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Letters to the Editor

Michigan primary vote will be sham

I want to thank The Blade for its editorial on the sham that has been thrust on the voters of Michigan.

The fraud, which was pushed by Democratic National Committeewoman Debbie Dingell, abetted by the state of Michigan - the attorney general, the governor, the courts, and others - and at the expense of over $10 million to the taxpayers of Michigan, is to hold an early primary in which anyone who votes a Democratic ballot will be disenfranchised.

The ballot also says that you can vote for a write-in candidate, but does not tell you that the person must have registered with the state as a write-in candidate.

In talking with people in the governor's office on down, they all professed that the Democratic National Committee would not refuse to seat the Michigan delegates no matter what they are saying now.

Unfortunately, Michigan absentee ballots have already gone out, and many people have already voted.

Please tell me if the federal courts are to intervene and if there is a class action suit, where do I sign up?

Raymond A. LeBlanc


Coke plant's good outweighed by bad

It's not just an FDS Coke Plant, an $800 million project for local contractors, 150 regular jobs, and other good things. It's part of our community for a long time. We are connected to it - the good, the bad, and the ugly - for two generations or more.

The good is easy to take but there's a price: the bad and the ugly. You can see the ugly in photographs of a similar coke plant in Germany by going to www.westernlakeerie.org/cokeplant.html. The factory's profile, lighting, spume, and flame will redefine the horizon, the night sky, Maumee Bay, and every property within 10 miles. Coke plants are notoriously noisy, and sound travels across the water better than an echo in a canyon. Fishing, duck hunting, and bird watching in the bay at dawn won't be the same. It will be ugly.

The bad is even worse than the ugly, travels farther, and lasts longer. Compared to the combined discharge of BP Refinery and Bayshore Power, we get 69 percent more particulate emissions (for allergies, asthma, and smog), 125 percent more lead, and 22 percent more mercury (to protect the big fish by making them toxic to humans). With all of this and 2.1 billion pounds per year of carbon dioxide, a notorious greenhouse gas, it is deceptive to claim that the electricity produced by the cogeneration plant is "clean."

To say the coke plant is state-of-the-art doesn't tell us anything about its impact upon the quality of life within our region for the next two generations or more. We must look at it in the context of the total burden in our already dirty air, polluted river-bay-lake and industry-laden neighborhoods. In that context, the good can't hold a smoke stack to the bad and the ugly.

Dan Pollock


Listen to community concerns about plant

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that putting a coking plant that pollutes our environment with things like mercury and lead (just to name two) on one of the world's largest bodies of fresh water is a horrible idea. Not to mention that 37 other states have already said "Not in my backyard." Yet some in Oregon think it will be the greatest thing ever. How stupid can you be?

Mayor Marge Brown has said that we need the 150 jobs. I can't believe that someone would be willing to sacrifice our health, future, and environment for 150 jobs. Why not try to lure a business like Kohl's or Home Depot? Oh, that's right, these business were turned away for many reasons, especially because of the noise they would bring to our "up-and-coming" community. But allowing this plant to disregard EPA regulations for 48 days out of the year we'll be willing to overlook. So go ahead, dump and pollute all you want. Mayor Brown, I think you should plant your vegetable garden next to the coking plant next summer. Just imagine the size of your tomatoes.

What is it going to take to stop this coking plant from being built? Who can we call? Al Gore, Erin Brockovich? Mayor Brown needs to stop acting like a bully and remember that she is an elected official who needs to listen to the community she represents.

Nichole Cordell


Pursue cures using adult stem cells

The Blade's Nov. 27 editorial welcoming the skin cell reprogramming breakthrough fails to address the rest of the story: the continuing problematic nature of embryonic stem cells and the success of adult stem-cell therapy.

Current problems with embryonic stem cells exist, such as the fact that embryonic stem cells are more likely to form cancerous cells and tumors. In addition, we must ask ourselves: Do we really want a society where some of the most vulnerable members of our human community are sacrificed for the cure of others? Which group will be sacrificed next?

There is, in fact, already another group at risk: women. In order for embryonic stem cell research to move forward, many embryos would need to be deliberately created via cloning. The eggs needed for this cloning would come from women who have undergone ovarian hyper stimulation. Women who undergo this treatment may afterward find themselves unhealthy, suffering from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This can cause pain, hospitalization, renal failure, potential future infertility, and even death.

Adult stem cells are a way to seek cures without the risk of devaluing human life. Adult stem cells from bone marrow, placental cord blood, and the pancreas have been shown to have the ability to form all the tissues of the adult body. Furthermore, they have been shown to improve the conditions of people with diabetes, Parkinson's, and more than 70 other diseases.

The pursuit of cures either through adult stem cells or reprogrammed cells is both ethically and scientifically sound. Continuing to pursue embryonic stem-cell research, however, is at this point scientifically suspect, and will always be morally untenable.

When we once begin to devalue human life at its various stages, we put all of us at risk for being used for someone else's "greater good."

Lora Brake


Boycott to prevent Chinese cars in U.S.

America is bleeding to death. The war in Iraq (there were no weapons of mass destruction). Subprime loans turn American dreams sour. Now, China is getting ready to export automobiles to the United States and Europe.

I read in The Blade recently that a top auto executive of China was waiting to enter the United States. A deal was made in July with Chrysler LLC to produce and export cars to the West. If this happens, there are no more bandages left. We are leaving a horrible legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Boycott, boycott - united we stand. Buy American.

Sharifa Hotchkiss

Elmhurst Road

Quick lights cause more traffic delays

Did anyone else notice the timing of the turning lights at the corner of Monroe Street and Secor Road? Is it my imagination, or did the city do this on purpose to generate more fines for running a red light?

I go through this intersection almost daily, and no more than three vehicles can pass through without it turning yellow to red. This is crazy. This will only cause more vehicles to back up and take longer to get through this intersection, which is one of Toledo's busiest.

This should not be allowed. Someone should step in and turn it back to the way it has been for months, allowing enough time for at least six to seven vehicles to turn.

Debbi Dodd

Monroe Street

Scout the perfect host at 'View from 22'

Regarding the "Holiday View from 22" tour of Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's offices in Government Center, Amy Finkbeiner and Scout made the evening a delight. Both gave you a warm greeting. The view was beautiful. Amy pointed out all the points of interest and Scout followed along as a perfect host. Amy and Scout represented Floor 22 most graciously.

Pat and Buzz Reinbolt


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