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Daily Log

Daily Log: 9-05


Bay Park Community Hospital

Ashley Lukac, Oak Harbor, Ohio, boy, Sept. 3.

Courtney and Ryan Perlaky, Martin, Ohio, girl, Sept. 3.

Ashlee and Justin Auble, Oak Harbor, Ohio, boy, Sept. 3.


Flower Hospital

Lauren and Chad Trosin, Toledo, boy, Sept. 1.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Samantha and Keith Runion, Tiffin, girl, Aug. 31.

Brandy McGranahan, Toledo, girl, Sept. 1.


St. Luke’s Hospital

Melissa and Jonathon Ray, Toledo, boy, Sept. 4.


Toledo Hospital

Rumi and Oleg Inoue, Sylvania, girl, Aug. 30.

Jenna and Brad Bieber, Fayette, Ohio, boy, Sept. 1.

Nicole and Adam Leech, Toledo, boy, Sept. 1.

Laura and Nick Sauber, Toledo, boy, Sept. 3.

Sarah and Brent Steiner, Toledo, twin girls, Sept. 3.

Maresa and Matthew Kime, Holland, girl, Sept. 3.

Ashley and Patrick Dopieralski, Toledo, girl, Sept. 3.

Katie and Steve Leady, Graytown, Ohio, boy, Sept. 3.

Kathryn and Charles Cray, Toledo, girl, Sept. 3.

Alonna Jones, Toledo, girl, Sept. 3.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Aug. 30, 2013

Joseph Richie, 58, truck driver, and Andrea Reno aka Richie, 60, administrative secretary, both of Toledo.

Chad Meiring, 27, utility worker, and Tiffany Richardson, 25, nurse, both of Toledo.

Martin Porter, 35, and Veronica Beltran, 33, both of Toledo.

Adrian Roberts, 29, trainer, and Candice Opeil, 27, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Coleman, 28, programmer, of Oregon, and Jennifer Pfaff, 25, ecologist, of Toledo.

Jamie Williams, 43, pipe fitter, and Rachele Billian, 38, child care provider, both of Toledo.

Mark Schriefer, 27, graphic designer, and Halina LaRiccia, 27, broadcast technician, both of Toledo.

Jason Schroeder, 42, engineer, and Audrey Wildman, 40, social worker, both of Monroe.

David Pirrwitz, 33, construction worker, and Brianne Pennington, 26, both of Toledo.

Collin McMickens, 32, server/student, and Sheena Gilmer, 28, assistant property manager, both of Toledo.


Sept. 3, 2013

Christopher Boes, 33, truck driver, and Dawn Johnson, 39, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

Albert Peake, 38, self employed, and Elizabeth Poirier, 32, physical therapist, both of Toledo.

Thomas Jeffers, 23, stocker, and Chanel Bartels, 25, cashier, both of Toledo.

Bryan Rayburn, 33, emissions technician, and Rhonda Kopczynski, 37, billing specialist, both of Lambertville.

Joshua Costell, 25, student, and Rikki Glover, 24, occupational therapy assistant, both of Toledo.

Damon Foreman, 45, and Lisa Hankins, 39, both of Toledo.

Andrew Bennett, 23, and Alisha Bethel, 24, retail sales representative, both of Sylvania.

Nicholas Mohr, 29, welder, and Amy Montgomery, 27, reporter, both of Toledo.

Marvin Arnold, 46, heavy equipment operator, and Carlene Arnold, 45, housewife, both of Toledo.

Bradd Cress, 25, janitorial, and Sahara Al-Smadi, 23, waitress, both of Toledo.

Gary Martens, 50, maintenance worker, and Cynthia Vargas aka Vargas Lloyd, 48, claims representative, both of Toledo.

Kyle Connor, 22, server/front desk clerk, of Hot Springs, Ark., and Ashley Carlton, 21, nanny, of Temperance.

Nathan Nietrzeba, 26, manager, of Maumee, and Brittany Mason, 22, waitress, of Sylvania.

Caleb Medley, 24, chemist, and Gretchen Kline, customer service representative, both of Sylvania.



Lucas County

Baltosser, Jon, 77, Archbold, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Barry, Simon, 75, Angola Road, carcinoma.

Bollett, Philip, 73, Mayo Street, respiratory failure.

Chorba, Ernest, 80, Genoa, congestive heart failure.

Christiansen, Audrey, 79, Kipling Drive, Holland, metabolic encephalopathy.

Cordell, William, 65, Martin, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Cowell, Evelyn, 93, Valleywood Drive, septic shock.

Gardner, William, 66, Curtice, Ohio, heart failure.

Harris, Frances, 78, Genoa, lymphoma.

Jones, John, 58, Harvest Lane, renal disease.

King, Helen, 88, Erie, Mich., uterine carcinoma.

Kuntz, Vivian, 91, Eastvale Avenue, Oregon, septic shock.

Linden, Loretta 95, Holland-Sylvania Road, adenocarcinoma.

Love, Clara, 96, Sun Valley Boulevard, Sylvania, Aalzheimer’s disease.

Miller, Claire, 37 minutes, Temperance, prematurity.

Miller, Hudson, 25 minutes, Temperance, prematurity.

