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Letters to the Editor

Bad law died with primary in Michigan

The New York Times recently ran a story titled "New Michigan primary: It's really most sincerely dead." But their Oz-based headline didn't go far enough. If it's right, then this should be a day of independents. And the Times should also have let the joyous news be spread that a wicked new law at last was dead - thanks to Michigan Greens, Libertarians, Reformers, and no-party-at-all majority.

The Times could have reported how those smaller parties, an alternative newspaper, and a political consultant banded together to block an unfair law. Democrat and Republican legislators had literally given their state party machines exclusive access to lists identifying who voted on which ballot in Michigan's artificially accelerated primaries. Michigan doesn't require registration by party, so this would have been an unprecedented invasion of privacy of the vast majority of citizens who don't belong to either the Rs or the Ds. But we sued - and won - and as a result, the Democrats couldn't make private use of those publicly-funded lists to hold a closed re-vote.

Remember that the next time the Big Two parties (and Big Media) urge you to pay no attention to that story behind the curtain.

Look beyond the humbug. Rediscover the magic of democracy. You have the power to fulfill your own wishes. It's in, maybe not your shoes, but your hands. And your heart, your brain, and your courage. Think - and vote - for yourself.

John Anthony La Pietra

Marshall, Mich.

Taxpayers already socked by Iraq war

Sen. John McCain said that Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton are going to "sock it to the taxpayers." Who does he think is getting "socked" for the war in Iraq if it isn't the taxpayers?

President Bush says we are making progress in Iraq. In my opinion, we are progressively destroying the infrastructure of Iraq. I have no doubt the U.S. taxpayers will get "socked" for rebuilding it.

Bill Cody

Malinta, Ohio

Gore never claimed he invented Internet

Just as The Blade a few weeks ago used one of its editorials to help perpetuate the myth that George H.W. Bush was "mystified" in 1992 by a common everyday supermarket scanner - which did not really take place - Toledo's hometown newspaper now is doing its proud duty of helping keep alive the fallacy that Al Gore claimed to have "invented" the Internet, as it did in its March 28 editorial cartoon.

First, Mr. Gore did not say "invented the Internet" but, rather, said he "took the initiative in creating the Internet." Granted, his choice of words here was questionable but there is little doubt that it was an honest mistake on his part, though The Blade palpably thinks otherwise. At any rate, what Mr. Gore was saying back in 1999 was that he played a key role in promoting the technology that drives the Internet. Those familiar with Mr. Gore's efforts back then had little reason to doubt that he strongly believed in the Internet's potential and pushed for government funds to promote it.

Mr. Gore never claimed to have invented the Internet, contrary to what The Blade and many others think.

Howard S. Sample

Brownstone Boulevard

Voters won't forget who supported war

It is amazing to listen to politicians who want to continue the killing and destruction in Iraq. The message from presidential candidate John McCain is that we will stay the course even if it take 100 years. Now that is a real piece of news that most Americans find difficult to accept.

Mr. McCain is a war hero and has a right to his opinion. I believe the real question is: How many Americans want this war to continue when we are spending $12 billion each month to support a war that the vast majority of our people do not want continued? Unfortunately, President Bush has not listened to the American people either.

The vast majority of Americans will remember the decisions of our President concerning this war and will make the change in direction this country so desperately needs. If I was a Republican in either the U.S. House or Senate and was up for re-election, I might want to update my resume, since the American people will speak very clearly this coming November. You can count on it.

Steve Von Gunten

Ryewyck Drive

Clinton legacy was peace, prosperity

The reason we had all the scandals in the 1990s was that Bill Clinton was so effective. They don't go after you if you don't matter. Balanced budgets, record job creation, peace in Northern Ireland, family medical leave, and real income growth (the Dow grew by more than 300 percent in eight years and stayed there even after the so-called "tech bubble" burst and Enron went under, proving that the growth was real), among other accomplishments, is the legacy of the Clinton administration, the parts that affected my life, not all these other mole hills that the conservatives desperately tried to make into mountains. America had the eight years of peace and unprecedented prosperity during Mr. Clinton's term, something the conservative Congress couldn't produce, even with a conservative President.

Without the Clintons the Democratic Party would still be wandering out in Mondale-Dukakis land, losing every presidential election. The Democrats should realize that and treat the Clintons with a little respect. To bring up the decade-old taxpayer funded multimillion dollar witch hunt that was Whitewater shows how out of material the Clinton haters really are.

If the Democrats think Sen. Hillary Clinton and her husband have been negative, they have been playing patty-cake compared to what the conservatives will do to Sen. Barack Obama if he becomes the nominee. Ask Sen. John McCain about the 2000 primary. And if Mr. Obama wins in November, I already know that Mrs. Clinton will get no credit for vetting him, while if he loses, she will be blamed.

What the Clintons did for this country is a matter of record, no matter how much conservatives try to muddy the waters. That is what angers them the most.

Corey Wamer


Firearms on campus deter, stop shooters

In regard to The Blade's March 31 editorial, "Trading in death," factual evidence has been overlooked in favor of loaded language, hasty generalizations, and an emotional reaction.

State law in Utah has allowed licensed individuals to carry concealed handguns on public college campuses since the fall of 2006. In addition, concealed carry has been allowed for several years at both Colorado State University (Fort Collins, Colo.) and Blue Ridge Community College (Weyers Cave, Va.). To date, there has not been a single act of violence at any of these schools resulting from allowing licensed individuals to carry concealed handguns.

As for the Ohio State University remark, this is a fallacious argument. One of the rules for the proper handling of firearms is not to use drugs or alcohol because they impair normal mental or physical bodily functions.

Universities are not the safe havens that they are touted as being, nor are they exempt from the realities of the outside world. Recent school shootings are indicative of this, and the tragic pattern is only escalating. There need to be better measures in place to eliminate active shooter incidents. Active shooters prey upon the innocents in school settings where there are no adequate means of defense available legally to students.

Not only is having citizens with a CCW permit being allowed to carry a handgun on campus an effective measure against an active shooter, it is also an invaluable deterrent against a potential active shooter who does not wish to venture into the midst of an armed populace.

Michael Brumbaugh

Students for Concealed Carry

on Campus

West Chester, Pa.

Thanks for the "Pet Idol 2008" insert in the April 6 Blade. I can't remember when I laughed out loud for so long (probably for "Pet Idol 2007"). All of the contestants are worthy, particularly Mojo (No. 269) and Alex (No. 314), but if Jet (No. 040) doesn't take the title, I and (I'm sure) hundreds of others will be sorely disappointed.

Bob Stiegel

Meadowwood Avenue

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