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Daily Log

Daily Log: 6-10


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Janette and Erwin Tamesis, Holland, boy, June 7.

ProMedica Flower Hospital

Julie and Andrew Bussdieker, Toledo, girl, June 3.

Allison McLaughlin, Toledo, boy, June 4.

Sarah and Michael Iceman, Whitehouse, boy, June 4.

Sara Sharp, Toledo, boy, June 5.

Jodie Kwiatkowski, Toledo, boy, June 6.

Lina Mohamed El and Habach Moughrabi, Sylvania, boy, June 6.

Antonia Castro, Toledo, girl, June 6.

Sophia and Adamlee Hamilton Santero, Sylvania, boy, June 7.

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Mina and Joe Lopez, Perrysburg, boy, June 8.

Kallie Martin, Toledo, girl, June 9.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Saidat Saka and Olufemi Ibrahim, Toledo, boy, May 23.

Jodi and Brian Vogt, Waterville, girl, May 24.

Amber Tallent, Toledo, boy, June 7.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 6, 2014

Tyler Chochard, 23, Army, and Tianna Adair, 21, nurse’s assistant, both of Toledo.

Zachary Weimer, 30, sales, and Madisen Stachowiak, 26, accountant, both of Toledo.

Zachary Dietrich, 22, student, and Xue Ding, 27, research analyst, both of Toledo.

Mark Bihn, 28, utility, of Oregon, and Angela Campbell, 29, teacher, of Curtice.

Colin Kriegel, 24, team leader, and Emily Shellabarger, 23, teacher, both of Toledo.

Michael Williams, 33, peer support specialist, of Dearborn, Mich., and Amy Kerekgyartom, 37, nurse, of Toledo.

Joshua Young, 24, business owner, of Whitehouse, and Kimberly Alvarenga, 22, personal assistant, of Choloma, Cortes, Honduras.

Lawrence Adams, 37, factory technician, of Curtice, and Angel Rose, 36, server, of Toledo.

Steven Wurster, 26, factory worker, and Kellie Davis, 28, sonographer, both of Toledo.

Christopher Weemes, 29, warehouse manager, Heather Wulff, 26, social worker, both of Toledo.

Chad Johnson, 43, EKG technician, of Toledo, and Marcia Patton, 42, nurse, of Lambertville, Mich.

Darnell Edwards, 22, factory worker, and Karrin Fonseca-Johnson, 24, both of Adrian.

Michael Trotter, 38, self-employed, of Monroe, Mich., and Mechelle Hawkins, 37, SSA, of Newport, Mich.

Arthur Smith, Jr., 34, forklift operator, and LaTausha Scott, 34, nurse, both of Toledo.

Coreon Snow-Veley, 28, detailer, and Keisha McCoy, 28, cosmetologist, both of Toledo.

Thomas Miller, 62, retired, and Sharleen Clark, 59, quality inspector, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Saunders, 27, data analyst, and Laura Cottle, 28, customer service representative, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Aeschliman, Waldo, 79, Archbold, Ohio, accident.

Amison, James, Sr., 67, Pinewood Avenue, pending.

Armstrong, Mark, 56, Fairhaven Drive, carcinoma.

Bartlett, Wilhelmina, 52, Rollins Road, pending.

Bloom, Jesse, 81, Williston, Ohio, pneumonia.

Burkhart, Viola, 86, Fostoria, congestive heart failure.

Burrell, Donna, 58, Ranch Drive, cancer.

Cundiff, Patricia, 72, East Plumer Street, respiratory failure.

Davis, Duane, 63, East Woodside Terrace, Holland, pulmonary fibrosis.

Gowing, Jerome, 58, Napoleon, coronary artery disease.

Gurzynski, Richard, 82, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, Parkinson’s disease.

Hakius, William, 84, Tremainsville Road, carcinoma.

Hall, Donna, 88, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, heart disease.

Harrison, Charles, 62, Grimes Golden Drive, respiratory distress.

Henderson, Mollie, 58, Elm Street, pending.

Hoffman, Joan, 83, Temperance, carcinoma.

Huebner, Virginia, 86, Brook Cliffe Road, pulmonary fibrosis.

Jasinski, M. Rosamond, 81, Convent Bpulevard, Sylvania, coronary artery disease.

Johnson, Angela, 87, Bayberry Place, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Johnson, Mary, 67, Belmont Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Keier, Linda, 66, Prouty Avenue, heart disease.

Leonard, Janice, 73, North River Road, Waterville, cancer.

Lutzke, Mary, 94, Bellevue Road, advanced dementia.

May, Warren, 81, Almon Avenue, vascular dementia.

Miller, Jack, 81, Blue Mirage Drive, Sylvania, cancer.

Moore, Dawn, 44, Hamilton Street, coronary artery disease.

