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The truth about Cyprus

Although I am pleased that you have drawn attention to the important issue of Cyprus, your May 1 editorial "Cyprus' divided hopes" is factually flawed in numerous ways.

The editorial incorrectly refers to "Greek Cyprus," as well as to the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus," an entity declared illegal by the United Nations Security Council and recognized only by Turkey. There is only one internationally recognized state and government on the island: the Republic of Cyprus.

Moreover, your editorial fails to mention that the division of Cyprus and its people is the result of the 1974 illegal Turkish invasion and subsequent occupation of more than one third of the island.

You correctly point out that Turkey is a sponsor of the Turkish Cypriot community, given its control over the occupied area. The claim, however, that Greece sponsors the Greek Cypriot community is factually incorrect. Cyprus is an independent and sovereign country.

Perhaps most egregious is your allegation that Cyprus was admitted to the European Union because the "EU caved in" to Greek demands. Cyprus met the accession criteria and joined as an equal member state in 2004.You fail to mention that despite Turkey's occupation and nonrecognition of the Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus has supported Turkey's membership ambitions.

However, Turkey must end its occupation and meet its obligations towards Cyprus and consequently the EU, which it has so far refused to do. Turkey will be evaluated on the implementation of its obligations and the values and principles on which the EU is founded: rule of law, democracy, and human rights.

Andreas S. Kakouris

Ambassador of

the Republic of Cyprus

to the United States


Blade sports columnist Dave Hackenberg's brilliant tribute to his very best friend brought water to my eyes and had me searching through old photo albums for pictures of my two departed Shetland sheepdogs ("Fond farewell to this man's very best friend," May 2).

Mr. Hackenberg's prose stirred dormant feelings that only a dog lover can fully understand. I have owned several felines too. They'll do in a pinch, but unlike dogs, who come eagerly when you call, cats merely take a message and get back to you at their convenience.

Ken Rosenbaum

Leicester Road

How sad that Christians would leave their denomination because it is too tolerant ("Maumee church votes to quit denomination; Recognition of same-sex unions at issue," April 28).

Jesus brought a message of love, brotherhood, tolerance, forgiveness, and unity. What does the Bible quote Jesus as saying about homosexuality? Nothing.

When Moses came down the mountain with God's Top 10 list, homosexuality wasn't mentioned. How did it get to be the number one fear of the Christian right?

Jesus Christ would never have turned away anyone who was gay. If Christians are his followers, how can they?

Terry Crandell


The writer of the May 1 letter "Atheism exhibits moral superiority" thinks atheists are moral and that religion is the cause of the world's bloodshed.

Atheists abide by no moral code, especially attributed to a supreme being. They do not expectconsequences for their actions in an afterlife. Without the definition of sin, how can an atheist determine right from wrong, except in a person's own opinion?

Because the writer cannot remember atheists "slaughtering" Christians, he should bereminded thatmost of the world's deadly conflicts have been at the hands of atheist dictators. Mao killed and imprisoned thousandsofChristians. Soviet communistsdid the same in the bloc nations for generations.

Hitler was the opposite of a Christian in that he was involved in the occult for his hatred of Jews.

I guess if the writer tells his lies often enough, he thinks people will believe them.

Tom Carlson


The letter writer must never have heard of Marxism, Leninism, or communism.

The Soviet Union, Red China, Vietnam, Fidel Castro's Cuba, North Korea, and the former Eastern European Communist countries killed millions of their own citizens, many simply for being religious. Some Christians are still imprisoned for their beliefs in China.

Did the letter writer study history? Did he pass or fail? I would bet he failed.

James Moriarty


Under atheist Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany slaughtered 6 million Jews and many Christians. Joseph Stalin, an atheist, closed churches in the Soviet Union and was responsible for the slaughter of at least 20 million of his countrymen, including Christians and Jews. In Cambodia, Pol Pot, an atheist, slaughtered 2 million of his countrymen.

Atheist Mao Zedong made religion illegal in Communist China and slaughtered 10 million of his countrymen, includingBuddhistsin Tibet.The atheist regime in China still imprisons and slaughters people of all faiths. The Dalai Lama is still in exile.

The God-is-dead 20th century was the bloodiest century in history because, in large part, of atheist dictators.

Christians know that all of humanity has the potential for such behavior. The capacity of mankind for all sorts of evil is one of the most empirically verifiable claims of Christianity.None of us is morally superior - we are all morally deficient.

W.I. Strieter


When it comes to texting while driving, I have only one word to describe it:asinine ("Texting drivers give ban a thumbs down," April 27).

When you are driving, your attention should be on the road and any hazards that could cause an accident. Is it really worth risking life or limb to send a text message?

University of Toledo students who text and drive may be book smart, but they lack common sense.

Janet Fox

Eastway Street

I was dumbstruck as I watched an episode of Oprah Winfrey's show listening to all the stories about young people talking or texting on cell phones while driving.

How many people have been killed because of their actions? Why do parents allow their children to have cell phones? They are a distraction not only in the car, but in the classroom too.

It is sad that the art of writing and the art of conversation are both lost because all people have to do now is send a text message.

Welcome to our future.

Lynda Urbaniak


I thank The Blade for your sponsorship of the U.S. Army Field Band and Soldiers' Chorus that performed at John F. Savage Arena on April 30.

It was an incredible evening of music. A talented young group entertained us.The place was packed.

There were some emotional moments, and many proud ones.

If these kids are the future of our country, we are in good hands.

Sam Macera


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