Miller, Oliver, 54 minutes, Temperance, prematurity.

McCray, Paul, 61, Broadway Street, adenocarcinoma.

Noward, Betty, 87, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, accident.

Orovitz, Mary, 96, Temperance, dementia.

Pritchett, Millie, 93, Joffre Avenue, vascular dementia.

Pakulski, Joseph, 85, Suzanne Drive, Parkinson’s disease.

Plassman, Otis, 83, Wauseon, lymphoma.

Quintanilla, Refugio, 65, Perrysburg, coronary artery disease.

Rochelle, Gertrude, 88, Harvest Lane, Alzheimer’s disease.

Shaffer, Roland, Jr., Abbey Run, Sylvania, respiratory failure.

Shieb, Carole, 72, Temperance, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Simpson, Carol, 73, Otterbein Way, Monclova Township, Parkinson’s disease.

Smeal, Alice, 89, South Stadium Road, Oregon, atherosclerosis.

Soldinger, Roslyn, 97, Otterbein Way, Monclova Township, adult failure to thrive.

Taylor, Wyoza, 88, Lincoln Avenue, renal disease.

Tober, William, 72, Stanhope Drive, adenocarcinoma.

Vollmer, Ruth, 88, Darlington Road, dementia.

Wilson, Maria, 84, Western Avenue, respiratory failure.

Zdrojewski, Peggy, 57, Lakeshore Drive, pending.


Crime reports

Felonious assault

Deshawn Coleman, wounded by gunfire in 1700 block of Macomber.



Alexander Faulkner, cell phone, cash, ring, and bank card by suspect in 1200 block of Blum; police arrested suspect.

Evelyn Braswell, blank money orders, purse, cash, and personal papers by assailant on bicycle in 1200 block of Dorr.

Moses Kimble, cash by man who assaulted him in 2200 block of Upton.

Walmart, two BB pistols by two of three juveniles; one perpetrator held for police arrest in 2900 block of Glendale.

Kyle Beckwith, cut on left arm by one of three assailants who sought to rob him in alley near 600 block of Blair.

John Burrell, struck on head with baseball bat during failed attempt in 1400 block of Cherry.

Mark Meyers, bicycle and cell phone by three males in 3200 block of Chase.



Michelle Lever, purse, wallet, cell phone, cash, and bank cards from vehicle in 3000 block of West Sylvania.

Victor Campbell, gold chain and prescription-strength pain relievers from residence in 200 block of 21st.

Alana Bergman, refrigerator, gas stove, and washer and dryer from residence in 3200 block of Parkwood.

Daniel Malecki, gold chain necklaces, cash, and onyx ring in 4000 block of Garden Estates.

Judy Wells, check for reimbursement of expenses from county auditor's office overdue in mail to her residence in 3300 block of Douglas.

Wayne Miller, unauthorized person acquired information to open PayPal account; notices trying to collect on charges coming to residence on 108th Street.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Steven Lee from Kimberly Lee.

Kelly Haney from Gary Haney.

Gary Haney from Kelly Haney.

Crystal Garcia from Edward Garcia.

Nicole Siek from Jason Siek.

Richard Keaton from Tracey Keaton.

Lori Hill from Joseph Hill III.

Bradley Strong from Jennifer Strong.

India Claytor from Clarence Claytor, Jr.

Stephanie Rubertiello from Duane Rubertiello.

Stacie Waller from David Waller, Sr.

Joyce Borrero from Carlos Borrero.

Kelly Westray from Arron Westray.

Katie Talbert from Troy Talbert.

Amy Stiles from Richard Michalkiewicz.

Crystal Brockman from Keith Brockman.

Byron Rutland, Sr. from Tanisha Rutland.

Paula King from Christopher King.

Julie Tabbert from Christopher Tabbert.

Bernadine Kregulka from Todd Kregulka.

Todd Kregulka from Bernadine Kregulka.

Thomas Gibney from Kimberly Gibney.

Kimberly Gibney from Thomas Gibney.

Diane Blue from Robert Blue.

Franklin Rardin III from Katherine Rardin.

Katherine Rardin from Franklin Rardin III.

Amber Tagle from James Tagle.

James Jackson II from Alina Jackson.

Patricia Martin from George Martin.

Amy Kulwicki from Patrick Styszko.

Rebecca Martinez from Jose Martinez.

Terrie Schropp from Alaeddin Alnatour.

Tammy Grace from Darnell Grace.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Tracey Malik and Kevin Malik.

Melinda Grant and Robert Grant.

Melissa Mason and Mark Mason.

Christy Golis and Donald Golis.

Renee Wielinski and Robert Wielinski.

Evelyn Moore and William Moore, Jr.

Converse Keefer, Jr. and Kathy Keefer.

Denton Parson and Angela Parson.

Justin Lange and Danielle Lange.

Renee Black and Robert Black.

Rachele Koehler and Dennis Koehler.

Jane Wilcox and Gregory Wilcox.

Joseph Dennis, Jr. and Ann Dennis.

Pamela Curtis and David Curtis.

Dayman Posey and Mallory Posey.

Charles Conner, Jr. and Julie Conner.

Lauren Tipton and William Tipton.

Cynthia Humphrey and Neil Humphrey.

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