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Daily Log

Daily log: 11-21


Bay Park Com­mu­nity Hos­pi­tal

Kath­er­ine Jen­nings, Toledo, girl, Nov. 19.

Rosa­maria Go­mez, Toledo, boy, Nov. 19.

Tomoko and Ryan Betz, North­wood, boy, Nov. 19.

Mercy St. Vin­cent Med­i­cal Center

San­dra and Brad­ley Hoff­man, Maumee, girl, Nov. 18.

St. Luke’s Hos­pi­tal

Mon­ica and Trent Meier, Grand Rap­ids, Ohio, boy, Nov. 19.

Dana and Ja­cob Fro­bose, Pem­ber­ville, girl, Nov. 19.

Toledo Hos­pi­tal

Heather Wiebeck, Toledo, girl and boy, Nov. 18.

Kris­tin Miller, Toledo, boy, Nov. 19.

Brit­t­any Steven­son, Toledo, girl, Nov. 19.

Amanda and A. Kyle Ducey, Toledo, boy, Nov. 19.

Heather My­ers, Toledo, boy, Nov. 19.



Lu­cas County

Boyd, Ju­dith, 65, Coolie Road, Cur­tice, Ohio, heart dis­ease.

Cav­a­los, Char­lotte, 81, West Ben­alex Road, can­cer.

Cole, Frank, Sr., 85, Ful­ton Avenue, Alz­hei­mer’s de­men­tia.

Coolidge, Del­phine, 80, Al­len Street, can­cer.

Dro­tos, Ruby, 95, Tem­per­ance, con­ges­tive heart fail­ure.

East­man, Alice, 89, Post Street, Schizoaf­fec­tive dis­or­der.

El­li­ott, Char­lene, 64, Ber­nath Court, re­nal dis­ease.

Fisher, Randy, 54, Elsie Avenue, can­cer.

Ford, Andy, 32, Harvest Lane, pend­ing.

Ford, San­dra, 56, Harvest Lane, pend­ing.

Fritz, John, 91, East Lin­coln­shire Bou­le­vard, can­cer.

Hage­mann, Rich­ard, Sr., 92, Graden Road, Mon­clova Town­ship, re­nal fail­ure.

Hall, David, 72, Re­vere Drive, lym­phoma.

Har­ris, Edna, 86, Shasta Drive, Alz­hei­mer’s de­men­tia.

Hen­dricks, Patrick, 75, North Ful­ton Lu­cas Road, Swan­ton, amy­o­trophic lat­eral scle­ro­sis.

Hodges, Norma, 87, North­wood, sep­tic shock.

John­son, Henry, Jr., 72, Pene­lope Drive, Alz­hei­mer’s de­men­tia.

Keeler, Mary, 95, Kee­mont Drive, de­men­tia.

Ker­stein, James, 55, South Byrne Road, sep­sis.

Krau­sert, Wilma, 90, Merle Street, re­spi­ra­tory fail­ure.

Kreger, Ar­lene, 89, White Eagle West, Syl­va­nia, Alz­hei­mer’s dis­ease.

Kwi­at­k­owski, Mar­ga­ret, 89, Bur­gess Drive, Syl­va­nia, hy­per­ten­sive heart dis­ease.

Luce, Deane, 70, Frank­fort Road, Swan­ton, myo­car­dial in­farc­tion.

Maix, Daniel, Sr., 55, Bryan Road, Ore­gon, un­de­ter­mined nat­u­ral cause.

Mass­ingill, Ja­son, 39, West Alexis Road, pend­ing.

McCann, Mary, 58, 102nd Street, liver fail­ure.

McGee, Ralph, 65, Carskad­don Avenue, pend­ing.

Mohr, Ron­ald, 84, Fleet Road, Alz­hei­mer’s de­men­tia.

Northrip, Wil­liam, Sr., 71, Palm­wood Avenue, car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease.

Not­tage, Patrick, 48, Lima, Ohio, pend­ing.

Oper­acz, Chester, 93, Per­rys­burg-Hol­land Road, Hol­land, con­ges­tive heart fail­ure.

Otey, An­tho­nette, 69, Cor­du­roy Road, Ore­gon, car­ci­noma.

Per­rin, Lois, 84, Coll­ing­wood Bou­le­vard, Alz­hei­mer’s dis­ease.

Rat­liff, Bobby, 77, Per­rys­burg, cor­o­nary ar­tery dis­ease.

Shue, Helen, 85, Port Syl­va­nia Drive, Syl­va­nia Town­ship, hy­per­ten­sion.

