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Daily Log

Daily Log: 9-3


Bay Park Community Hospital

Kelly and Justin Bork, Toledo, girl, Sept. 1.

Miriam and Hector Sanchez, Oregon, girl, Sept. 1.

Flower Hospital

Jessica and Richard Crace, Toledo, boy, Aug. 29.

Elizabeth and Paul Bowman, Toledo, girl, Aug. 30.

Jessica Kline, Toledo, girl, Aug. 29.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Amanda and Greg Tester, Genoa, boy, Aug. 28.

Gabrielle and Justin Wilson, Oregon, boy, Aug. 29.

Cassie Hunt, Port Clinton, boy, Aug. 30.

Alicia English, Perrysburg, girl, Aug. 30.

Heather Baughman, Toledo, boy, Sept. 1.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Anjelle Ebright-Harmon and Bobby Harmon, Toledo, girl, Aug. 30.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Stacey and Ryan Newman, Temperance, boy, Sept. 1.

Toledo Hospital

Christine and Keith Adkins, Toledo, girl, Aug. 26.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sept. 1, 2011

Thomas Coffey, 26, manager, and Maureen Slanina, 26, eye care technician, both of Toledo.

Stephen Sloan, 39, service technician, and Kelly Farris, 37, teaching parent, both of Waterville.

Emmanuel Diakonis, 56, director of maintenance, and Branwen Lowe, 41, production coordinator, both of Toledo.

Paul Bennett, 31, sales engineer, and Ashley Shepherd, 26, manager, both of Maumee.

Anthony Smith, 38, musician, and Danielle Harris, 32, bank teller, both of Toledo.

Richard Bates, 53, and Tonia Smith, 49, both of Toledo.

Matthew Blaesing, 32, systems analyst, and Jenna Finley, 27, retail sales representative, both of Toledo.

Jason Bryant, 37, slitter operator, and Melissa Sweet, 30, nurse, both of Toledo.

Eric Riley, 35, boilermaker, and Christina Miller, 29, hairdresser, both of Oregon.

Matthew McHugh, 31, attorney, and Jennifer Coletta, 27, attorney, both of Sylvania.

Joel Todd, Jr., 27, associate director of Upper Bound, of Toledo, and Shannan Staples, 26, bank examiner, of Albuquerque, N.M.

Shawn White, 48, self employed, and Brenda Land, 48, self employed, both of Oregon.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, 37, self employed, of Holland, and Katie Schanen, 25, self employed, of Toledo.

James Moss, 70, retired, and Veronica Fultz, 48, both of Toledo.

Robert Adams II, 24, student, and Amanda Fields, aka McAtee, 28, cook, both of Holland.

Robert Sieber, 42, pipe fitter, and Elizabeth Block, 45, pipe fitter, both of Maumee.


Lucas County

Johnson, Brenda, 55, Weston, Ohio, pulmonary embolism.

Lajiness, Patricia, 63, West Park Street, coronary artery disease.

Lesinszki, Andrew, 82, Starr Avenue, Oregon, renal disease.

Rose, William, 54, Hanover, Mich., cardiogenic shock.

Smith, Kathryn, 56, Walker Avenue, pending.

Terry, Camilla, 92, Tiffin, acute myocardial injury.

Tomasi, Jeffrey, 56, Angola Road, massive upper GI bleeding.

Warner, Richard, Jr., 49, Clarion Avenue, Holland, cancer.

Crime reports


Daniel Van Der Cook, 5800 block of Yermo, laptop computer, TV, DVD player, and beer from residence.

Bryan Lee, 1900 block of Brame, baseball cards, TVs, game consoles, debit cards, and jewelry from residence.

Robert Peavey, 5300 block of Fern, copper pipes from residence.

Tamatha Robinson, 300 block of Hudson, TV and game console from residence.


Merle Friess, 2300 block of Caledonia, fish tank, clock, water tank, and jewelry from residence.

Florene Ellis, 1000 block of Detroit, purse, credit cards, and identification from residence.

Patricia Peace, 4300 block of Overland, purse, wallet, credit cards, and identification from residence.

Yini Liao, 2200 block of Barrington, cash from residence.

Oscar Howard, 2300 block of Hinde, stereo, GPS, and radar detector from residence.

Melvin Buckingham, 2400 block of Nebraska, cell phone, wallet, debit cards, and money order from vehicle.

Angelica Clagg, 4800 block of Glendale, laptop computer, MP3 player, and radio from residence.

Rachel Miller, 3400 block of Rowland, checks from residence.

Meredith Soleau, 3900 block of Woodhurst, electronics, digital camera, and cases from vehicle.

Michelle Wagner, 4300 block of Beverly, 53 political signs from residence.

