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It's not about me or you: Defending the iCulture

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"Why, why, why?" I wondered, did I stupidly (again) allow myself to wander into the comments section of a story about the upcoming release of the Verizon iPhone.

I knew what to expect from most of those who commented, and I was proven correct with their generous helping of iBashing.

Only "sheep" like iPhones and iOS devices.

"iPhones are for iClones." Smart people go with Android.

My favorite rebuff of an iDevice was, "I don't want to be another iDouche." That crude condemnation of millions iPhone users was from a PR rep I know in Detroit. She has a Droid Incredible, in case you're wondering.

I'm now less than two weeks away from getting my Verizon iPhone and I'm already defending my decision. But I shouldn't have to.

I prefer iOS devices to their Android counterparts. At least, so far; Android is getting better all the time. I'm also a Mac guy, though I'm just as happy on my Windows 7 computer at work.

And before you inaccurately label me a Steve Jobs fanboy, I don't get off on telling people Apple Inc. is the greatest technology company we've ever known -- in part because it's not true. Also, that's not how I work (or is it, roll?).

iOS is more user-friendly. I like that. While I'm fairly tech savvy and am not afraid to dig around an OS to manipulate it to what I want it to be by hacking/modding/jailbreaking/rooting or whatever, I haven't really felt the need to do that with most of my Apple products. I like the way they run and am content to, as The Dude would say, abide.

And so what if millions think the way I do? Does that make us wrong or guillible or stupid or sheep? Nope. It's just a show of preference when it comes to technology. Really, it's the same type of devotion Droid fans/users have for Google's Android.

Yes, the iPhone can be jailbroken and Droid phones rooted, which allows a user to almost wholly customize his phone. That doesn't interest me. I don't buy a new car so that I can tear it apart to make it work more like I want it to. That's why I take my time to find that car that best serves my needs, not one I'm going to lament buying because it's missing most of the features I want. That's why I'm sticking with in an iPhone. So baaaaaaaaa!

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