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Published: Tuesday, 5/1/2012 - Updated: 3 years ago

Byrnedale team is #1 in Blade stock contest

Risk and swagger turned the tide for Yngmny portfolio

The seventh grade team from Byrnedale Elementary School in Toledo, that won the Blade's annual Student Stock Contest,  talks about how they picked their winning portfolio of stocks.  Team members from left are Emma Hansen, Marissa Hagen, Vanessa Skouroukos (back),  Emily Bettinger (with hand on stock page in Blade), Julie Bratton, Madison Huffman, and Kelsey Tiell. Not present for photo was Marisela Ruiz. The seventh grade team from Byrnedale Elementary School in Toledo, that won the Blade's annual Student Stock Contest, talks about how they picked their winning portfolio of stocks. Team members from left are Emma Hansen, Marissa Hagen, Vanessa Skouroukos (back), Emily Bettinger (with hand on stock page in Blade), Julie Bratton, Madison Huffman, and Kelsey Tiell. Not present for photo was Marisela Ruiz.

Taking first place in The Blade's School Stock Contest came down to two things for Yngmny: risk and swagger.

The eight seventh-grade girls at Toledo's Byrnedale Elementary aptly named their team for Young Money Entertainment, a record label founded by rapper Lil Wayne. They took an edgy approach to managing their portfolio — initially choosing Apple Inc., Aeropostale Inc., Priceline.com Inc., and McDonald's Corp. — and dumped McDonald's for Amazon.com Inc. when the company wasn't performing.

That move was a major factor in the team's rise to the top during the 12-week event. Each team started the contest with a hypothetical $40,000, and Yngmny finished with $52,868.18, up from $48,532.31 the week before, when the team was in third place.

"It was nerve-racking," said Emily Bettinger, a 12-year-old on the team.

Amazon's first-quarter earnings released Friday caused the company's stock price to soar 16 percent in one day — to $226.85 a share from $195.99. For the week, Yngmny's portfolio rose 8.93 percent.

Last week's first-place team, BOOM from Bowling Green High School, had a very respectable 2.74 percent rise in its portfolio for the week, but it wasn't enough, and BOOM finished second with $50,429.06.

BOOM's portfolio contained Pentair Inc., Apple, Terra Nitrogen Co. LP, and Ross Stores Inc.

Bunched around desks at Byrnedale on Monday, the giddy group of preteens and teenagers didn't look like stereotypical financial wizards, with their bright polo shirts and tricked-out sneakers. But the girls beat out 152 other teams from northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. And their portfolio's 32 percent improvement over 12 weeks would thrill any investor.

"This was new for us, and I didn't think we would win," said Marissa Hagen, a 13-year-old on the team.

All entrants' hypothetical $40,000 was split evenly among four stocks at the beginning of the contest. The students were allowed to swap stocks once, on March 16.

The dramatic change in the rankings week to week was a first for the contest, said Matthew Faltys, vice president of Fifth Third Bank of Northwest Ohio, a contest co-sponsor. "I was shocked," he said.

"I was very happy for the Byrnedale team — they went out and won it. It was impressive to see them up almost 9 percent in the last week. I'm glad they won it as opposed to another team losing it. "I don't recall having that kind of a contest finish in the past."

Yngmny will receive $250 for the students and $250 for Byrnedale. BOOM will receive $250 for the Bowling Green High, and raid5, the third-place team, will receive $100 for Arbor Hills Junior High School in Sylvania. The prizes can be cash or gift certificates.

Portfolios of 99 of the 153 teams increased in value during the 12-week contest.

The contest also is sponsored by The Blade's Newspaper in Education program and the University of Toledo, which calculates the results.

Beth Huffman, who teaches the math class that Yngmny is a part of, said this is the first year she's taken part in the contest and she plans to open it to the entire school for the 2013 competition.

"What a way to start. We can only go down from here," she said, adding that the odds of winning in the first year were definitely stacked against the team.

Contact Kris Turner at: kturner@theblade.com or 419-724-6103.

Final standings for the 2012 Blade School Stock Contest, with team name, school, and portfolio value:

1. Yngmny, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $52,868.18.

2. BOOM, Bowling Green High, $50,429.06.

3. raid5, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $49,455.12.

