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Letters to the Editor

Who says history can't repeat itself?

The Blade's Homer Brickey wrote a column on July 19 describing events that took place exactly 30 years ago to the day, including:

●Major oil companies denied they conspired to raise gasoline prices.

●Economists reported that the recession had ended.

●Washington was trying to put an end to the Watergate scandal.

Sound familiar? Just change the details.

The oil companies give us new reasons for their outrageous prices.

The recession has ended? Sure, just ask the hundreds of thousands out of work, or the multitudes who have just given up looking, or the college grads taking menial jobs until things "straighten out."

Washington is still trying to put an end to the scandals. Today they're called "Coingate" and "Rovegate."

And some say history can't repeat itself. Yes, and 30 years later, to the day, pigs are still flying.



Ohio's taxpayers deserve the truth

If it were not for the Toledo Blade, I believe Ohioans would not be told the truth about what their elected officials are doing with the taxpayers' money and individual rights.

My late husband was born and grew up in Toledo. I have visited your city many times. It makes me proud that there is a mass media publication that is telling the truth to its readers. My late husband would be very pleased.

James Drew and Steve Eder deserve kudos for their investigative reporting. Their story will hopefully reawaken the real patriots of the way America used to be before the present administration turned it into a secretive and politically manipulative country despised by many other countries.

I also admired your series on Tiger Force. It was very worthy of its Pulitzer Prize.

I am now engaged to another Ohio man, who voted for the first time in 30 years in the last presidential election, as I did. We found ourselves dismayed at the apparent problems of trickery in the Ohio presidential election. It is so sad that a man who voted for 50 years in the same polling district in Franklin County was denied his voting rights when his name was taken off the voting list. There is even a song written about him: "My vote doesn't count anymore."

Ohioans need to read The Blade for the real truth, before it is too late. They must stand on guard for their state, be informed, speak up, and watch their government representatives, who are their employees. Do not let them steal from you or lie to you.

Darlene Hall

Elk Lake, Ont.

The media's job is to present the truth

Keeping America ignorant of the truth is the motivation that feeds the lie that there is liberal bias in the press. Controlled mass media is one of the symptoms of impending fascism and the press' job is to hold government accountable to the taxpaying citizens it supposedly represents. The Blade's unwavering opposition to the war against Iraq, no matter how politically unpopular, the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths," and exposing the scandal at the Bureau of Workers' Compensation should be admired, not vilified.

If the mainstream news outlets had been doing their job, we would not be at war, and it is doubtful that George W. Bush would have been elected. What has come to pass for news is the vitriolic diatribe of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and the ultra-nationalistic Fox News, and when Americans hear anything that balances their views, it is called "liberal media."

Congratulations to The Blade for its diligence in keeping the public informed, and maintaining freedom of the press for now and for future generations.

Sally J. Keller

Sabra Road

The smoking gun of the park system

A recent jog through a metro park revealed the three scourges of the park system: Cigarette filters litter the parking lots and trails. Goose feces is everywhere. Discarded chewing gum sticks to your shoes.

Simple solutions would eradicate all of these problems, but space only permits a discussion of cigarettes.

If a 25-cent deposit was put on each filter, those too lazy to pick up their own would provide income to anyone willing to perform this service.

The White House would oppose the plan since it is joined at the hip with big tobacco. But we could throw in a sweetener.

The federal government would save cleanup money it gives to the states. Then the President could give Donald Rumsfeld the money. Mr. Rumsfeld could dream up another phony-baloney contract with Halliburton and use the cleanup savings to pay for it.

This plan is so diabolical and ingenious I'm surprised Karl Rove didn't think of it first. But in all fairness he may have other things on his mind

Bill Ahern


Ford's road repairs are too little, too late

Now that Mayor Jack Ford is finally doing something about our road conditions, I would like to ask why now?

It seems that the majority of the road repairs have been done in the higher-income neighborhoods and not the lower- to medium-income neighborhoods.

Case in point:

My wife and my neighbors have been complaining to city administrators about the road conditions on South Avenue from the Anthony Wayne Trail to Woodsdale because the heavy buses and trucks were vibrating our houses, causing our walls to crack.

It seems that the Ford administration doesn't seem to care enough to even address this issue, but instead chose to repave a very small section in front of the Wendy's west to the next street, where the new pavement stops at more pot holes.

Why stop there? Why not continue the resurfacing all the way west to Woodsdale where the real pavement needs attention? And then reroute the trucks back onto Western Avenue, which is State Rt. 2, where the roadway was designed for an 80,000-pound truck?

Keep them off South Avenue and reduce the maximum load from 80,000 pounds to a much lower weight.

Glenn Pitzen

South Avenue

Who else for court but a moderate?

In a July 18 article Sen. Arlen Specter stated that a "moderate" should be named as Supreme Court justice to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

If justice is blind and our court system is totally fair and unbiased,why the heck should a member of our highest court be anything but a moderate? Look up the meaning of "moderate" in the dictionary.

To borrow from something I heard, would you be concerned if you went to one of your favorite sporting events and the game officials were wearing the uniform of one of the teams? Would you look for a fair and unbiased assessment of the game?

Some judges are elected but many are appointed. If news organizations wanted to provide a further service to readers, why not always provide judges names, political affiliation, or who appointed them when reporting on all cases, be they federal or state?

For instance, I'll bet many readers would be interested in who appointed the single judge who so easily gave away the pensions of thousands of United Airlines employees.

This simple process could allow the little guy to directly affect the outcome of the rest of his life in this one obscure and rarely considered aspect of the consequences of his vote.

W.F. Hoffmann

Elmore, Ohio

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