compactor from residence.

David Newman, 500 block of Woodruff, tools, jumper cables, flashlight and cash from vehicle.

Douglas Gearhart, 3300 block of Alexis, CDs, cash and cigarettes from vehicle.

Scott Hoffman, 800 block of Byrne, wallet, credit and debit cards and keys from vehicle.

Zach Gurozdz, 4800 block of Village, stereo system, laptop computers, mp3 player and clothing from residence.

Terilyn Coley, 4400 block of Cherry Creek, tires, rims and CDs from vehicle.

Sarah Stalkamp, 3300 block of Heatherdowns, mp3 player, cash, wiper blades and registration papers from vehicle.

John Hackett, 500 block of Hamilton, handgun and saw from vehicle.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Wendy McCormick from William McCormick.

William McCormick from Wendy McCormick.

Jennifer Sheetz from Jeremy Sheetz.

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