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Daily Log

Daily Log: 3-09


Bay Park Community Hospital

Crystal Sauer, Northwood, boy, March 7.

Flower Hospital

Melody and Charles Waters, Toledo, boy, March 6.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Eman Swar and Alaidden Taher, Oregon, boy, March 5.

Lonna Mangus, Toledo, boy, March 6.

Jennifer and Zachary Edwards, Waterville, boy, March 6.

St. Luke's Hospital

Amy and David Tolson, Perrysburg, boy, March 7.

Dana and David Rodriguez, Oregon, boy, March 7.

Toledo Hospital

Jessica Hatcher, Bettsville, Ohio, girl, Jan. 12.

April and Michael Shaneck, Toledo, boy, Feb. 22.

Jamie Dargart Woodyard and Robert Woodyard, Perrysburg, girl, March 6.

Latesha Riley, Toledo, girl, March 7.

Sondra and Joe Bublick, Whitehouse, boy, March 7.

India Neal, Toledo, girl, March 7.

Karolynn and Steve Nowak, Temperance, boy, March 7.

Regina Pickett, Toledo, boy, March 7.

Tranell Moody, Toledo, boy, March 8.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

March 7, 2012

Freddy Cheong, 58, environmental services, of Holland, and Iva Scharlow, 62, environmental services, of Toledo.

Robert Lemile II, 26, production worker, and Victoria Gray, 25, retail sales representative, both of Maumee.

Andre Board, 41, programmer, and Elizabeth Board, 41, medical sonographer, both of Toledo.

Anthony Noviski, 41, engineer, and Krista McCarthy-Mignin aka McCarthy, 39, wellness coach, both of Toledo.

Jeffery Fugate, 53, retired, and Shannon Furry, 42, nurse's aide, both of Holland

Alvin Cannon, 37, loan officer, of Rossford, and Ruth Sanchez, 35, data entry, of Toledo.

Christopher Carter, 32, project manager, and Stacey Bettinger, 30, nurse, both of Berkey..

Christopher Keith, 24, sales representative, and Havilah Jude, 23, self employed, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Asay, George, 22, Erie, Mich., accident.

Behlmer, Delores, 89, Oak Harbor, Ohio, pneumonia.

Bibbs, Willie Mae, 90, Junction Avenue, dementia.

Casey, Lawrence Sr., 79, Schneider Road, respiratory failure.

Counterman, Rosalind, 69, Buffalo Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Delvaux, Paul, 63, 289th Street, cancer.

Dudek, Genevieve, 86, North Holland-Sylvania Road, accident.

Evans, Annie, 85, Hidden Valley Drive, dementia.

Fadahunsi, Faith, 20 minutes, Nebraska Avenue, prematurity.

Fetters, William, 67, Darlington Road, dementia.

Finch, Dolores, 82, Crystal Ridge East, Maumee, sepsis.

Givens, Sterling, 91, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, congestive heart failure.

Gutierrez, Lupe, 53, Chesbrough Street, heart disease.

Hassen, Mary, 86, Brint Road, Sylvania Township, congestive heart failure.

Hayes, Marion, 73, Price Street, lymphoma.

Howe, Joanne, 76, Napoleon, myocardial infarction.

Ide, Joel, Jr., 81, Royal Birkdale Lane, Springfield Township, coronary artery disease.

Lacourse, Robert, 83, Suder Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Lantz, William, 86, Hannaford Drive, cor pulmonale.

Lockwood, Virginia, 84, Hill Road, cerebral vascular accident.

Lynch, Landon, 3 days, South McCord Road, Holland, prematurity.

Naber, Edmund, 87, Lambertville, congestive heart failure.

Nelson, Diane, 74, Bellevue Road, atherosclerotic heart disease.

Parsons, Edna, 91, Benelex Drive East, lymphoma.

Peake, Philomae, 86, Temperance, small bowel obstruction.

Peters, Joyce, 82, Rose Garden Drive, dementia.

Rawls, Beverly, 55, Pinewood Avenue, adenocarcinoma of lung.

Shanteau, Yolanda, 54, Havre Street, hypoxic encephalopathy.

Sprauer, Mary, 68, Acres Road, Sylvania, carcinoma.

Swisher, Brad, 35, Bloomdale, Ohio, pending.

Thompson, Mildred, 75, Vandalia Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Tuck, Aiden, 5 minutes, Garden City, Mich., prematurity.

Valentine, Harvey, 84, Graytown, Ohio, rupture abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Wells, Mildred, 76, Vance Street, respiratory failure.