Muehlfeld, Larry, 75, Bryan, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Niehousmyer, Myron, 87, East Pembridge Drive, dementia.

Noble, Sheymarr, 22, Charlotte, N.C., homicide.

Ort, Geraldine, 87, 146th Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Payne, Delbert, 64, Roseanna Drive, respiratory failure.

Poddany, Mary, 85, Burger Street, sepsis.

Proshek, Jean, 70, Mott Avenue, cancer.

Rathke, David, 72, Fredericksburg Drive, South, Sylvania, carcinoma.

Scheer, Ruth, 97, Cheshire Woods Road, aspiration pneumonia.

Simmer, Robert, Jr., 15, South Avenue, duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Taylor, Ernest, 77, Northwood, respiratory failure.

Thornton, James, 77, Plum Hollow Point, Holland, malignant thymoma.

Venzke, Phyllis, 83, Rogers Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Bair, Juliana, 77, Temperance, atherosclerotic vascular disease.

Batchman, Robert, Jr., 76, Bayshore Road, Oregon, pending investigation.

Baumer, Trois, 92, Wauseon, dementia.

Bostleman, Fred, 92, Wolf Ridge Drive, Holland, failure to thrive.

Brown, Joshua, 23, White Pine Court, Sylvania, pending investigation.

Brown, Wilbert, Sr., 85, Belmont Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Buck, William, 68, Lincoln Green Street, Holland, hypertensive heart disease.

Cumpston, Thomas, 69, Temperance, respiratory failure.

Day, Ronald, 84, Fostoria, renal disease.

Dean, Raydene, 82, Wayne, Ohio, hypotension.

Diaz, Kathleen, 67, Satin Leaf Drive, dementia.

Domaika aka Dyer, Conner, 1 day, Cridersville, Ohio, accident.

Graham, Velma, 83, Parkcliffe Lane, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Groves, Victor, 51, Spring Street, cardiomyopathy.

Gustwiller, Bernard, 63, Brindley Road, Swanton, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Hendricks, Raymond, 92, Gypsum, Ohio, emphysema.

Hixson, Charles, Sr., 79, Berdan Avenue, ventricular fibrillation.

Hollie, Carole, 87, Joffre Avenue, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Horton, Helen, 77, Austin Street, cerebral vascular accident.

Kollarits, Francis, 75, Ramm Road, Whitehouse, Parkinson’s disease.

Lieb, David, 58, Huron, Ohio, acute myocardial infarction.

Lyons, Joseph, 92, West Central Avenue, malnutrition.

Mohler, Jerry, 66, Delta, Ohio, pneumonia.

Monroe, Christopher, 37, Swanton, pending investigation.

Monto, Joseph, II, 79, South Avenue, intervascular coagulopathy.

Mossing, Mary, 79, Swanton, cancer.

Murdock, Tammy, 45, McCord Road, liver failure.

Neff, Edward, Jr., 79, Genoa, Ohio, coronary artery disease.

O’Connell, Kay, 74, Pleasant Hill Road, Maumee, carcinoma.

Peluso, Nancy, 58, Pheasant Hollow Drive, chronic respiratory disease.

Przybysz, Thomas, 30, 283rd Street, homicide.

Retzloff, Irma, 76, Hiett Avenue, pending investigation.

Rivers, Sandra, 66, East Broadway, congestive heart failure.

Rizo, Juan, Sr., 94, Taylor Road, Oregon, encephalopathy.

Rose, Richard, 77, Harschel Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Ross, Danny, 66, Ottawa Lake, Mich., coronary artery disease.

Rybarczyk, Marie aka Mary, 94, Monroe Street, failure to thrive.

Saul, Eldon, 78, Liberty Center, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Schatzinger, Sue, 63, Tiffin, possible hemorrhagic stroke.

Schumann, Robert, Sr., 71, Lewis Avenue, left cerebral infarction.

Sims, Linda, 56, South Avenue, pending investigation.

Slaughterbeck, Constance, 62, Strathmoor Avenue, heart disease.

Taylor, Roberta, 78, South St. Clair Street, brain stem herniation.

Thompson, Mary, 69, Dustin Road, Oregon, heart disease.

Walczak, Richard, 64, Merle Street, anoxic brain injury.

Warner, Terry, 72, Erie, Mich., adenocarcinoma.

Wenzlaff, Robert, 49, California Boulevard, suicide.

Whittaker, Sabrina, 51, Monroe Street, septic shock.

Wieck, Frank, Jr., 100, Cresthaven Lane, accident.

Wilson, Johanna, 37, Oak Street, pending investigation.

Coroner’s rulings

Lucas County

Carmelo Amenta, 92, of Oregon, April 11, at Mercy St. Charles Hospital. Accidental, arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease; deceased fell at home.

