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Duffey was good call for Democrats

As a Democratic Party central committeeman, I must respond to your Jan. 7 editorial "Bad call for the Democrats."

After being nominated, Dennis Duffey said he became interim county treasurer to protect the wages, benefits, and pensions of those in the treasurer's office. He also reasoned, and correctly so, that just because Ray Kest acted in foolhardy fashion, doesn't mean the rest of the office staff did as well. As Mr. Duffey logically stated: These are hard-working people and should not be considered guilty by association.

I'll go on record as being one of the 119,000 voters who elected Wade Kapszukiewicz. Everyone who voted for Wade, or Betty Shultz for that matter, knew, or should have known, that the term commences in September, not January, of 2005. (Perhaps this should be changed, but that's another matter.)

I have no doubt that Mr. Kapszukiewicz will be an excellent treasurer for Lucas County. And who knows what the future will hold for this enthusiastic young man.

As for Mr. Duffey, there's a great deal to be said for someone who sticks his neck out for the sake of working people. Unlike some, that's what a good labor leader is supposed to do.

The people employed in the treasurer's office certainly had a reasonable expectation of employment until the term ended.

But because political offices inherently have ebbs and tides, it would be foolish for these folks to have that same expectation in future terms. It's the nature of the beast.

Meanwhile, under Mr. Duffey's tutelage, I'm confident the treasurer's office will continue to balance to the penny on a daily basis. And as a bonus, the Old Newsboys will inherit a good chunk of change. Even The Blade couldn't complain about that.

James M. Szczerbiak


I live on the road that divides Fulton and Lucas counties and have decided to move across the street into Fulton County. As a lifelong Democrat I cannot tolerate being ostensibly represented by the arrogant and bloated powers that be within the Lucas County party.

The latest manifestation of this fact is the shameful circus surrounding the selection process to fill the treasurer's vacancy.

Talk about being disenfranchised. Clearly the vote I cast for Wade Kapszukiewicz has been ignored by my own party. I applaud Mr. Kapszukiewicz's conviction to clean house within the treasurer's office, I only wish the rest of county government would be subject to the same come September. The performance of Ray Kest is justification enough for hiring new key staff throughout the office as far as this taxpayer is concerned. These are the people who control my sizable tax contribution each year.

What's more troubling than the obvious and petty infighting is the astonishing aplomb with which these people ride the gravy train. Having had a stranglehold on county government for so long the Democrats in control do not even see the impropriety of their actions.

I'm awash with concern for John Irish and his pension, and I'm sure the many jobless and underemployed of Toledo are as well. So many of us have personal experience in being laid off we can only sympathize with the poor man. Should that big bad brute Wade have taken office and terminated Mr. Irish's employ, I'm sure there would have been good old boys standing in line to throw him an eight-month bone lest he lose that pension, a handsome one I'm sure.

If only we all had such good friends looking out for us. The problem is Lucas County officials are charged with looking out for the rest of us residents too. I say the more new blood the better.

Heather A. Goodman


A great snowfall jolted me back to the reality that the citizens of this town are truly good people. I hear in the news every day about some crime being committed or how corrupt the politicians are and about all the fighting among themselves.

Then it snows, and all the neighbors are out, shovels in hand, joining together in an effort to help each other. There is nothing like a good snow storm to bring us all together. I'm sure these warm feelings will melt away with the snow, but before that happens, I salute my neighbors for reminding me how great the people of Toledo really are.

Sherry Ellen Scott

Oswald Street

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