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Left must purge itself of hatred of America

Listen carefully to those voices coming from the political left which blame America for the evil that has killed thousands of innocents. A university professor calls the American flag “a symbol of terrorism and death and fear and oppression.” A writer says our flag stands for “jingoism and vengeance.”

These champions of moral relativity allow ideology to blind them to truth. A contributor to the Readers' Forum writes: “There is no right or wrong in this chaos.”


This nation was founded on moral absolutes. God gives us unalienable rights, which this nation must preserve and protect, not take away. Although regretful acts have been committed in the name of America, we always strive to do what is right and to extend to all people God's most precious gift: freedom. America is, as Lincoln said, mankind's last, best hope.

Why does the world hate America? Tyrants teach their people to hate us, for through such ignorance they retain power. Why does the American left hate America? Pride and power: after all, they know better than we do. Indeed, they know better than God Himself.

When Jerry Falwell blamed liberals for the attacks of Sept. 11, Republicans as well as Democrats criticized him. He apologized. When Ellen Goodman subsequently compared the religious right to the Taliban, there was rejoicing, not criticism, by the left, and no apology. The Taliban murders and oppresses. Mr. Falwell tries to call us, however insensitively, to repentance to save our souls. Quite a difference.

Democrats should purge this hatred of America from the party of FDR and JFK. Rebuke those who wage war on our families and our churches. Reject those who use schools and universities to subvert the truth. Better yet, fire them. Then take back your party and restore its honor.




Is there anyone out there with a good recipe for crow? I think I am going to be required to eat some. I was never favorably impressed with George W. Bush when he was running for his present office and was not bashful about saying so, but the man we see now is an altogether different person.

He has not only displayed leadership qualities but an amazing ability to surround himself with cabinet members and advisers who have the tact and statesmanship to garner cooperation from countries around the world. Of course it is in their best interest to cooperate and follow his lead, but that does not always sway others to do the right thing.

It appears that once again America has produced the right man at the right time for a difficult job. Let us hope and pray that he can in fact lead us down the road to eliminating the hatred that motivates the terrorists. I agree with Linda Bowles and her comments of Oct. 11. If God is good enough in times of strife for us to invoke His blessings, He should be good enough to watch over our children while in school. Perhaps we can overcome this idea that we only need Him when the chips are down.

Our government starts each session of Congress with a prayer for divine guidance; why not our children? And I hope no one gives me that old bunk about separation of church and state.

Prayer in school does not establish a religion, it only reinforces the one that you have. If the atheists and agnostics are offended by my prayers, too bad. I, too, am offended by their intolerance of my beliefs and the right to freedom of expression.


Crestwood Road


I encourage you to join me in voting for Issue 4, the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ADAS) levy.

The ADAS board, through its 18 affiliated agencies, provides alcohol and other drug prevention, intervention, and treatment services. Annually, these services provide treatment to more than 5,000 county residents, and prevention and education to more than 85,000 residents.

Demand for such services has always exceeded the ADAS board's financial resources. This situation will continue; the board lost $210,000 in funding from Ohio's budget for the year 2002. And there is currently no county levy dedicated solely to alcohol and drug addiction prevention, intervention, and treatment.

Issue 4, if passed, would generate $3.8 million in new dollars for the ADAS system. More than 50 percent of the money raised by the levy would directly benefit children and their mothers. And research shows that every $1 invested in treatment results in $7 of savings in criminal justice costs. Add health care and workplace savings into the equation and that number increases to $12.

This levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home $15.32 per year.

In my opinion, that's a very small price to pay for such an important community need. I urge you to join me in voting for Issue 4.



Harbor Behavioral Healthcare

Secor Road


I graduated from the University of Toledo with a master's degree from the College of Education, in the Counselor Education Program. My experience has been that everyone associated with the Counselor Education Program has been a positive force in helping me achieve my professional goals. The professors, visiting professors, advisers, support staff, and clinic coordinator were experienced and professional. The excellent quality of their instruction became obvious when I entered my chosen profession. More important, everyone associated with the department showed a genuine caring for the students.

This positive experience was not limited to the counseling department. On one occasion, I was unable to get to the bookstore because of conflicts with work hours. When I contacted the office of the vice president for student affairs, he took it upon himself to solve my dilemma. That individual went to the bookstore, purchased the books for me, and brought them to me at my internship site. I think that says volumes about the people at UT and their genuine caring for the welfare and education of their students.

It is important for the people of this community to hear both sides of the story. I urge other graduates of UT to support their university.




I've heard a low whine beginning to emerge from a few recent letters to the editor, as well as by a few talking heads on the news channels. They say America deserved the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. They say America deserved to have 5,000 innocents killed, and 10,000 more wounded. They say it's our own fault.

I would like to ask this group: Does the rape victim cause her attacker to strike because she dresses provocatively? Does she invite a rape because she flaunts her successes, or likes to have a good time?

This same whining minority opinion group would certainly answer to the negative. But yet they say that Lady Liberty invited her rapists to violate her. America the Beautiful was raped. And while she did absolutely nothing to invite it, she can and should do everything in her power to make sure it never happens again.




I love reading The Blade online. The Oct. 17 article titled, “Political rivals join forces to endorse Kest,” brought a smile to my face. Some things never change.

Although Jim Brennan and I did not always see eye to eye, he is still at the top of my list as one of the wisest political minds I know. The horrific events of Sept. 11 added new meaning to something he said to me many years ago as he chewed on his cigar. “The federal government should protect our borders, deliver my mail, and get off my back.”

Tragically, we all now know what happens when the federal government becomes so entangled in every issue imaginable and loses sight of its number one responsibility - the protection of its citizens.


Scottsdale, Ariz.

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