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Daily Log

Daily Log: 5-13


Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Stephanie Keaton, Geona, girl, May 9.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Ebonie and Richard Jackson, Springfield Township, boy, May 7.

Emily and Zachary Robarge, Sylvania, boy, May 9.

Carnisha Everage, Toledo, girl, May 12.

ProMedica Flower Hospital

MaryKay and Andy Inkrott, Bowling Green, girl, May 8.

Jennifer and Steve Liebnau, Waterville, girl, May 9.

Katrina Knight, Toledo, girl, May 10.

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Deadra and Danny Carpenter, Bowling Green, boy, May 10.

Frances Franklin, Weston, Ohio, girl, May 11.

Jennifer and Matthew Grubaugh, Liberty Center, Ohio, girl, May 12.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Michelle Crawford, Toledo, boy, May 1.

Tiarra Ali, Toledo, boy, May 8.

Lindsey and Jesse Steele, Monroe, boy, May 8.

Laura and Tim Barton, II, Toledo, boy, May 11.

Andrea and Ryan Hieber, Perrysburg, boy, May 11.

Brittany and Greg Becker, Swanton, boy, May 11.

Courtney and Milton Barber, Holland, girl, May 12.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

May 9, 2014

Alex Hale, 26, lawyer, and Rachel Hanke, 25, bank manger, both of Toledo.

Stacey Hawkins, 42, factory worker, and Dawn Hunt, 37, head cashier, both of Toledo.

Shaun Arend, 28, and Jessica Robbins, 26, both of Toledo.

Jewia Russell, 26, student, and Catherine Greenway, 40, CAT interviewer, both of Toledo.

Salvador Lerma, 36, security officer, of Toledo, Jennifer Skaff, 33, greeter, of Curtice, Ohio.

Samuel Mezinko, 23, purchasing agent, and Abbey Janowiecki, 23, teacher, both of Toledo.

Jared Black, 28, self-employed, and Andrea Puderbaugh, 26, chiropractic assistant, both of Toledo.

William Neill, 41, truck driver, and Jennifer Kujawa, 33, paraprofessional, both of Toledo.

Russell Waite, Jr., 32, and Camille Merritt, 29, both of Toledo.

Mark Heilman, 29, machinist, Petersburg, Mich., and Ashley Obarski, 27, occupational therapist, of Toledo.

Adam Pickle, 25, supervisor, and Cherilyn VonMaluski, 25, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Cody Neill, 22, machinist, and Danielle Jovanovic, 21, dental assistant, both of Maumee.


Lucas County

Bortolotti, Tracy, 57, Adella Road, pending.

Cooney, Frederick, 75, Burgoon, Ohio, renal disease.

Devine, Allan, 67, Rocky Water Court, Sylvania, cancer.

Downard, Viola, 93, North Holland Sylvania Road, Sylvania, congestive heart failure.

Floriana, Jean, 71, LaFountain Drive, Curtice, heart disease.

Frewen, Ellen, 82, Old Pine Lane, Maumee, cerebral vascular accident.

Gibson, Nancy, 74, Naomi Drive, congestive heart failure.

Hill, Patricia, 89, Otterbein Way, Monclova, liver failure.

Isch, John, 81, Weston Street, aspiration pneumonia.

Jacob, Lucille, 98, Cherrywood Lane, dementia.

Keeler, Paul, Sr., 81, Maplewood Drive, Sylvania, Parkinson’s disease.

LaPountney, William, 78, Perrysburg, carcinoma.

Madden, Shirley, 66, Kimball Avenue, cancer.

Majors, Stephen, 82, Seaman Street, Oregon, glioblastoma.

Matuszak, David, 67, Regina Parkway, carcinoma.

Metzger, Joseph, 50, North Stone Mill Road, Sylvania, cancer.

Myers, Ruth, 80, Bristol Court, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Orosz, Andrew, 87, South Wynn Road, Oregon, brain tumor.

Secor, Richard, 89, Whitehall Road, carcinoma.

Shepherd, Benjamin, 27, Norwalk, Ohio, pending.

Vargas, David, Jr., 36, Moffat Road, pending.

Walker, Laura, 44, Kingford Drive, cancer.

Warner, Richard, 69, Centennial Road, Sylvania, coronary artery disease.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Petrocell Richardson, shot at in parking lot in 1500 block of West Laskey.

Deontae Brown, shot on street in 1700 block of Macomber.



Janette Burks, robbed of purse with medicines and personal documents at apartment building in 4400 block of Airport.

David Nowlin, assaulted and robbed of wallet with cash at Butler and Earl.



Marilyn Cubbedge, coin collection, knives collection, watch, bank card, and store card from residence in 4400 block of Bromley.

Cody Battjes, television and video-game system with controllers from residence in 500 block of Mulberry.

AT&T, copper wire rolls from fenced area in 100 block of Telstar.

Riverfront Apartments, cash from office in 200 block of North Summit.

Cassandra Beltran, laptop computer from residence in 2800 block of Eldora.

Sandra Putman, copper plumbing pipes from residence in 2500 block of Grantwood.

Christopher Munday, rims and tires from yard in 6300 block of Zelpha.

Claytor Leonard, laptop computer and smart phone from residence in unit block of Arklow.

Desiree Thompson, television and clothes from residence in 600 block of Spring.

Charles Powell, video game system and DVDs from residence in 300 block of Graham.

Metal Management Ohio Inc., computers from business in 2500 block of Hill.

Mary Wicks, furnace and DVD player from residence in 1100 block of Monterey.

Joey Rankin, bicycle from garage in 2400 block of West Central.