Williams, Constance, 79, North Detroit Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Crime reports


Brian Madrid, shot at in 1200 block of North Reynolds.

Lawrence Harris and Tracy Thompson, occupied dwelling in 600 block of Spring shot into.

Felonious assaults

Paul Lohmeyer, assaulted on street at Starr and Main.

Gregory Meadows, assaulted with vehicle in 400 block of Fourth.

Deangelo Parker, of Forest, shot in 1300 block of Forest.

Thomas Barker, of Byrneport, shot in front of his residence in 900 block of Byrneport.


Pizza Hut and Jessica Posadny, employee robbed of cash and food at apartment complex in 1500 block of Hirzel.

Cottage Inn Pizza, 200 block of West Alexis, cash from delivery driver in 1500 block of Hirzel.

Baylee Leach, cash and cell phone by two men who punched and kicked him on Starr at East Broadway.

Jeffery Hooton, cash by man with knife in 400 block of Bronson.


Ruben Rojas, 600 block of Coney, TV.

Ian Bollmar, 1700 block of Talbot, cash.

Kellie Kennedy, 1900 block of West Alexis, cash.

Catherine Sutton, 5800 block of Ryewyck, TV, iPad, laptop, shoes, hats, and video cartridges.

Carrothers Apartments, 1500 block of Brooke Park, laundry dryer top.

Dominic Walker, 1500 block of Secor, TV, video game, shoes, and clothing.

James Smith, 5800 block of Sims, washer, dryer, stove, and microwave from home in 2000 block of Brancaster.

Tiffany Burton, 700 block of Champlain, cash and video game.

Doug Nowak, 3000 block of 119th, video game, video controllers, video cartridges, iPod Touch, camera, and GPS unit.

Jeremy Everhart, 1000 block of North Byrne, unknown person broke into home, loss undetermined.

CMC Bank, Columbus, copper tubing and electrical conduit from home in 300 block of Islington.

Nik Villarreal, 1700 block of Berkshire, video game, remote, and video cartridges.

Kortney Davis, 300 block of South, laptop computer, TV, video game, and video controllers.

Brandon Dockery, 200 block of East Central, video game, video cartridges, charger, and TV.

Charlene Radmond, 1400 block of North Ontario, TV.

Kevin Gormley, 2900 block of 116th, assorted jewelry.

Rada & Son's, unit block of East Laskey, 55 catalytic converters.

Best Automotive, 3700 block of Marine, catalytic converter.

Kevin's Automotive, 3700 block of Marine, five catalytic converters.

Danyell Brownlee, 1300 block of Oak, TV.

Phyllis King, 3500 block of Stickney, copper plumbing.

Jason Smith, 2000 block of North Ontario, unknown person broke into home, loss undetermined.

Revesha Alexander, 800 block of Walnut, unknown person broke into home, loss undetermined.

Chrism Hoisington, 200 block of Plymouth, video games, laptop computers, TVs, hard drive, iPod Touch, and video cartridges.

Dorothy Tristan, 600 block of Forsythe, bicycles, chairs, and tables.

Kellie Cole, 1000 block of Secor, video games.

Tabotja Swanson, 1800 block of Wyndhurst, no loss reported.

Nicholas Moskal, Oak Harbor, Ohio, copper pipes from home in 2900 block of Barrington.

Stephen Hanthorn, 2800 block of Kendale, video game.

Randolph Ross, 2700 block of Tremainsville, clothing, and video game.

Do It Yourself Storage, 4800 block of South, unknown person broke in toseveral storage units, loss undetermined.

Lisa Brogan, 5500 block of Hill, medication and jewelry.

Mario Stansley, 900 block of Rogers, known person broke into home, no loss reported.

Stephanie Reed, 3400 block of West Alexis, jewelry, cash, and prescription medication.

Fannie Mae, 3200 block of Executive, copper and water tank from property in 500 block Carlton.

Jonathan Haymen, Ypsilanti, Mich., known person broke into home, loss undetermined.

Roberta Camara, 800 block of Wright, jewelry, cell phones, TV, and DVD player.

Isaiah Scott, Jr., 900 block of East Manhattan, unknown person broke into home, loss undetermined.

Charles Veley, tools, heater, and snow blower from residence in 3100 block of Collingwood.

Kelly Hurley, TV, computer, smart phone, and credit card from residence in 2800 block of North Summit.

Barbara Huntley, TV from residence in 300 block of Stanley.

Dominique Robinson, TV from residence in 4100 block of Kingsbury.

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