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Call for the end of hatred of Israel

Thank you for publishing the insightful analysis in Peter Silverman's Saturday Essay regarding the necessity of Islam's moderates overcoming the radical fundamentalists who arrogantly and violently insist that their way is the only way. People who kill "non-believers" and "infidels" must not take over a great religion.

If the moderates act to avoid becoming hostages to their hate-filled co-religionists, perhaps there will be more participants in the family of religions and nations that revere peace, tolerance, and freedom, including freedom of religion.

While a majority of Americans support Israel in its current plight, some still criticize almost every step Israel takes despite its precarious position. Obviously, when sworn enemies just over the border shoot bombs into your country, you have to cross that border to make them stop. The current violence is part of the on-going war by the Arabs against Israel ever since the modern nation-state of the Jewish people was internationally recognized and approved in 1948 (the same year an Arab Palestine was simultaneously approved by the U.N. but rejected by the Arabs).

The current reality is that about 230 million people in Israel's eight closest surrounding countries simply do not want a Jewish country in their neighborhood. Counting just Iran and Syria, the leaders of 86 million people are actively engaged in military efforts to destroy the little country the size of New Jersey and its roughly 6 million Jewish inhabitants. Perhaps Israelis could be excused for feeling a bit nervous having these enemies bombing them from staging grounds in Lebanon on Israel's northern border and from Gaza in the south.

Israel's tactics are questioned while its enemies' calls for its destruction are not. Moderate people of all backgrounds and religions must call for an end to this hatred of Israel, a nation that eternally seeks peace.

Neil Light

Ottawa Hills

The July 29 Saturday Essay, "Beautiful Lebanon will rise again," by Nadeem Salem was well done. Rarely do we hear from someone who has lived and experienced the culture firsthand.

I think about all of the deaths and casualties (on both sides). Bombs and rockets are indiscriminate. I wonder how many survivors of these attacks become extremists seeking revenge. This is one way that the war can be refueled continuously.

The U.S. Congress and the American people need more input from people like Mr. Salem rather than underwriting the military confrontational strategies now under way.

Bob Snyder

Bowling Green

According to The Blade, the new mall at Fallen Timbers is planning another Dillards.

I seriously believe we do not need that. One could go into the present Dillards any time of day and barely find 100 customers.

We need a JC Penney store in this end of town. To shop at Penneys I have to go over to Westfield at Franklin Park Monroe Street. At my age I do not delight in winging my way down the expressway to shop or to return a catalog order. Even a catalog store would be helpful in this end of town. There are many people other than yuppies willing to spend their money. Please make it easier for us.

Betty thompson

Beverly Drive

Marcy Kaptur seems to have a severe problem with her terrorist identification skills. First she says the Green Mountain Boys were terrorists and now she says that Hezbollah is not. Six years ago, she said that Joe Lieberman was just what we needed for vice president, and now she says he's not fit to keep his job as senator. How about a new pair of "flip-flops," Marcy?

John F. Weber


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