Skill­man, Edward, 86, Butz Road, Maumee, disf­fuse ce­re­bral is­che­mia.

Slee, Su­san, 63, Cloverd­ale Road, pe­riph­eral vas­cu­lar dis­ease.

Stanek, Chris­tine, 64, Isa­dora Lane, Syl­va­nia Town­ship, can­cer.

Sulew­ski, Beat­rice, 89, Kee­mont Drive, con­ges­tive heart fail­ure.

Vamos, Joseph, 78, Ge­n­e­see Street, pneu­mo­nia.


Mar­riage li­censes

Lu­cas County

Nov. 19, 2012

Robert Dai­ley, 49, plumber, of Toledo, and San­dra Mod­rowski, 60, chef, of Mon­roe.

Tiepeng Zhao, 22, cook, and Mir­randa Lanier, 21, stu­dent, both of Toledo.

Ben­ja­min Tho­ma­son, 23, U. S. Army, and Jes­sica At­kin­son, 22, nurse, both of Dun­dee, Mich.

Donzelle Markray, 57, qual­ity con­trol, of Detroit, and Lin­nette Owens, 38, hair­styl­ist, both of Toledo.

Juan Torres, 54, cus­to­dian, and Rosa Hawk, 57, nurse as­sis­tant, both of Toledo.

Jo­van Men­dez, 27, in­spec­tor, and Tab­betha Ru­pert, 28, in­spec­tor, both of Toledo.


Crime re­ports

Fe­lo­ni­ous as­saults

Ra­mone Fisher, shot on street at Boody and Crit­ten­den.

Dar­rin John­son, as­saulted at store in 900 block of North Huron.


Paul Ja­god­zin­ski and Marco's Pizza, pizza de­liv­ery driver robbed of cash and piz­zas in yard in 1800 block of Ridge­wood.

Den­ice Ran­dall, robbed of wal­let at res­i­dence in 800 block of Col­burn.

Shawn De­merly, as­saulted and robbed of cash, iPhone, and pizza on porch in 1100 block of Ketcham.

Je­sus Riv­era and Brett Brum­field, threat­ened with hand­gun and robbed of cash at res­i­dence in 1900 block of Ber­dan.

Lamar Cal­houn, threat­ened with hand­gun and robbed of cell phone/video game sys­tem/iPad combo at res­i­dence in 900 block of Byrnep­ort by man who also threat­ened Zane Mis­can­non.

Ray­mond Rober, threat­ened with hand­gun and robbed of cash, cell phone, ID card, and pack of cig­a­rettes in al­ley in 1200 block of Green­wood.

Ray Mitruk, robbed of cash and pizza out­side res­i­dence in 1100 block of Ketcham.


Wal­ter Traxler, TV from res­i­dence in 600 block of Dover.

John Smoot, cop­per pipes, mi­cro­wave oven, washer, dryer, and lawn mower from res­i­dence in 1300 block of Al­bert.

Elaine Smith, re­cy­cling can, ta­ble set, kitchen fau­cet, bath tub han­dle, rice cooker, and food pro­ces­sor from res­i­dence in 1100 block of Ham­il­ton.

Renika Pearce, cos­tume jew­elry from res­i­dence in 1200 block of South Byrne.

Hec­tor Aguirre, air com­pres­sor, lad­ders, and hand drill from res­i­dence in 200 block of Wil­lard.

Jer­emy Mor­ris, build­ing sup­plies, pots, and pans from res­i­dence in 400 block of Paine.

Nicho­las Lubash, saws from res­i­dence in 200 block of Wil­lard.

George James, Con­nie Hill, and Donna James, as­saulted at res­i­dence in 2600 of Massil­lon by man try­ing to rob George James.

Julia Wood­son, TVs from res­i­dence in 3600 block of Erie.

Kei­sha McDuffy, cash, TV, video game sys­tem with games, and pairs of ath­letic shoes from res­i­dence in 1800 block of Chris­tian.

Ishonda Pet­taway, TV and pairs of ath­letic shoes from res­i­dence in 1000 block of Blum.

El­len Silva, TVs and lap­top com­put­ers from res­i­dence in 600 block of Pine Val­ley.

Lisa Keil, tab­let com­puter and jew­elry from res­i­dence in 700 block of North Hol­land-Syl­va­nia.

Joseph Cur­tis, floor­ing and tools from res­i­dence in 500 block of Ho­bart.

Ch­aquaia McCreary, TV from res­i­dence in 2000 block of Ber­dan.

Bank of Amer­ica, toi­let, cop­per, air con­di­tioner, and sid­ing from res­i­dence in 800 block of King­ston.