Derrick Smith, 4-month-old white and brown “pit bull”-type dog, jewelry, video-game system, clothes, and medicine from residence in 2100 block of Aberdeen.

Israel Pecina, cash, laptop computer and televisions from residence in 100 block of Essex.

Michael Pettit, furnace and water heater from residence in 1100 block of Monterey.

Stacy Owensby, televisions from residence in 1200 block of Woodville.

Karen Hoy, cash, jewelry, television, video game system, and iPod from residence in 500 block of Euclid.

Judy Stacey, laptop computer from residence in 2000 block of Delence.

Jason Schnabel, designer sunglasses, cologne, and leaf blower from residence in 2100 block of Rivard.

Patricia Maluchnik, gas stove, washing machine, and air conditioner from residence in 3700 block of Burton.

Lily Houle, televisions, surround sound systems, computers, and video game systems with games from residence in 600 block of Forsythe.

Passion Kynard, cash, jewelry, televisions, video game systems with games and controllers, car stereo amplifier, and pair of shoes from residence in 1400 block of Oakwood.

Lashonda Fell, televisions and car CD player-TV combos from residence in 600 block of Dorr.



Wael Hageali, smart phones from vehicle in 5000 block of Monroe.

Melvin Mappe III, bank card, store card, and driver's license from vehicle in 1300 block of West Bancroft.

Marcus Gaines Jr., stereo/​navigation system combo, equalizer, amplifiers, and kickers from vehicle in 3400 block of Gibraltar Heights.

Olivia Burns, bicycle from residence in 1700 block of Adams.

Timothy Borkowski, medicine from residence in 5600 block of Planet.

Dae Park, laptop computer and hard drive from vehicle in 3200 block of Markway.

Anastasia Mainz, medicine from residence in 200 block of Sunset.

Lori Hill, medicines from residence in 400 block of North Holland Sylvania.

Thomas Kristie, handguns with accessories from residence in 2200 block of Midlawn.

Andre Turner, cash, bank card, keys, and clothes from residence in 500 block of Hackett.

Lisa Butler, purse with cash, bank card, and driver's license from residence in 3700 block of West Sylvania.

Jack Hall, prepaid debit card from residence in 4100 block of North Lockwood.

Delanoe Harmond, food-stamp cards and video-game system from residence in 2700 block of Glenwood.

Bing-Chang Li, bag with cash and bank cards from vehicle in 1500 block of Creekwood.

Nicole Paschall, bank cards and personal documents from residence in 1400 block of Brookview.

Carlita Hayes, cash, handgun, and car radio from vehicle in 400 block of Platt.

Nicholas Bryant, car stereo system and credit card from vehicle in 1100 block of Treetop.

A.H. Ross Corp., lawn mower from residence in 8800 block of Woodrow.

Prescilla Brown-Hutchens, jewelry and briefcase from vehicle in 4600 block of Heatherdowns.

Linda Young, purse with cash, bank card, child-support card, gift card, personal documents and papers, and reading glasses from vehicle in 4600 block of Heatherdowns.

Troy Mayery, laptop computers from vehicle in 2300 block of Whitechapel.

John Smith, handgun with ammunition from residence in 4000 block of Crary.

Roger Cloer, shotgun from garage in 5100 block of Prestler.

Jennifer Schupp, bank cards, store cards, and driver's license from residence in 1800 block of South.

Daronda Lear, purse with wallet, credit cards, medicines, driver's license, and personal papers from vehicle at Dorr and Hawley.

Jason Arnold, laptop computer with case, cash, checkbooks, credit cards, jewelry, pocket knife, an designer sunglasses from vehicle in 2800 block of Provincetowne.

Juanita Price, purse with wallet, credit cards, cell phone, and personal documents from vehicle in 2200 block of Nebraska.

Brittany Ray, purse with cash, debit card, paycheck, and health insurance card from vehicle at Douglas and West Sylvania.

Siang Xu, smart phone, school books, and wallet with credit cards and personal documents from vehicle in 2200 block of University Hills.

Christina Menzies-Cooper, purse with with debit cards, jewelry, digital camera, designer sunglasses, medicines, and personal documents and papers from vehicle in 3300 block of Glenwood.

Patricia Vance, purse with debit card and credit card from vehicle in 5300 block of Dorr.

Alicia Gilbert, binoculars and car DVD system from vehicle in 1800 block of Harlan.

Raymond Worley, Jr., medicines, cell phone, and wallet with cash and personal documents from residence at Spencer and Western.

Marjorie Plath, prepaid cards from residence in 3000 block of Glencairn.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Christopher Robinson from Danielle Bernal.

Melisa Ball from David Ball.

Jamia Johnson from Clarence Johnson II.

Angela Whitmore from David Whitmore.

Leticia Hilario from Leopoldo Hilario.

Reginald McFarland from Tina Frieson.

Michelle Staup from Michael Staup, Jr.

Shakima Roe from Danny Merriweather, Jr.

Brittany Lanz from Leanne Lanz.

LaToya Robinson from Otis Law, Jr.

Richard Glesser from Denise Glesser.

Phillip James from Larrisa James.

Linda Arman from Perry Arman.

Kristy Veselich from Thomas Veselich.

Thomas Veselich from Kristy Veselich.

Sara Koepfler from Chad Koepfler.

Pamela Tanner from Steven Tanner.

Steven Tanner from Pamela Tanner.

Anthony Ybarra from Ashley Ybarra.

George English from Michele English.

Michele English from George English.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Kathryn Clifton and Russell Clifton, Jr.

Dalia Underwood and Loren Underwood, Jr.

Vanessa Austin and Brandon Warren.

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