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Daily Log

Daily Log: 4-16


Bay Park Community Hospital

Kaydee and Justin Forgette, Toledo, girl, April 14.

Flower Hospital

Kelly and Samuel Scherf, Maumee, girl, April 11.

Brandi and Adam Dick, Toledo, boy, April 13.

Nada and Bilal Salim, Sylvania, boy, April 13.

Ashia Szymanski, Toledo, girl, April 13.

Tara Burkhalter, Toledo, girl, April 11.

Kenya Johnson, Toledo, boy, April 13.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Ashleigh and Brandon Huber, Holland, boy, April 15.

Toledo Hospital

Stephanie and John Quinn, Toledo, girl, April 14.

Ericka and Kipp Huntsberger, Sylvania, girl, April 14.

Angie and Brett Baumgartner, Toledo, girl, April 14.

Tiffany Rogers, Toledo, boy, April 14.

Crime reports

Felonious assault

William Carr, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash, medicines, portable radio, and leather bag with personal papers in bank parking lot at Central and Lagrange.


Zachary Chrisman, threatened with handgun, assaulted, and robbed of cash in alley at Potter and Nevada.


Alisha Lauharn, laptop computer from residence in 700 block of Valleywood.

7-Eleven, Candice Fournier and Rick Fournier, assaulted at convenience store in 500 block of Woodville by woman who was trying to steal bottle of tequila.

Lewis Wood II, safe, cash, and medicine from residence in 2700 block of Isha Laye Way.

Quality Environmental, tools and copper pipes from building in 1900 block of West Central.

Ingeburg Hendrichs, checkbooks from residence in 500 block of South.

Angela Felton, television from residence in 2200 block of Upton.

Kenya Benion, book bag and computer bag with personal documents and papers from residence in 2500 block of Key.

David Klinger, debit card and money clip with cash from residence in 1000 block of North Byrne.

Ronald Zielinski, furnace and copper pipe from club in 1900 block of North Ontario.

Kristy Welch, firearms from shed in 900 block of South Reynolds.

Robert Ewing, televisions, laptop computer, and video games from residence in 3600 block of Pendleton.

Lora Randall, revolver, cash, lockbox with personal papers, televisions, DVD player, computers, camcorder, digital camera, video game system with games, and medicines from residence in 800 block of Continental.

Cheaib Carry Out, chips, cereal, and cigarettes from convenience store in 800 block of Bush.

Jessica Magris, cash from residence in 900 block of Artis.

Nancy Hechinger, jewelry box with jewelry from residence in 500 block of Waybridge.

Susan Mruk, camcorder and video game system from residence in 100 block of Ravine Park Village.

Media Wilkins, televisions, stove, water heater, scooter, and pipes from residence in 200 block of East Weber.

Jowan Childress, television and video game system with games from residence in 900 block of Delaware.


Lucas County

Ronnie Johnson and Monica Johnson.

Angela Rossbach and Brian Rossbach.

Sharon Fulop-Johnson and David John­son.

Steven Dazley and Kristy Dazley.

Heather Madden and Nicholas Madden, Jr.

April Lesinski and Michael Lesinski.

Thomas Symbolik and Kathleen Symbolik.

Spencer Utley and Cheryl Utley.

Kelly Rectenwald and Richard Rectenwald.

Michael Moore and Amanda Moore.

Coroner’s Rulings

The Lucas County Coroner has ruled in the following deaths:

Logan Cantiberrry, 11, of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Dec. 27, at Toledo Hospital. Homicide, bilateral acute pneumonia; complication of remote intracranial hemorrhage and diffuse brain injury.

Lawrence Delano, 53, of Toledo, March 8, at Hospice of Northwest Ohio. Accidental, complications of subdural hematoma; unwitnessed fall off ladder.

Vicki Dietrich, 45, of Toledo, Jan. 22, at home. Accidental, combined toxicity.

Jeffrey Fitzpatirck, 50, of Toledo, Feb. 13, at home. Homicide, sharp force trauma to chest.

Olivia Hauman, 3 months, of Toledo, Feb. 13, at Mercy St. Anne Hospital. Undetermined, sudden unexplained infant death; co-sleeping with mother.