Douglas Romp, tool box with tools and wal­let with cash and bank card from res­i­dence in 4300 block of Fir.

Bill Kow­alski, tools, gas me­ter, edger, and scrap from res­i­dence in 3600 block of Wat­son.

Robert Bur­chett, com­puter mo­dem, paint­ing, and vest from res­i­dence in 600 block of Eleanor.

Vir­ginia Brown, an­tique dolls from res­i­dence in 800 block of Parkside.

Ward Wil­liams, TV, com­puter, and torch from res­i­dence in 700 block of Wood­stock.

An­drea Wil­born, money or­der, lap­top com­puter with cam­era, and video game sys­tem with games from res­i­dence in 600 block of Avon­dale.

Zeinab Itawi, cash, pay­check, check­book, jew­elry, and safe box key from res­i­dence in 3700 block of Seckinger.

Alan Beat, air con­di­tion­ers, steel rack, and boat can­opy from ga­rage in 2100 block of Val­en­tine.


Kath­er­ine Ire­lan-Wal­ter, purse with wal­let, credit cards, check­book, med­i­cines, per­sonal doc­u­ments, iPod, iPad, and makeup from ve­hi­cle in 5200 block of Hill.

Luetrell Stokes, purse with bank cards and driver's li­cense from res­i­dence in 5000 block of Jamieson.

Vicki Minor, nav­i­ga­tion sys­tem, med­i­cine, head band, and purse with wal­let, cash, credit cards, gift cards, and per­sonal doc­u­ments from ve­hi­cle in 5300 block of Snow­den.

De­m­ond Peeples, mu­si­cal equip­ment with ac­ces­so­ries and lap­top com­puter stand from ve­hi­cle in 1100 block of Shadow.

Vi­o­let Wha­ley, nav­i­ga­tion sys­tem and purse with credit cards and per­sonal doc­u­ments from ve­hi­cle in 100 block of New Towne Square.

Heidi Hart­ford, wal­let with debit cards and per­sonal doc­u­ments from bus at El­ton and La­grange.

Jer­emy Hayes, cash, TV, deep freezer, washer, dryer, and fur­ni­ture from res­i­dence in 2100 block of North Erie.

Jesse Wittscheck, wal­let with bank cards and driver's li­cense from ve­hi­cle in 4500 block of Heat­h­er­downs.

Paul But­ler, bank cards, store card, and per­sonal doc­u­ments from ve­hi­cle in 1300 block of Juliet.

Mat­thew Gogol, tools and ca­ble equip­ment from ve­hi­cle in 3000 block of Tre­mains­ville.

Char­les Hines, cash, ID card, and med­i­cines from res­i­dence in 3600 block of Douglas.

Jerri Con­ner, purse with med­i­cines, per­sonal doc­u­ments, and keys from shop­ping mall in 5000 block of Mon­roe.

Su­san Shaf­fer, purse with cash, gas card, and gift cards from shop­ping cart at store in 4800 block of Mon­roe.

Katie Schnapp, purse with cash, check­book, bank card, and store cards from ve­hi­cle in 5000 block of Mon­roe.

Lora Jen­kins, checks, bank card, smart phone, iPad, and charg­ers from ve­hi­cle in 2900 block of Bar­ring­ton.

Ray­mond Kow­alin­ski, check­book, video game sys­tem, and iPad from res­i­dence in 1000 block of North Hol­land-Syl­va­nia.

Nata­sha Clark, hand­gun with am­mu­ni­tion from res­i­dence in 1400 block of Wal­bridge.


Kristi Weiss, purse with bank cards and per­sonal doc­u­ments from ve­hi­cle in 4800 block of Mon­roe.

Laura Ruch, purse, jew­elry, cell phone, keys, debit card, cam­era, and per­sonal doc­u­ments from ve­hi­cle in 1700 block of Adams.

Ko­rey Pav­lika, cash, car ra­dio, auto pro­gram­mer, and bow with ac­ces­so­ries from ve­hi­cle at Ber­dan and Belle­vue.

Ryan Phil­lips, sub­woof­ers, am­pli­fi­ers, ra­dio, and speak­ers from ve­hi­cle in 3800 block of Drexel.

David Peck­in­paugh, lap­top com­puter, book­bag with per­sonal pa­pers, med­i­cines, school books, and phone charg­ers from ve­hi­cle at Jef­fer­son and 18th.

Jac­que­line Wilder, cash, checks, makeup bag with makeup, and brief­case from ve­hi­cle at Rein­wood and Teth­er­wood.