4. Stocker, St. Pius X, Toledo, $49,368.96.

5. Gop1, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $47,758.25.

6. BIG, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $47,628.70.

7. THEGAME, Springfield High, Holland, $47,499.97.

8. Bobcat, Bowling Green High, $47,480.73.

9. Bop1, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $46,958.61.

10. Unknown, Whitmer High, Toledo, $46,795.14.

11. OUTLAWZ, Springfield High, Holland, $46,355.13.

12. Bankbro, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $46,061.71.

13. Scott03, Scott High, Toledo, $46,038.51.

14. 0Cool, Bowsher High, Toledo, $45,982.89.

15. AFitch, Bowling Green High, $45,972.18.

16. Titan, Bowling Green High, $45,946.39.

17. NikeElf, Whitmer High, Toledo, $45,773.42.

18. Buzkill, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $45,747.11.

19. GTL, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $45,602.57.

20. Wbuffet, Northview High, Sylvania, $45,570.75.

21. Trojans, Whitmer High, Toledo, $45,501.97.

22. JNBGHS, Bowling Green High, $45,469.44.

23. BABKAT, Whitmer High, Toledo, $45,426.25.

24. MOOM, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $45,398.25.

25. Scott02, Scott High, Toledo, $45,233.05.

26. Aces, Whitmer High, Toledo, $45,103.10.

27. MuniBag, Fallen Timbers Middle, Whitehouse, $45,043.83.

28. ARO2NEE, Christ the King, Toledo, $44,921.31.

29. Scott01, Scott High, Toledo, $44,843.46.

30. gr8apes, Park Elementary, Swanton, $44,651.46.

31. A Team, St. John the Baptist, Toledo, $44,620.37.

32. WHTHINS, Springfield High, Holland, $44,482.44.

33. YOLO, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $44,383.75.

34. KINO, Park Elementary, Swanton, $44,330.20.

35. SAVAGE, Springfield High, Holland, $44,316.87.

36. Brokers, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $44,314.17.

37. AWAYNE, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $44,201.38.

38. portals, Christ the King, Toledo, $44,184.05.

39. bramrod, Bowling Green High, $44,115.56.

40. 2BSkinE, Whitmer High, Toledo, $44,086.70.

41. JUMPMAN, Whitmer High, Toledo, $43,972.41.

42. Leco, Bowling Green High, $43,896.17.

43. HTGRF, Bowling Green High, $43,835.42.

44. swagger, St. John the Baptist, Toledo, $43,834.38.

45. Cashflo, Bowsher High, Toledo, $43,809.31.

46. TeAm_24, St. Rose, Perrysburg, $43,721.18.

47. tontos, Bowling Green High, $43,680.73.

48. snorks, Maritime Academy of Toledo, Toledo, $43,656.00.

49. Teamwow, St. John the Baptist, Toledo, $43,621.39.

50. 4daWin, Whitmer High, Toledo, $43,607.90.

51. STOXRUS, Pike Delta York Middle, Delta, $43,603.36.

52. YMCMB, Christ the King, Toledo, $43,543.56.

53. COWBELL, Springfield High, Holland, $43,527.17.

54. khakbow, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $43,386.19.

55. JB, Bowling Green High, $43,300.82.

56. Jedis, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $43,281.66.

57. SupaHot, St. Rose, Perrysburg, $43,153.50.

58. Austin, Bowling Green High, $43,096.82.

59. aquagod, Maritime Academy of Toledo, Toledo, $43,076.44.

60. Que, Perrysburg Jr., Perrysburg, $42,938.37.

61. Goteam, Bowling Green High, $42,814.35.

62. TREE, Bowling Green High, $42,772.30.

63. 2GOOD4U, Perrysburg Jr., Perrysburg, $42,751.07.

64. Gradeup, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $42,580.94.

65. YEAH4X, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $42,539.64.

66. eatdirt, Bowling Green High, $42,416.14.

67. BGHS72, Bowling Green High, $42,390.66.

68. Number1, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $42,292.83.

69. MINA, Bowling Green High, $42,250.98.

70. CashDog, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $42,185.39.

71. ABADOJI, Springfield High, Holland, $42,074.00.

72. Furples, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $42,059.23.

73. StackZ, Bowsher High, Toledo, $42,003.10.

74. NVstock, Northview High, Sylvania, $41,946.61.

75. Gr8Kiwi, Park Elementary, Swanton, $41,877.49.

76. Corndog, St. John the Baptist, Toledo, $41,870.64.

77. Lexicon, Northview High, Sylvania, $41,830.31.

78. Timmy, Bowling Green High, $41,775.58.

79. Zazzers, Hicksville Elementary, Hicksville, $41,773.19.

80. Team BG, Bowling Green High, $41,748.13.

81. THEFBI, Springfield High, Holland, $41,700.18.

82. cashflw, Northview High, Sylvania, $41,690.54.

