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Daily Log

Daily Log: 5-01


ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Lauren and Nathaniel Montgomery, Port Clinton, girl, April 29.


ProMedica Flower Hospital

Tracy and David Payne, Sylvania, girl, April 27.

Kazia Kramer, Ottawa Lake, Mich., boy, April 28.


ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Tiffany and Christopher Eck, Sylvania, boy, April 30.


ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Kyatta and Chris Commons, Toledo, girl and boy, April 11.

Kendra and Patrick Ashman, Toledo, girl, April 26.

Latasia Lane, Toledo, girl, April 27.

Airiana Woodard, Toledo, girl, April 28.

Kameisha Snyder, Toledo, girl, April 28.

Amal El Daibani and Ali Badi, Toledo, girl and boy, April 28.

Christine and Gabriel Rogers, Toledo, girl, April 29.

Shavania Cotton, Toledo, boy, April 29.

Kelly Hinckley, Toledo, boy, April 29.

Dawn Vickers and Calixtro Guerra, Toledo, girl, April 29.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

April 29, 2014

Andrew Haack, 22, groundskeeper, and Marcleana Zizelman, 22, nurse, both of Toledo.

Rick Gray, 55, banker, of Sylvania, and Mary Newland, 49, engineer, of Toledo.

Timothy Merren, 35, railroad conductor, of Toledo, and Casey Bacon, 33, autoworker, of Holland.

Matthew Dauterman, 28, paramedic, and Camila DaSilva, 24, pharmacy technician, both of Swanton.

Ali McVay, 35, production, and Kelly Knapp, 27, nurse, both of Lambertville.

Gregory Kramp, 30, pharmacist, of Maumee, and Renata Burgett, 30, information technology, of Toledo.

Freeman Woodson, 51, pressman, and Lisa Washington, 46, press operator, both of Toledo.

William Wilkes, 43, business owner, and Marissa Rains, 27, both of Toledo.

Jose Saavedra-Jimenez, 24, roofer, and Danielle Elliott, 26, both of Toledo.

Nolan Foster, 21, student, of Maumee, and Julia Kohler, 20, student, of Waterville.

George Hogan, Jr., 55, boilermaker, and Beth Dilucia, 44, both of Toledo.

Timothy Dunkle, 35, student, and Veronica Campbell, 28, accountant, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Alwood, Bruce, 56, Carrington Street, pending investigation.

Carque, Fred, 91, Monclova Road, Maumee, congestive heart failure.

Bursa, Dominic, 88, Tiffin, congestive heart failure.

Bush, Andrew, Jr., 53, Brigham Street, carcinoma.

Bush, Dorothy, 54, North Erie Street, diabetes.

Crum, Ronald, 67, Tiffin, cancer.

Cumming, Nancy, 80, Westway Street, carcinoma.

Dellinger, John, 81, Janelynn Drive, Whitehouse, cancer.

Fitch, Judith, 74, East Beverly Hills Drive, glioblastoma.

Gabard, Mary, 59, Nancy, Ky., sepsis.

Grabowski, Thaddius, 67, Overland Parkway, suicide.

Heywood, Dolores, 86, Dean Avenue, cancer.

Lemke, Clayton, 77, Genoa, Ohio, cancer.

Main, Nancy, 79, South Avenue, hypertensive heart disease.

McLean, John aka Jack, 91, Robinwood Avenue, respiratory failure.

Meyer, William, 65, Napoleon, cerebrovascular accidents.

Millard, Terry, 63, Morenci, Mich., pending investigation.

Munger, Eileen, 57, Dorr Street, Holland, cancer.

Perlaky, Eleanor, 86, North Reach Drive, Oregon, cancer.

Powell, Sylvester, 73, Vance Street, cerebrovascular accident.

Rathbun, Thomas, 81, Clyde, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Sweeney, Hettie, 76, Consaul Street, congestive heart failure.

Tucholski, Jane, 92, South Avenue, Alzheimer’s disease.

Ulrich, Michael, Sr., 62, Algonquin Parkway, heart disease.

Vasko, Beverly, 61, Scottwood Avenue, glioblastoma.

Wenzlick, Gertrude, 94, Manore Road, Whitehouse, coronary artery disease.

Wieczorek, Theodore, 75, Apple Meadow Drive, Sylvania, diabetes.

Wickerham, Joseph, 59, Tiffin, myocardial infarction..


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

RaShaud Williams-Johnson, Jajuan Johnson, and Desiree Williams, assaulted on street in 500 block of Palmwood.

Louis Barton, shot on street in 200 block of 13th.

