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Daily Log

Daily log: 12-8


Flower Hospital

Amber Monroe, Toledo, boy, Dec. 3.

Wendy and Joshua Kulpa, Toledo, boy, Dec. 3.

Tracy and Christopher Casper, Toledo, girl, Dec. 4.

Latasha Lanier, Toledo, girl, Dec. 4.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Khaleelah Abdullah and Cornell Bruster, Toledo, boy, Dec. 5.

Toledo Hospital

Ilesha Jones, Toledo, boy, Nov. 15.

Erica and Thomas Miley, Toledo, girl, Dec. 5.

Sierra Jackson, Toledo, boy, Dec. 5.

Shatia Smith, Toledo, boy, Dec. 6.

Heidi and Dennis Martin, Toledo, boy, Dec. 6.

Ashley Zasada, Toledo, boy, Dec. 6.

Elizabeth Huber, Toledo, girl, Dec. 6.

Stephanie and Dane Sigworth, Toledo, girl, Dec. 6.

Alinia Christianson, Toledo, boy, Dec. 6.

Tammy and John Henderson, Perrysburg, boy, Dec. 6.

Tatum and Theodore Buckholtz, Toledo, girl, Dec. 6.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Dec. 6, 2012

Eric Baker, 24, self-employed, and Breyanna Gaytan, 20, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Benjamin Lumbrezer, 37, bartender, and Jenna Tierney, 41, server, both of Holland.

Robert Batey, Jr., 32, accountant, and Alexander Kress, 30, nurse, both of Toledo.

Bradley Chesler, 23, sales engineer, and Stephanie Bundy, 23, retail merchandiser, both of Holland.

Jeffery Bradshaw, 51, and Kim Galloway, 53, environmental services, both of Toledo.

Joshua Kraus, 25, child-care worker, of Monroe, and Amanda Carter, 23, customer-service representative, of LaSalle, Mich.



Lucas County

Allen, Daniel, 66, Broadway, cardiovascular disease.

Bader, Donna, 88, Farifax Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Clyde, Shirley, 69, North Norden Road, Oregon, subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Cook, Shawn, 27, Mayo Street, pending.

Echelbarger, Richard, 79, Price Street, coronary heart disease.

Gonzales, Epigmenio, 69, Blossman Road, Sylvania Township, pneumonia.

Gutting-George, Kathleen, 46, Mettler Street, pending.

Hill, William, 84, Grantley Road, myelogenous leukemia.

Keiser, James, 71, Park Place, Sylvania, pneumonia.

Kemp, Don, 82, Indiana Avenue, cardiovascular disease.

Kern, Jean, 86, Coppersmith Road, Sylvania, abdomen aortic aneurysm.

Laux, James, 87, Dixon Street, congestive heart failure.

Miedler, Leo, 85, Manitou Drive, Maumee, pending.

Morehart, Olive, 89, Executive Parkway, cardiovascular disease.

Nelson, Mary/Maryann/Marianne, 89, Perrysburg-Holland, Springfield Township, pending.

Sido, Elizabeth, 92, Cresthaven Lane, cerebral infarction.

Sommers, Ryan, 30, Bluffton, Ohio, anoxic encephalopathy.

Wack, Evangeline, 86, Kilburn Road, Richfield Township, cancer.

Wetzel, Richard IV, 18, Genoa, accident.


Crime reports


Lias Rutledge, threatened with handgun, assaulted, and robbed of cell phone and cash in driveway in 800 block of Thornwood.

Dante Moore, assaulted and robbed of food stamp card, child support card, and bicycle on street at Weiler and Belmont.

Lee's Monroe Beauty Supply, employees robbed of merchandise at store in 3400 block of Monroe.


Dion Arnold, TVs, laptop computer, and jewelry from residence in 1000 block of Branleigh.

Jessica Smith, cash from residence in 100 block of West Bancroft.

Habitat for Humanity, air compressor from residence in 400 block of West Gramercy.

Sharon Fench, TV from residence in 300 block of Austin.