Marquita Sanders, 48, of Toledo, Feb. 13, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, hypothermia; found outdoors in an empty lot and substance abuse.

Jessie Vanpelt, 98, of Toledo, Feb. 12, at Flower Hospital. Accidental, end-stage renal disease; deceased fell at home.

Emma Zehnpfennig, 2, of Bowling Green, Ohio, March 1, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Homicide, abusive head trauma.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Hometown Buffet, 5259 Airport, inspected Jan. 27. Upturned dishes coming out of dish washer. They must be turned downward to sanitize properly (rewashed). Inspector: Mike Brady.

Wixey Bakery, 2017 Glendale, inspected Jan. 20. Frosted cookies, angel food cake, cherry and apple pies, gummy worms in self-serve containers must have address, net weight, and ingredient label. Inspector: Brady.

Premier Volleyball, 1630 Market, Maumee, inspected Jan. 20. Chlorine test strips needed. Must be 50 to 100 ppm concentration. Inspector: Brady.

Kroger, 2555 Glendale, inspected Jan. 18. Ham in case in lunch meat section observed at 46 degrees. Must be 40 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Brady.

Maritime Training and Education Center, 803 Water, inspected Jan. 24. Cooked leftovers lack date marking, including gravy and pasta. To limit bacteria growth, all ready-to-eat food items kept longer than 24 hours after being cooked, prepared, opened require seven-day date marks and must be held cold at 41degrees or lower. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Rudy’s Hot Dog, 6069 Summit, inspected Jan. 20. Observed employee eating in food prep area. Employees must eat in a designated area away from food preparation and clean items. Inspector: Stanley.

Mayfly Tavern, 4532 N. Summit, inspected Jan. 25. Ice scoop at the bar stored with handle in the ice. Keep handle out of the ice to prevent contamination. Unlabeled spray bottle behind the bar. Label all spray bottles with ingredients’ common names to prevent chemical contamination. Inspector: Stanley.

In & Out Mart, 4833 N. Summit, inspected Jan. 20. Cans of pesticides on the shelving near the three-bay sink. All pesticides must be applied by licensed applicator. Inspector: Stanley.

Libbey Inc., 940 Ash, inspected Jan. 20. Hamburgers on the flat-top grill at 105 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, hot hold food at 135 degrees or above. Dressings in self-service cold containers above 41 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or less. Inspector: Stanley.

Whale’s Tale, 5307 N. Summit, inspected Jan. 18. Cooked sausage for pizza in walk-in cooler with a date mark of 12/6/11. To limit bacteria growth, foods may be held for no longer than seven days once opened. Buildup present in the pop gun and the holster. Clean and sanitize the pop gun and the holster daily. Glass cleaner hanging on the bag in a box beverage system. Designate an area for all chemicals below or away from food and food-contact items. Inspector: Stanley.

Point Stop Convenience, 5417 N. Summit, inspected Jan. 18. Open food items lack seven-day discard date. Inspector: Stanley.

Wendy’s, 1410 E. Alexis, inspected Jan. 18. Food items in the drive-up, prep top cooler holding above 41 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or less. Inspector: Stanley.

Golden City Restaurant, 5051 N. Summit, inspected Jan. 17. An uncovered employee beverage stored above large prep-top cooler. Employee beverages must have lids to protect food and clean items from contamination. Corrected at inspection. Inspector: Stanley.

Pilot Travel Center, Subway, 5820 Hagman, inspected Jan. 4. Bag of eggs stored in hand sink before prepping. All food items must be protected from contamination. Do not use the hand sink to store any items. The hand sink is considered a soiled area. Do not block the hand sink; keep accessible for hand washing at all times. Food items thawing in standing water in the prep sink. To limit bacteria growth, thawing food items in the prep sink require the food item to be completely submerged under running cold water. Inspector: Stanley.

Pete’s Market, 3449 Stickney, Jan. 4. No hot water available. Hot water at a minimum of 100 degrees is required at all sinks. Inspector: Stanley.

Hampton Inn & Suites, 5865 Hagman, inspected Dec. 16. Cream cheese on insufficient ice bath and milk in the thermos above 41 degrees. Cold hold at 41 degrees or less. Limit portions put in the display containers and thermos-style containers. Add more ice to sealed food items. Inspector: Stanley.