Adella Braylock, assaulted on street at Dorr and Bell.



William Paulun, threatened with handgun on street in 700 block of Balfe by man trying to rob him of cash.

Joni Smith, assaulted and robbed of cash on street at Main and Starr.

Jacob Coutcher, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash at West Central and Fulton.



Ignacio Perez, wallet, cash, bank card, and driver's license from residence in 4000 block of Eastway.

Wilson Builders Inc., tools from construction site in 5900 block of Benore.

Thomas Rogers, backpacks and bows with arrows from residence in 3500 block of Robin.

Monroe Jones, jewelry, video-game system, and laptop computer from residence in 300 block of Kosciusko.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Nicole Overhulse from Matthew Overhulse.

Matthew Overhulse from Nicole Overhulse.

Jessica Goodrich from Cameron Goodrich.

Cheryl Ford from Christopher Ford.

Sharita Stubblefield from Darryl Stubblefield.

Deborah Willis from Lawrence Willis.

Lovell Diggins, Jr. from Reba Diggins.

Brenda Garabrandt from David Garabrandt.

Ronald Howell from Sandy Sherrick.

Denise Baldwin from Akbar Muhammad.

Jeremy Strong from Jennifer Ruiz.

Lee Heckel, III from Heather Heckel.

Thomas Kicinski from Cheryl Jacobs.

Linda Ramallo from Hugo Ramallo.

Sophia Thompson-Cobbler from Anthony Cobbler.

Penny Teneyck from Heffrey Teneyck.

Janet Flynn from James Flynn, Sr.

Bonnie Risner from Donald Risner.

Kevin Carter from Angel Carter.

Ruth Bertram from Loya Bertram, Sr.

Bonnie Risner from Donald Risner.

Kevin Carter from Angel Carter.

Ruth Bertram from Loya Bertram, Sr.

Nichole Morris from Thomas Morris, Jr.

Perry James from Michelle James.

Lourie Roosevelt from Gregory Roosevelt.

Debra Bolton from Robert Bolton.

Angela Swanson from Benjamin Swanson.

Lisa Hemming from John Hemming.

John Hemming from Lisa Hemming.

Archie Wilson from Julie Wilson.

Ashley Gould from Richard Gould, Jr.

Michael Conway from Cecilia Conway.

Cecilia Conway from Michael Conway.

Patricia Feichter from Michael Feichter.

John Emenegger from Cassie Emenegger.

Cassie Emenegger from John Emenegger.

Michele Dixon from Cory Dixon.

Cheryl Leonard from Richard Leonard.

Richard Leonard from Cheryl Leonard.

Chad Cartwright from Cindy Cartwright.

Cindy Cartwright from Chad Cartwright.

Joseph Toeppe from Christina Toeppe.

Crystal Buckenmeyer from Michael Buckenmeyer.

Roger Harris from Charlene Dyer.

Kayla Israel from Jaron Israel.

Adam Holguin from Lisa Holguin.

Kevin Garrison from Lucille Garrison.

Brad Marsh from Sandra Marsh.

Helen Lemley from James Lemley.

Thomas Palka from Lorraine Palka.

Amy Aldaco from Francisco Aldaco.

Kristin Ridel from Matthew Ridel.

Kimberly Ruhl from David Ruhl.

Joseph Palencsar, Jr. from Gloria Palencsar.

Tammy Leonard from Mark Leonard.

Christy Waterfield from Richard Lukasik.

Richard Lukasik from Christy Waterfield.

Ashley Gafeney from Carlyle Gafeney, Jr.

Michael Moront from Susan Moront.

Susan Moront from Michael Moront.

Jean Delauter from Garry Delauter.

Garry Delauter from Jean Delauter.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Angela Spoerl and Paul Spoerl.

Deborah House and David House, Sr.

Daniel Richardson and Mary Clemons-Richardson.

Adrian Davison and Robert Davison.

Michael Sosbe and Angela Sosbe.

Jonathan Reynolds and Rachel Reynolds.

Rebekah Launder and Dan Launder.

Kifah Khanafer and Salwa Khanafer.

Jamie Chidiobi and Martins Chidiobi.

Paul Glonek, Jr. and April Glonek.

Emily White and Donald White.

Cynthia Smith and Shannon Smith.

Justin Bright and Janice Bright.

Stefanie Bias and Robert Bias.

Scott Miller and Annie Miller.

Michael Burnett and Carol Burnett.

Elizabeth Irwin and Rodney Irwin.

Kevin Kish and Megan Kish.

Angela Smith and Marvin Smith, Sr.

Kelly Byram and Michael Byram.

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