Kin­zua Con­sult­ing LLC and Gail Han­son, cash, bank cards, store cards, cell phone, makeup, and keys from ve­hi­cle in 5000 block of Mon­roe.

Shir­ley Car­pen­ter, credit card from res­i­dence in 1500 block of Airline.

Zack­ery Stevens, sub­woof­ers and am­pli­fi­ers from res­i­dence in 6100 block of Hill.

Da­lia Under­wood, purse, food-stamp card, debit cards, and per­sonal doc­u­ments from ve­hi­cle in 1100 block of East Ban­croft.


Di­vorces granted

Lu­cas County

Sara Han­son from John Han­son.

David Parcher from Jac­que­line Sta­ples.

Rebecca Due­nas from Aaron Due­nas.

Natha­niel Wells from Mona Wells.

El­len Stecher from Scott Stecher.

Tracy John­son from Craig John­son.

Dale Grif­fin from Geri Grif­fin.

Pamela Meeker from Law­rence Meeker.

Julia Ol­i­va­rez from Raul Ol­i­va­rez.

Jami Nuh­fer from Jo­shua Nuh­fer.

De­bra Pie­chocki from Robert Pie­chocki.

Amy Armioia form Wil­liam Armioia.

Chris­tine Elsworth from Ste­phen Elsworth.

Jada John­son from Free­man John­son.

Chris­to­pher Burns from Jen­ni­fer Burns.

Ira Deel II from Au­tumn Deel.

Dawn Gechter from Tim­o­thy Gechter.

Ni­cole Wil­ton from David Wil­ton.

David Wil­ton from Ni­cole Wil­ton.

Tim­o­thy Rowe from Tina Si­mon-Rowe.

Arlinda Ay­ers from Robb Ay­ers.

Mi­chael Mur­ray from Al­isa Tracy.

Lind­sey Lan­drum from Kris­to­pher Lan­drum.

Mayna Bor­g­hol from Roger Gol­son.

Pa­tri­cia Shea from Daniel Shea.

Can­dace Hard­ing from Jay­son Tip­ping.

Mar­ga­ret Ham­mye from Jerry Ham­mye, Jr.

Vir­ginia Vrahiotes from The­odore Vrahiotes.

Ray­mond Sheets from Julia Sheets.

Pa­tri­cia McIll­wain from Jef­fery McIll­wain.

Jef­fery McIll­wain from Pa­tri­cia McIll­wain.

Haithan El-Hindi from Melisa El-Hindi.

Maria Alonzo-Wil­son from Chris­to­pher Wil­son.

Jane Howard from Brian Howard.

Amy Seel from John Seel.

Pamela Neuen­schwan­der from Robert Neuen­schwan­der.

Cathy Bergquist from Robert Bergquist.

Mat­thew Mulkey from Aleya Mulkey.

Mer­lin Cox from Pamela Cox.

Rex Smith from Col­leen Smith.

Col­leen Smith from Rex Smith.

Val­o­rie Frantz from Char­les Frantz.

Char­les Frantz from Val­o­rie Frantz.

Ray­mond Reidling from Monique Reidling.

Monique Reidling from Ray­mond Reidling.

Alan Star­key from Amber Star­key.


Dis­so­lu­tions granted

Lu­cas County

Janet Querry and James Querry.

James Pier­son and Veron­ica Pier­son.

Holly Lam­brecht and Jay­son Porter.

Carla New­ton and Kyle New­ton.

Kim­berly Tay­lor and Dean Tay­lor.

Amy Moffitt and Char­les Moffitt.

Pri­scilla Shoupe and Tim­o­thy Shoupe.

Te’Arle Spears and Chris­tina Spears.

Krystl Miller and Max Miller.

Lynn Mor­ris and Brian Mor­ris.

David Ciralsky and Lor­rie Ciralsky.

Toni Sainato and John Sainato.

Juanita Hen­der­son-King and Da­mon King.

Adri­enne Ramirez and Roger Ramirez.

Mat­thew Zim­mer­man and Amy Zim­mer­man.

Aaron Moore and Les­lie Moore.

Mark Kolod­ziej­ski, Jr. and Shan­non Kolod­ziej­ski.

Pa­tri­cia Cur­tis and Jef­frey Cur­tis.

Tina Hogan and Scott Hogan.

Kiva Stokes and Robert Stokes.

Wil­liam Stark­loff and Evonna Stark­loff.

Mar­sha Rose and Robert Rose.

Su­san Mead­ows and James Mead­ows.

Vicki Sny­der and John Sny­der.

Kim­berly Tullis and David Tullis.

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