83. WHITM3R, Whitmer High, Toledo, $41,674.96.

84. LRMDKI3, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $41,583.94.

85. toocute, Whitmer High, Toledo, $41,482.18.

86. WAFFLES, Bowling Green High, $41,478.71.

87. Twebeks, Hicksville Middle, Hicksville, $41,244.83.

88. Dragons, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $41,237.49.

89. Dninjas, Rossford Jr., Rossford, $41,133.62.

90. longsh, Bowling Green High, $41,100.97.

91. ZACKOPS, Bowling Green Christian Academy, Bowling Green, $41,028.22.

92. JHN316, Bowling Green High, $40,832.91.

93. cobras, Christ the King, Toledo, $40,708.34.

94. seasick, Maritime Academy of Toledo, Toledo, $40,639.01.

95. stoklyf, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $40,609.77.

96. Ramrod, Bowling Green High, $40,411.16.

97. IAM3RD, Holy Trinity, Swanton, $40,145.26.

98. Smartys, Park Elementary, Swanton, $40,102.75.

99. MSkill, Bowling Green High, $40,070.45.

100. BACE, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $39,950.79.

101. Purple, Holy Trinity, Swanton, $39,708.83.

102. stiltz, St. Rose, Perrysburg, $39,672.22.

103. NasdaqU, Fallen Timbers Middle, Whitehouse, $39,607.16.

104. smlykat, Bowling Green High, $39,564.56.

105. BADMEAT, Rossford Jr., Rossford, $39,531.74.

106. Cash-os, Northview High, Sylvania, $39,436.94.

107. Steph3, Bowling Green High, $39,370.49.

108. BLASE, St. Rose, Perrysburg, $39,355.03.

109. Wercool, Hicksville Middle, Hicksville, $39,252.60.

110. TBJMLM, St. Rose, Perrysburg, $39,220.42.

111. Lucky, Bowling Green High, $39,202.06.

112. Pecunia, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $39,028.06.

113. Burt, Bowling Green High, $38,942.30.

114. Dr Dan, St. Rose, Perrysburg, $38,936.84.

115. Dinero, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $38,906.79.

116. EDGEh20, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $38,710.49.

117. Goham, Bowling Green High, $38,668.23.

118. Depo, Bowling Green High, $38,507.24.

119. CAT, Bowling Green High, $38,461.25.

120. dino, Bowling Green High, $38,344.07.

121. STACKS, Bowling Green High, $38,280.19.

122. LampLuv, St. Rose, Perrysburg, $38,190.79.

123. SeaGang, Maritime Academy of Toledo, Toledo, $38,160.58.

124. C&L SE, Bowling Green High, $38,130.93.

125. FBGM, Bowling Green High, $38,002.07.

126. Team KB, Bowling Green High, $37,835.41.

127. Fisher, Bowling Green High, $37,759.15.

128. Sparkle, St. Pius X, Toledo, $37,678.15.

129. x3litex, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $37,569.58.

130. UMAdBR0, Springfield High, Holland, $37,448.21.

131. EAGLES, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $37,321.99.

132. Winners, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $37,254.73.

133. CSNJ, Bowling Green High, $37,121.31.

134. stockrs, St. Rose, Perrysburg, $37,092.13.

135. ChChing, Fallen Timbers Middle, Whitehouse, $37,062.86.

136. Watcher, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $36,909.34.

137. Twander, Whitmer High, Toledo, $36,876.08.

138. AWJHCFL, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $36,659.71.

139. Bohunks, Rossford Jr., Rossford, $36,486.86.

140. MaNeJu, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $36,206.39.

141. Jinx, Rossford Jr., Rossford, $36,064.63.

142. OFWG, Springfield High, Holland, $35,768.80.

143. Irish3, Bowling Green High, $35,743.57.

144. Warcats, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $35,675.66.

145. Scott04, Scott High, Toledo, $35,538.78.

146. DUBP, Bowling Green High, $35,248.56.

147. MCtoM, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $35,102.71.

148. Ticotbl, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $34,909.33.

149. PJHSROX, Perrysburg Jr., Perrysburg, $34,841.94.

150. HotMess, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $34,501.97.

151. LDiablo, Edgewater Elementary, Toledo, $34,294.22.

152. onaboat, Maritime Academy of Toledo, Toledo, $32,307.82.

153. sfscash, St. Francis de Sales, Toledo, $32,115.04.

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