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Lagrange festivals get better every year

I'm not sure of the point in a recent Readers' Forum letter, but having spent all of my life in north Toledo I can tell you that, to me, about the only thing more Polish than polkas and pierogi is kielbasa. How in the world can that be an insult to anyone of Polish descent?

The Lagrange Street Polish Festival and the St. Hedwig's parish festival get better every year. I am grateful to the countless number of people who volunteer and help to make this such an enjoyable event not only for me and my family, but for all of the visitors from other Toledo neighborhoods and across northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

And, as a neighborhood resident, I am truly appreciative of the changes taking place on Lagrange Street: new street lights and street signs, the bricks in the sidewalks, and those beautiful brick walls with the Polish International Village logo. It makes me want to spend time and some of my hard-earned dollars there. I commend the Lagrange Development Corp. for all it does for us.


East Manhattan Boulevard


After reading your July 17 article on the Edison Steam Plant parking plan, I was shocked and dismayed to find that Deborah Younger, the city's acting development director, said the city favors putting in an asphalt parting lot where the Federal Building was. Rather than recover and enhance our waterfront parks system by using this unique location to put in a two-tier lot, the city wants to add more unsightly black top to a downtown already peppered with parking lots.

I understand the economics of $1.3 million versus $7.9 million but if it isn't done right the first time, by preserving the view and enhancing the use with a plaza and parking lot, the city will be left with acres of additional black top with no other use.

If we truly want to bring families downtown, attract visitors, and continue to beautify and use our waterfront, the city can't be shortsighted here.

Summit Street is becoming a beautiful area. I hope the city doesn't give up beauty and the long-term enjoyment of many for the short-term parking for a few. Commercial enterprises come and go; a park will last forever. When considering the many decades of enjoyment and the beauty added by a plaza/parking combination, the added expense is more than justified.




A recent Forum contributor made reference to “Bob Barr crawling out from under his rock to try to trash the reputation of another Democrat,” specifically Gary Condit. This was under the heading of “Nastiness and hypocrisy.” It strikes me that unless the letter writer happens also to be living under the aforementioned rock, he is surely aware that Gary Condit hardly needs Bob Barr to trash his reputation. Quite the opposite.

When it comes to “trashing” one's political, personal, and future reputation, Mr. Condit has no peer! I can never remember a case of an overactive libido so thoroughly bringing a promising future to an end.

I consider myself a Republican, but Bob Barr also irritates me. He's a self-righteous, pontificating boor.

I feel compelled to point out however, that Bob Barr is hardly representative of all or even the majority of Republicans. At least this is my experience. I also am an NRA member and try as I might I can't seem to recall “nastiness and hypocrisy” ever being cornerstones of NRA or Republican philosophy.

The earlier letter writer has an obvious and possibly justifiable dislike for Bob Barr and because of this he has lumped all who belong to his party or are affiliated with an organization Mr. Barr is associated with into the same category. That is to say “nasty and hypocritical.”

This is generalization at its worst. History has shown that every time we generalize, regarding specific groups, races, and creeds, we invariably err. To see true hypocrisy, just look at the actions of Gary Condit. He was one of the few Democrats to call for Bill Clinton to “come clean” and stated that Mr. Clinton's dalliances were inexcusable. Hmmm. I hope that wasn't nasty.




I agree with your July 18 editorial that granting China the 2008 Olympics was a drastic mistake. China's oppressive rule and history of despotic leadership are good reasons to disallow them from holding the games in 2008. I cannot understand the justification for holding the games in a nation set on repressing the voice and will of its people. The Olympics are supposed to represent something noble and just; this will clearly be lacking in 2008.

However, the decision has been made. The United States now has two options for 2008: Boycott the games or use them as an outlet for spreading the message of democracy and freedom. I believe we should choose the latter. Just as Jesse Owens did to Hitler in 1936, we have the opportunity in 2008 to demonstrate the ignorance of the host country's government.

The American athletes should use the Olympics as a stage to promote a sovereign Taiwan and a free Tibet. We must not allow the Chinese to promote their propaganda and hatred. Instead we can use this opportunity to further the cause of freedom and liberty.


Raleigh Drive


Kudos to City Councilman Robert McCloskey!

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a hearing of the city of Toledo Board of Zoning Appeals. Two Toledo businessmen had applied for a waiver to rebuild and expand their business in south Toledo. The board wanted to defer the application for 30 days to gather more information before taking a vote.

Councilman McCloskey, however, took the podium and explained to the board the importance of encouraging businesses to rebuild and expand in Toledo, and that unnecessary delays could discourage needed development. Fortunately, Mr. McCloskey was very familiar with the business activities that were going on in his district and could easily articulate a good reason for the board not to delay the hearing.

As a result, the board heard the application that same day. Mr. McCloskey was under no obligation to attend the hearing, but did so to promote business growth in his district and properly represent his constituents.

I do not live or vote in Mr. McCloskey's district, but when an elected official puts forth an extra effort, he deserves to be recognized.


Lisa Lane


As the allegations that President Bush stole the 2000 presidential election go tiresomely on, I have to wonder if the same people who waste so much time and energy on this nonsense even remember that their hero, Bill Clinton, failed to win a popular majority in either 1992 (43.3 percent of the vote) or 1996 (49.17 percent).

Mr. Clinton claimed that his huge non-majority in 1992 gave him a mandate from the American people. The claims made by Democrats about last year's election are just as ludicrous.


Grand Rapids


It seems like overnight, red-light cameras popped up everywhere, slapping fines left and right to make the city a quick dollar.

While many question the validity of the cameras or even their benefit to the city, I have a great proposal. How about fines being directed to compensate for poor Toledo roads? Every $75 ticket would directly go to a road repair fund. Heck, I may even run a couple for fun just to speed up the process. Every time I would see the flash I would say, “That's just $75 less in car repairs.”



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