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Daily Log

Daily log: 4/11


St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Ashley Cluckey, Curtice, Ohio, girl, April 5.

Mercy St. Vincent Hospital

Leah and James Myers, Genoa, boy, April 8.

Jennifer Parker, Toledo, girl, April 9.

Joni Brooks, Toledo, girl, April 9.

Brooke and Bradley Marzec, Bowling Green, girl, April 9.

St. Lukes Hospital

Jesse and Taylor Ras, Bowling Green, boy, April 9.

Casey and George Gravelle, Toledo, girl, April 9.

Toledo Hospital

Devin Mitchell, Toledo, boy, April 8.

Dawn and Seann Wood, Toledo, girl, April 8.

John and Marisa Cline, Grand Rapids, Ohio, girl, April 8.

Rachel and Peter Vanniel, Toledo, girl, April 8.

Lori and Mike Johnson, Perrysburg, boy, April 9.

Jamie and Anthony Stevens, Toledo, girl, April 9.

Marisol Benavides, Toledo, boy, April 9.

Marysol Khomlasaben, Toledo, boy, April 9.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

April 8, 2013

Guadalupe Rodriguez Torres, 26, roofer, and Marylou Alcala, 28, receptionist, both of Toledo.

Jason Brish, 33, carpenter, of Monroe, and Ashley Oberst, 31, of Toledo.

Michael Lewandowski, 54, retired, and Cristina Cuprys, 52, clerk, both of Toledo.

Franklin Gander, 47, mechanic, and Christina Myrice, 36, cosmotologist, both of Curtice, Ohio.

William Rahm, 38, truck driver, and April Hunter, 32, both of Oregon.

Prentiss Gray, 20, retail sales representative, and Kaitlynne Whitson, 20, both of Toledo.

Christopher Eaton, 33, manager, and Candelarie Flores, 32, registered nurse, both of Whitehouse.

Quinn Coon, 20, delivery driver, and Antoinette Oliphant, 20, dietary clerk, both of Toledo.

Brian Critch, 34, shipping, and Amy Dunham, 26, dental assistant, both of Toledo.

April 9, 2013

Nathan Abbot, 32, U.S. Air Force, and Tamara Burns, 31, insurance agent, both of Toledo.

Keith Meyer, 39, account manager, and Darci Wesenberg, 31, account clerk, both of Sylvania.

Everett Milam, 46, mechanic, and Lisa Campbell, 47, retail sales representative, both of Toledo.

Michael Leonard, 36, engineer, and Samantha Vining, 25, both of Toledo.

Jason Scott, 39, produce manager, and Rebecca Gregg, 34, restaurant manager, both of Holland.

Dean Phillips, 41, and Martha Lohmeyer, 31, both of Oregon.



Lucas County

Harpen, John, 84, Waterford Place, carcinoma of the lung.

Heaton, Michael, 64, Swanton, cirrhosis of liver.

Holt, Ledford, 81, Thayer Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Hood, Henrine, 80, Hamilton Street, debility.

Knueve, Scott, 61, Monroe, hypoxic brain injury.

LeCron, Catherine, 48, Eastfield Drive, Maumee, pending.

Lemley, James, 80, West Benalex Drive, pneumonia.

Lombardi, Maxine, 84, Fostoria, pending.

Mariea, Elmer, 81, Eaton Drive, adenocarcinoma.

McClendon, Ja’Kai, 2 hours, Nebraska Avenue, pulmonary hypoplasia.

Minarcin, Richard, 76, Rossford, multisystem organ failure.

Moon, Joseph, Sr., 68, Idaho Street, cancer.

Morgan, William III, 69, Longmeadow Drive, Holland, sepsis.

Noe, Daniel, 81, Sylvania Township, sarcomatoid mesothelioma.

Roach, Lois, 93, Marlow Road, debility.

Rose, Kenneth, 64, Port Clinton, hypoxic brain injury.

Shafer, Robert, 89, Ida, Mich., peripheral vascular disease.

Sharples, Rita, 61, Monclova Road, Swanton, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Spitler, Donna, 63, Weckerly Road, Monclova Township, alveolar hemorrhage.

Stewart, Lawrence, 72, Walbridge, hepatic coma.

Tackett, Robert, 86, Holland, cerebral ischemia.

Thomas, R.V., 56, Lincoln Avenue, pending.

Walton, Frederick, 91, Bayberry Place, Oregon, respiratory failure.

Watson, Antonio, Jr., 30, Westland Gardens, pending.

Wood, Wauneita, 92, Cresthaven Lane, accident.

Zukas, John, 69, Worden Road, Oregon, heart disease.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Greta Pettaway and Gerald Hughley, assaulted at residence in 1200 block of South Creek.

Deonta Sharp, assaulted in bar at Bennett and Dryden.

Michael Harris, assaulted in parking lot at 1st and Euclid.

Marvenna Mesley and Jamere Mesley, assaulted on street in 1200 block of Buckingham.


George Myrice, Jr., shot at, assaulted, and robbed of cash, cell phone, and keys in driveway in 400 block of Saint Louis.