Bakery Unlimited, 5155 Suder, inspected Dec. 16. Food debris still present on trays in the three-bay sink’s sanitizer bay. All food residue and debris must be removed before designating an item as clean. No hot water available in the bathroom hand sink. Hot water at a minimum of 100 degrees is required at all sinks. Inspector: Stanley.

Volunteers of America, 1201 Champlain, inspected Dec. 15. Three-bay sink and wipe cloth buckets at less than 200 ppm quat. To properly sanitize with the quat product, the concentration must be 200 ppm. Use the test kit to verify. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Burger King, 1535 E. Alexis, inspected Dec. 6. Buildup present on the inside of the ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to manufacturer’s specifications. Chemical spray bottles hanging on the shelf with gloves at the front counter. Designate area for all chemicals below or away from all food and food-contact items. Inspector: Stanley.

Tim Hortons, 4735 Monroe, inspected Jan. 4. No sanitizer available. Facility uses the mix that hangs on the side of the sink; this product was not available. Dish machine broken and not being used. Gloves available. No bare-hand contact allowed with ready-to-eat food. If you allow food handlers to have artificial nails, gloves must be worn at all times. Employees whose nails are too long to fit in gloves may not handle food. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Toledo Market & Restaurant, 3410 Dorr, inspected Jan. 25. Glass-door cooler holding cheese and whipped topping at 43 degrees, and spinach pies sitting out at 60 degrees. Cold hold at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Keep pies refrigerated until ready to serve or eat. Date marking required on all ready-to-eat food. No hot water at the bakery hand sink. All sinks must have 100 degrees water for proper hand washing. Restore the hot water. The facility has undergone some major changes without this department’s approval. All changes, including equipment and facility layout, must receive prior health department approval. A scale drawing showing all changes made and future proposed changes must be submitted. A hand sink is needed in the kitchen to promote frequent hand washing. Contact a licensed plumber to install a hand sink, preferably near the cook line. Facility license-holders have not attended an Ohio Department of Health certified food safety course. At any given hour of operation, there must be at least on person in charge who is certified in the Level One food safety course. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

China One Buffet, 3040 Navarre, Oregon, inspected Feb. 17. Several food items cooling improperly. Food product must be placed in a cooler once it reaches 135 degrees. Employee filling dish pan in food-prep sink. Prep sink is only for food preparation. Sanitize prep sink between each use. Buildup on knives and storage wall at large prep table. Clean and sanitize working utensils and food prep surfaces between tasks and/or at least every four hours to prevent contamination. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

First St. John Day School, 2471 Seaman, inspected Feb. 17. No date marking on ready-to-eat food items. All ready-to-eat food must have seven-day discard date to prevent bacteria growth. Pepperoni was dated and the ham discarded. Corrected. Inspector: Tester.

Rack Time Billiards, 2600 Tremainsville, inspected Feb. 17. Opened beer stored inside ice well. Ice used for consumption may not be used as an exterior coolant. Do not store beer in ice wells; provide a separate bucket for icing beer. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Conn-Weissenberger Post, American Legion, 2020 W. Alexis, inspected Feb. 17. Fish at unsafe temperatures. All foods must be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Keep fish covered with ice. Corrected at time of inspection. Hand sink in kitchen lacks hand towels. All hand sinks must be fully stocked with warm running water, soap, and hand towels at all time to ensure proper hand washing. Inspected: Seger.

China Star, 527 Dorr, inspected Feb. 15. Cross contamination present in the walk-in cooler. Raw chicken stored over ready-to-eat foods. Re-arrange the cooler to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Kilgus Market, 3346 Laskey, inspected Feb. 15. Some items in the freezer for self service lack proper labels. All packaged food must have a label with the name, ingredients, net weight, and a responsibility statement. Inspector: Wilke.

Tim Hortons, 1801 W. Laskey, inspected Feb. 15. Low-temperature dish machine is not sanitizing properly. It is currently connected to a bottle bleach but nothing is dispensing on the final rinse. Service machine. Do not use machine until it has been reinspected; use three-bay sink for ware washing meantime. Quat sanitizer in the buckets is extremely high in some and low in others. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to safely sanitize dish ware and food contact surfaces. Inspector: Wilke.