Jasmine Witcher, TV from residence in 3300 block of Maple.

Robert Kelso, tools from garage in 600 block of National.

Ashli Gaddy and Errin Odon, laptop computers, jewelry, computer monitor, video game system with controllers, and change jar from residence in 3400 block of Gibralter Heights.

Ryan Suter and Adam Jensen, video audio, and computer equipment, clothes, and household goods from residence in 1800 block of Meadowlark.

Carole Stauffer, washer, dryer, video game system, and TV from residence in 2400 block of Tremainsville.

Thomas Davis, handgun, cash, jewelry, and safe from residence in 2500 block of Elsie.

Keith Helton, TV, video game system, and laptop computer from residence in 300 block of Dennis.

Timothy Whetzel, TV and DVD/VCR player from residence in 4600 block of Luann.

Virginia Green, furnace, water heater, stove, and refrigerator from 100 block of North Hawley.

Ronald Scheibner, sander from residence in 1000 block of Colburn.

Melanie Vancena, video game system with games and controllers from 700 block of Prouty.

Secor Woods Apartments, TV, coin washing machine, and keys from office in 6000 block of Secor.

Jessica Appenfelder, headphones, DVD movie, dolls, and alarm clock from residence in 1200 block of Sawyer.

Robert Hartwig, TV, jewelry, and coin collection from residence in 700 block of Barclay.

Angela Braun, wallet, cash, TV, video game systems, laptop computer, and bicycle from residence in 700 block of Barclay.

Sheri Doty, cash, savings bonds, and jewelry from residence in 1400 block of Bensch.

Stanley Nitkiewicz, makeup sets and perfume set from residence in 1001 Greenhills.

Arkia Boykins, check and coat from residence in 1500 block of Buckingham.

Beautiful U, flat irons from business at shopping mall in 5000 block of Monroe.

Cheryl Love, purse with debit card, checkbook, and personal documents from vehicle in 2700 block of Lagrange.

Ben Winner, TV, laptop computer, and video game system from residence in 2700 block of Alisdale.

Christian Davis, TVs, laptop computer, DVD player, and video game system with controllers from residence in 600 block of Quaker Ridge.

Renita Burton, TVs, laptop computers, video game system with game, and pairs of shoes from residence in 700 block of Burke Glen.

Laura Provo and Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership, washer, dryer, stove, and refrigerator from residence in 3100 block of North Erie.

Raymond Morris, Jr., safe and stereo receiver from residence in 1000 block of Tecumseh.

Deanna Barnett, handgun, TV, hand-held video games, safe, video game systems with games, laptop computer, jewelery, and leather coat from residence in 600 block of South.

Latasha McClellan, laptop computer, TV, DVD player, and video game system from residence in 1100 block of Palmwood.

Tommy Bryson, cup of change from residence in unit block of East Northgate.

Richard Uhinck, firearms, bicycles, and welder from residence in 400 block of Walbridge.

Michael Colbert, cash, jewelry, TV, and pairs of athletic shoes from residence in 1500 block of Colton.

Toledo Testing Center and Defender Direct, cash from business in 5700 block of Dorr.

Robert Estrich, TV from residence in 600 block of Pine Valley.


Roger Hathaway, toolbox, rare coins, electronic cigarettes, and liquid nicotine stolen from residence in 1200 block of Brookview.

Ashley Alimnious, wallet with personal papers and cash stolen from a residence in the 1400 block of South.

Alyssa Sterger, medication stolen from residence in 2100 block of North Erie.

Tamika Adams, purse, cash, checks, Social Security cards, and university debit card stolen from business in 4900 block of Monroe.

Lee Ann McDonald, purse and contents stolen from vehicle parked in 2800 block of Broadway.

Marcas Phillips, wallet and contents stolen from locker room in 2100 block of Tremainsville.

Howard Sewell, pants and wallet stolen from shelter in 100 block of 17th.

Elizabeth Bylow, wallet and contents stolen from vehicle in 2300 block of South Reynolds.