Tysan Baldridge, 25, of Willard, Ohio, March 3, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Floyd Bell, 63, of Toledo, May 2, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, massive craniocerebral injuries; deceased fell down stairs.

Christie Bertoldo, 57, of Toledo, April 8, at home. Accidental, methadone toxicity.

Daniel Biffl, 20, of Toledo, March 11, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

David Bobb, 37, of Toledo, March 14, at home. Accidental, combined ethanol and drug toxicity.

Theresa Brazzel, 18, of Toledo, March 9, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Accidental, atlanto occipital disarticulation sustained from auto accident.

Joyce Bridges, 61, of Toledo, March 1, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Dylan Daly, 21, of Northwood, Feb. 16, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, anoxic encephalopathy; probable drug intoxication.

Patrice Davis, 31, of Toledo, March 6, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Mary Ehmke, 88, of Oregon, March 28, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, blunt head trauma; deceased fell on treadmill.

Jesse Ellison, 29, of Toledo, March 28, at home. morphine (metabolite of heroin) toxicity.

Uriah Esterline, 38, of Toledo, April 21, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Stacy Evanoff, 27, of Toledo, at Mercy St. Charles Hospital. Accidental, combined drug intoxication (morphine and other).

Michelle Fall, 44, of Springfield Township, Feb. 24, at home. Accidental, acute combined drug intoxication.

David Frank, 57, of Toledo, April 19, at home. Accidental, cocaine toxicity.

Joseph Glanville, 47, of Sylvania, April 3, at home. Suicide, hanging; deceased hanged himself.

Robert Globig, 86, of Toledo, Dec. 3, at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. Suicide, self-inflicted gunshot wound to head.

James Hightower, 61, of Toledo, March 26, at home. Accidental, blunt-force trauma to head and neck; combined ethanol and drug intoxication; deceased fell in driveway.

John Johnson, Jr., 50, of Toledo, March 5, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Edwin Koepp, 96, of Maumee, May 13, at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. Accidental, complications of blunt-force injuries sustained from auto accident.

Jamie Kurisco, 50, of Toledo, April 15, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Anthony Lacourse, 38, of Toledo, March 29, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity, primarily heroin.

Robert Miller, 72, of Britton, Mich., Nov. 12, at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. Accidental, blunt-force trauma to torso; deceased had unwitnessed fall at home.

Moises Pachoco, 42, of Toledo, March 14, at home. Accidental, fentanyl toxicity.

Barbara Partin, 56, of Toledo, March 14, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Thomas Ralph, 60, of Sandusky, June 4, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Suicide, self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

James Reid, 43, of Monroe, May 5, at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. complications of choking on food.

Thomas Richardson, 43, of Toledo, March 9, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Gladwyn Richardson, 34, of Oregon, May 2, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, massive craniocerebral injuries sustained from auto accident.

Beau Saylor, 32, of Toledo, April 20, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Christopher Schlegal, 19, of Toledo, Feb. 28, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, morphine toxicity.

Gary Snoderly, 55, of Toledo, Feb. 12, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Angela Steinfurth, 39, of Toledo, April 15, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Sharon Thompson, 36, of Toledo, March 17, at home. Accidental, combined ethanol and drug toxicity.

Charlas Waller, 48, of Findlay, April 28, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, blunt-force injuries to the abdomen from auto accident.

Jeffrey Wernert, 44, of Toledo, Feb. 1, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Frank Wieck, 100, of Sylvania, May 25, at Hospice of Northwest Ohio. Accidental, acute bronchopneumonia; deceased fell from chair.

Lylah Wilson, 5 months, of Defiance, Jan. 26, at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. Homicide, complications of blunt-force trauma to head.

Robert Wood, 55, of Toledo, March 14, at home. Suicide, self-inflicted shotgun wound to head.

Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Anthony Hunt, Gwendolyn Hunt, and Jonai Hunt, assaulted on street at Berdan and Haverhill.

Garrett Ellis, Jr., shot outside apartment building in 1000 block of Sisson.

Steven Sheckler, assaulted at business in unit block of East Sylvania.

Jewellian Barnes, assaulted at residence in unit block of City Park.


Tierea Villolovos, assaulted and robbed of cash, cell phone, identification card, and keys at bar in 1500 block of West Laskey.

Brandi Smith, assaulted, threatened with knife, and robbed of bicycle on street at Collingwood and West Bancroft.

Eastgate Carry Out, clerk threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from register and money bags at convenience store in 1800 block of Eastgate.

Krystal Young, robbed of cash on street at North Huron and Locust.


JB Goodwin, television, video game system, cell phone, knife collection, and lawn maintenance equipment from residence in 900 block of North Ontario.

Regan Conley, car stereo equipment and lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 200 block of East Oakland.

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