Six Pack Bar & Grill, 3223 W. Sylvania, inspected Feb. 15. No date marking on any of the food. All ready-to-eat food must have date marking to prevent bacteria growth if the food is held for more than two hours. Inspector: Wilke.

Secor Lanes, 5520 Secor, inspected Feb. 14. Sanitizer buckets at more than 500 ppm bleach. Reduced bleach to 50 ppm to prevent chemical contamination. Use test strips to verify concentration. Corrected. Wet wipe rag out of sanitizer bucket. When not in use, store wet rags in sanitizer buckets to prevent bacteria growth. Corrected. Inspector: Seger.

Love ‘N’ Learn Child Care, 4440 Secor, inspected Feb. 14. Quat sanitizer at 400 ppm. When using quat as a sanitizer the concentration must be at 200 ppm to prevent chemical poisoning/chemical residue. Inspector: Seger.

Star Diner, 3067 W. Alexis, Feb. 14. Foods in middle prep cooler and milk cooler holding above 41 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Inconsistent date marking. All foods must have a seven-day discard date. Chemical stored over cooking oil. Chemicals must be stored below or away from food and food-contact items to prevent chemical poisoning. Inspector: Seger.

Papa’s Tavern, 1328 Liberty, inspected Feb. 14. Leak under three-bay sink at bar. Repair leak. Inspector: Tester.

Raymer Swing School, 1419 Nevada, inspected Feb. 14. Coats/personal items hung on bread rack. Keep personal items in designated area separate from food items to prevent contamination. Inspector: Tester.

Stop & Go, 1620 Woodville, inspected Feb. 13. Raw bacon stored above ready-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler. Automotive supplies stored above food items on shelves. Practice proper food storage order to prevent contamination. Inspector: Tester.

Marco’s Pizza, 5055 Glendale, inspected Feb. 15. Quat sanitizer in spray bottle observed at 400 ppm. Must be 200 ppm. Inspector: Brady.

Chuck E Cheese, 5455 Airport, inspected Feb. 14. Quat test strips needed. Must be 200 ppm. Inspector: Brady.

St. John’s Jesuit High School, 5901 Airport, inspected Feb. 14. Automatic dispenser in three-bay sink is only putting out 50 to 100 ppm quat sanitizer. Must be 200 ppm. Hand mix until recalibrated. Inspector: Brady.

Bier Stube, 5333 Monroe, inspected Feb. 14. Hand sink was blocked. Hand sinks must be easily accessible at all times to promote frequent hand washing. Shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat food. Store all raw poultry below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. Quat sanitizer in the bucket is more than 400 ppm. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food contact surfaces. Make sure to set up a bucket at the bar as well. Inspector: Wilke.

Cooley Canal Yacht Club, 12235 Bono, Curtice, inspected Feb. 8. Foods in two-door cooler at temperatures above 41 degrees. Inspector: Tester.

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo Saloon, 7802 Jerusalem, Oregon, inspected Feb. 10. Foods in the two-door cooler at temperatures above 41 degrees. Adjust/repair cooler so that foods are held below 41 degrees to prevent bacteria growth. Adjusted at inspection. Opened foods without date marking. Date mark all foods when they are opened so that the discard date is known to prevent growth of harmful organisms. Inspector: Tester.

Wynn Elementary, 5224 Bayshore, Oregon, inspected Feb. 9. Raw eggs stored above ground beef in reach-in cooler. Practice proper food storage order to prevent cross contamination. Poultry on bottom, ground meats, whole meats/fish and ready-to-eat foods on top. Corrected at inspection. Inspector: Tester.

Jimmy’s at Reno Beach, 11407 Corduroy, Curtice, inspected Feb. 9. Raw bacon stored above ready-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler. Practice proper storage order to prevent cross contamination. No date marking on cooked foods as required. Food box in walk-in cooler and pizza boxes in dry storage room stored on floor. Phone headset on prep top surface area. Miscellaneous items stored in air-gapped prep sink. Remove items for access to wash produce. Buildup in several pieces of equipment (fryer, pizza oven, microwave, prep sink, etc.) and in exhaust fan. Clean all equipment, wall, floor regularly to prevent contamination. Blockage in mop sink. Repair/unclog sink for proper drainage. Inspector: Tester.