Catherine Gilmore, ID, laptop, jewelry, house keys, and cash stolen from vehicle parked in 2300 block of Walnut.

Sari Kiss, wallet and contents stolen from residence in 2100 block of Genessee.

Alan Benjamin, catalytic converter from vehicle in 5200 block of Talmadge.

Paula Cochrane, credit card, cash, cell phone, and ID card from residence in 2800 block of East Rockridge.

Kaneisha Akins, purse with cash, bank card, and personal documents from club at Airport and South Byrne.

Susan Tucker, purse with cash, bank card, and food stamp card from vehicle in 1600 block of Brownstone.

Deonna Guy-Fernandez, jewelry, camera, and personal documents from vehicle in 5700 block of Secor.

Matthew Bradley, laptop computer, instructional DVDs, bookbag, and personal papers from vehicle in 100 block of Dunderry.

Milton McIntyre, Jr., laptop computer, smart phone, power drills, and personal documents from vehicle in 4600 block of East Oakridge.

Ashley Klein, laptop computer from residence in 3100 block of Middlesex.

Brandi Walthall, wallet with cash, bank cards, and personal documents from convenience store in 3200 block of Dorr.

Bailey Phillips, bank cards, cash, and backpack with college books and graphing calculator from vehicle in 4700 block of Monroe.

Adam Miles, laptop computer, bookbag, textbooks, hand-held video games, and school supplies from vehicle in 1100 block of Joyce.

Barbara Moran, purse with cash, bank cards, store cards, gift cards, medicine prescriptions, and personal documents from vehicle in 1500 block of East. Alexis

Elaine Fox, TV from residence in 1000 block of Prouty.

Valerie Duke and Rasul Duke, personal documents and jewelry box with jewelry from residence in 1500 block of Oakwood.

Tammy McArthur, purse with cash, credit card, keys, and personal documents from vehicle in 2700 block of Broadway.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Richard Richardson III from Kelly Richardson.

Kelly Richardson from Richard Richardson III.

Sherri Kish from Michael Kish.

Calvin Harris from Lena Harris.

Mona Smith from Dwayne Smith.

Mark Cunningham from Stacy Cunningham.

LaTonya Boyd from Darryl Boyd.

Leslie Grega from Richard Grega.

Richard Grega from Leslie Grega.

Tressy Turner from John Turner.

John Turner from Tressy Turner.

Kristina Garner from Ramone Mosby.

Amy Tucker from Jason Tucker.

Phillip Skiver from Linda Skiver.

Linda Skiver from Phillip Skiver.

Shawn Booth from Christina Gardiola.

Francis Wilson form Karen Wilson.

Ishaun Frais from Climmie Payne.

Zachary Hainer from Kurstie Hainer.

Dwight Young from Lynda Young.

Lynda Young from Dwight Young.

Karen McVicker from Jeffrey McVicker.

Jeffrey McVicker from Karen McVicker.

Terri Guy from Troy Guy.

Angela Graves from Perry Graves, Jr.

Veronica Beasley from Toney Beasley.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Shelley Smith and Joey Smith, Sr.

Aarik Tucker and Kathryn Hyttenhove.

Nichole Paulsen and Barrett Paulsen.

Christina Hemmert and Paul Hemmert.

Guadalup Rosales-Gonzalez and Jose Silva-Mendez.

Mark Katko and Lillian Katko.

Candi Drouillard and Thomas Drouillard.

Greg Strausbaugh and Christine Strausbaugh.

Virginia Goodrich and William Goodrich.

Rachel Martinez and Michael Martinez.

Sara Bradley and Louis Bradley.

Thomas Whitmore II and Sherry Whitmore.

John Noll and Allison Noll.

Debra Gentry and Matthew Gentry.

Nicholas Franks and Ashley Franks.

Tiffany Hickerson and Justin Hickerson.

Angela Bellfy and Joseph Bellfy.

Jeffrey Wilson and Melissa Wilson.

Thomas Tabb and Jennifer Tabb.

Rebecca Bardwell and Michael Bardwell.

Leilani Ickes and Jeremy Davis.

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