Catherine Lewis, 5700 block of Angola, ATM information and debit cards from residence.

Angie Hendren, 900 block of Nebraska, purse, debit and credit cards, checks, and car keys from office.

Cliftons Auto Repair, 1900 block of Tremainsville, assorted tools and equipment from business.

Quality Environmental, 3000 block of Nebraska, copper pipes and assorted tools from business.

John Kendzel, 3900 block of River, wallet, cash, debit cards, and credit cards from venue.

Pauline Evans, 500 block of Spencer, laptop computer from vehicle.

Fred Brown, 3600 block of Vineyard, snow plow blade and tractor from residence.

Ronald Draheim, 30 block of Huron, laptop computer and passport from vehicle.

Marcia Stanton, 2500 block of Cheltenham, purse, identification, passport, and cell phone from residence.

Newman Miles, 200 block of Dale, assorted medications from residence.

Ahmad Hunt, 5600 block of Yermo, TV, mattress, and chairs from residence.

Bruce Harrington, 2500 block of Robinwood, cash from residence.

Diana Polinski, 1000 block of Summit, credit cards from restaurant.

Grunwell Casherd, 300 block of Morrison, power washer and assorted tools from shed.

Annie Bartsch, 1900 block of Collingwood, purse, cash, debit cards, and medications from vehicle.

Edna Ruiz, 1800 block of Laskey, payroll checks from business.

Wesley Kasack, 300 block of Paine, credit cards, checks, and debit cards from residence.

Gary Augustyniak, 100 block of Euclid, glucose meter, chair, drill, and power tools from vehicle.

Brian Lavalley, 3600 block of Grantley, wallet, identification, and debit cards from vehicle.

Jo Anne Wilson, 1800 block of Ottawa Cove, assorted identification and papers from residence.

E Z Mart, 1200 block of Broadway, lottery tickets and cash from business.

Edward Hoffman, 400 block of Victoria, radiators, doors, stoves, and refrigerators from residence.

Sharon Jones, 3400 block of Lincolnshire, tires and rims from vehicle.

Rachel Ahrendt, 4600 block of Nantucket, bicycles from residence.

Spencer Bertson, 1700 block of Reynolds, bank cards from school.

Candice Walker, 3000 block of Scottwood, purse, cell phone, checkbook, and cash from residence.

Beatriz Diaz, 3000 block of Marvin, stereo, camera, and laptop computer from vehicle.

Jan Rogers, 2300 block of Winterset, saws and assorted tools from residence.

Rent A Center, 4500 block of Monroe, laptop computer and washer and dryer from residence.

Charles Webber, 3500 block of Bluff, air conditioner, furnace, and hot water tank from residence.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Paul Erdmann from Wendy Erdmann.

Wendy Erdmann from Paul Erdmann.

Cindy Johnson from William Johnson.

Laura Richardson from Anthony Richardson, Sr.

Kristi Braden from Tony Braden.

Rosemary Border from Clark Border.

Brittany Willis from Rickie Willis, Jr.

Irene Gomez from Antonio Gomez.

Andrea Kropaczewski from Aaron Spaulding-Stein.

Hugo Serrano from Jessica Serrano.

Terrin Janes from Robert Janes, Jr.

Kathy Doctor from Jeffrey Doctor.

Sherry Meade from Robert Meade.

Nichole Jammazi from Mahdi Jammazi.

Brenda McCauley from Robert McCauley.

Curtis Winfree from Carlotta Winfree.

Jennifer Franks from Billy Franks, Jr.

Janet Caspar from Timothy Caspar.

John Lewis from Kristina Woods.

Dawn Holifield from Joey Holifield.

Rebecka Butler from David Butler.

Maxine Crye from Michael Crye.

Cynthia Harmon from Gary Harmon, Sr.

Millicent Johnson from Marvin Johnson.

Dawn Lemke from Ward Lemke.

Ward Lemke from Dawn Lemke.

Candace Keefer from Rocky Keefer.

Maureen Alexander from Matthew Alexander.

Matthew Alexander from Maureen Alexander.

Michelle Moores from Jade Moores.

Jade Moores from Michelle Moores.

Ilyana Martens from Douglas Martens.

Danae Losey-Jenne from William Jenne.

Alexandria Moore from Shaun Moore.

Russell Huff, Jr. from Elizabeth Huff.

Elizabeth Huff from Russell Huff, Jr.

Dawn Windsor from Robert Keever, Jr.

Jacquelyn Cready from Jacob Crea­dy.

Marc Barker from Michelle Barker.


Lucas County

Anton Shirley and Jessica Shirley.

Chad Tuckerman and Michel Bragazzi-Tuckerman.

Kyle Bergman and Carolina Bergman.

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