Woodshed, 128 Main, inspected Feb. 2. Strawberry daiquiri mix label specifies to keep refrigerated after opening. Place in cooler. Inspector: Cipiti.

Good Times Bar & Grill, 5119 Jackman, inspected Feb. 2. Wet wipe rags sitting out on bar counter. Store such cloths in chemical sanitizer solution at a concentration of 50 to 100 ppm bleach or 200 ppm. Quat sanitizer in three-bay sink over 400 ppm. A concentration of 200 ppm quat is required to prevent chemical residue/chemical poisoning. No hand soap observed at bar hand sink. All hand sinks must be fully stocked with warm running water, soap, and hand towels to ensure proper hand washing. Inspector: Seger.

Executive Diner, 2516 Sylvania, inspected Feb. 6. Walk-in cooler holding food at 51 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. All food discarded voluntarily, and a licensed repair service was contacted to fix the cooler. Do not store food in the cooler until it has been reinspected. Facility cannot operate without the walk-in cooler. A bottle of cleaner stored next to beverage mixes. Store chemicals away from food and food-contact surfaces to prevent chemical contamination. The dish room hand sink was blocked with a bus tub. Never store anything in the hand sink. Drawer cooler holding some food above 41 degrees. Adjust cooler. Inspector: Wilke.

Rocky’s, 4020 Secor, inspected Feb. 6. Inadequate date marking on some of the items in the reach-in upright cooler, including shrimp and shredded beef. All food that is opened, prepared, and held for more than two hours must be labeled with a discard date to protect against bacteria growth. Inspector: Wilke.

Zahle, 2942 W. Sylvania, inspected Feb. 21. Did not observe any date marking on ready-to-eat foods. All ready-to-eat food held over 24 hours must be date labeled to prevent bacteria growth. Insecticide stored in kitchen area. If extermination is needed, it must be done by a licensed exterminator. Consumer pesticides are not approved for kitchen use. Price stickers were placed over dates on baby food. Remove stickers so that expiration dates are seen. Inspector: Nathan Fries.

McDonald’s, 3008 Monroe, inspected Feb. 10. Sausage gravy holding at 107 degrees. Hot hold food at 135 degrees or higher. One-door cooler holding cheese at 44 degrees and eggs at 45 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or lower. No sanitizer detected in the front counter wipe bucket. Change sanitizer as needed to maintain chlorine at 50 to 100 ppm. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Wendy’s, 5560 W. Central, inspected Feb. 10. Sandwich prep-top cooler nearest the front counter is holding sliced tomatoes at 44 degrees and mayonnaise at 44 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Adjust or repair cooler. Inspector: Sattler.

Hooters, 4782 Monroe, inspected Feb. 8. Small prep-top cooler is holding fish at 46 degrees, shrimp at 44 degrees, and chicken at 45 degrees. Cold hold foods at 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Sattler.

Storyville Grille, 5201 Monroe, inspected Feb. 7. No date marking on ready-to-eat refrigerated foods. Cooked ribs, rice, corn, and other prepared foods must be date marked when they are made or the manufacturer’s packaging is opened. Foods may be held up to seven days at 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Sattler.

Einstein Montessori, 5039 Dorr, inspected Feb. 22. Macaroni and cheese served at 95 degrees. All foods held hot must be at or above 135 degrees. Leave pan in hot holding unit and serve out of the hot holding unit. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Magoo’s Convenience Store, 433 Dearborn, inspected Feb. 21. Prep-top cooler holding foods at 43 to 44 degrees. All coolers must hold food items at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Repair or turn the cooler temperature down so it can maintain 41 degrees or below. No sanitizer bucket set up. A sanitizer bucket of 50 to 100 ppm chlorine must always be made to be able to sanitize counters and utensils. Corrected at inspection. Inspector: Tester.

Bayside Boardwalk, 2759 Seaman, Oregon, inspected Feb. 22. An uncovered employee beverage stored on a food preparation surface. Employee beverages must have lids or sealable caps to protect food and surfaces from contamination. Inspector: Tester.

Cater-Tots, 1702 Woodville, inspected Feb. 22. Mop stored in mop bucket. Hang mops to air dry to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Tester.

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