Diego Guerrero, assaulted and robbed of sweatshirt and pair of athletic shoes at residence in 1200 block of Buckingham.

Vito's Pizza and Conrad Walls, Jr., assistant manager threatened with handguns and robbed of bank deposit bag with cash outside restaurant in 2100 block of Reynolds.

Daniel Kruzel and Checker Cab Co., cab driver assaulted and robbed of cash on street in 1500 block of Brooke Park.

Gabrielle Berning, assaulted on sidewalk in 500 block of Church by man trying to rob her of purse.

Brian Reed and Kyle Compton, robbed of cash and cell phone at park in 2100 block of Seaman.

Latoya Peters, assaulted and robbed of purse with cash at residence in 1500 block of Mott.

Maya McQueen, threatened with handgun and robbed of purse, wallet, cash, and personal documents on street at North Detroit and Oakwood.

Jamal Stovall, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash on front porch in 3300 block of North Detroit.

Joseph Zalewski, assaulted and robbed of cell phone at Broadway and Thayer.

Falonzo Hardiman, assaulted and robbed of cash on street in 1400 block of Yates.

Family Dollar, employee robbed of merchandise and cash drawer with cash at store in 3500 block of Dorr.


Bob Mackey, furnace copper, boiler, and copper plumbing lines from residence in 4000 block of Lyman.

Homer's Auto Parts, catalytic converters and tools from business in 4800 block of Detroit.

Debra Villolovos, Pittsburgh Steelers jersey from residence in 500 block of East Park.

Becky Campbell, jewelry with box from residence in 700 block of Leonard.

Kala Lucas, bed, mirror, and carpet cleaner from residence in 800 block of Hampton.

Talisa Hillard, video game system from residence in 700 block of Leach.

Sean Leahy, video game system with games and accessories from residence in 1800 block of Christian.

Gary Shannon, TV and DVD player from residence in 2300 block of Ward.

Diane Reynolds, central air conditioning unit, silver cups, and silverware from residence in 200 block of Licking.

William Kuyoth, copper plumbing from house in 500 block of New York.

Tracy Judy, TV, digital cameras, and video games from residence in 500 block of Oswald.

Deshawn Harwell, TV from residence in 2900 block of North Summit.

Sandra Sancrant, lawn mower and steam cleaner from residence in 300 block of Danberry.

Andrea Wright, jewelry, TVs, smart phones, video game systems with games, and clothes from residence in 1300 block of Thatcher.

Arleen Coronado, stove grates from residence in 3500 block of Elm.

John Rogers, cash from residence in 4100 block of North Haven.

Catherine Uzoigwe-Nwabuzor, jewelry box with jewelry, TV, video game system, computers, bookbag, and pair of athletic shoes from residence in 400 block of Torrington.

Howard Realty Group, exit signs, speakers, and copper wire from business in 5300 block of Dorr.

Kareem Haynes, cash, computers, and clothes from residence in 4100 block of Bennett.

Brandon Laviolette, medicine from residence in 5900 block of Fairview.

Ason's Construction Inc., copper pipes from house in 2300 block of Kemper.

Barbara Parrish, TV from 2900 block of Glanzman.

Teresa McCaster, groceries and miniature Christmas tree with lights from residence in 1400 block of Pinewood.

Essence Scott, cash, wall painting, DVD players, laptop computer, purses, bottles of perfume, bottle of liquor, and meats from residence in 800 block of North Ontario.

Kathy Colon, jewelry, gun safe, firearms, bow, TV, cell phones, and cameras from residence in 500 block of Church.

Dennis Hairabedian, crossbow, tree climbing stands, and hunting clothes from garage in 100 block of Juhasz.

Cloud Books, cash and hard drive from store in 1600 block of Woodville.

Justin Snyder, jewelry, wallet cash and debit cards, TV, video game system with games, and medicines from residence in 400 block of Walden.


Mark Buchanan, central air conditioning unit from residence in 1800 block of Freeman.

Brenda Williams, cash from residence in 500 block of Spring.

Rashieda Timpson, backpack, hand-held video game system, flash drive, MP3 player, school books, medicine, and wallet with debit cards and driver's license from vehicle in 3300 block of Secor.

Ryan Bible, tools from work van in 1400 block of East Alexis.

Theresa Pisarski, cell phones and wallet with personal documents from eatery in 1900 block of Madison.

Cara Flynn, purse with checkbook from vehicle in 2100 block of Parkside.

Russel Zahs, riding lawn mower, bicycle, and extension ladder from back yard in 2300 block of Valentine.

Benson Gustafson, speaker and amplifier from vehicle in 800 block of Southover.

Gerald Riley, laptop computer, pair of headphones, and camera with lenses from vehicle in 1900 block of Kensigton.

Courtney Woronec, debit card from residence in 4700 block of Overland.

Matthew Graden, laptop computer from vehicle at Adams and North Erie.

Veronica Wessell, costume jewelry and laptop computer with case from vehicle at Oakwood and Perth.

Gregory Kasch, Jr., iPod and clothes from vehicle in 3100 block of Markway.

Benjamin Rose, rims and tires from vehicle in 200 block of Shoreham.

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