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Letters to the Editor

Editor's rant not lofty by any standard

In Katharine Graham's elegant bio, Personal History, she includes principles her father held as owner and editor of the Washington Post. Among these: "The newspaper shall not be the ally of any special interest, but shall be fair and free and wholesome in its outlook on public affairs and public men."

O that the editors of The Blade and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had such lofty standards! It was with great insult that I read the Aug. 4 rant by Reg Henry, deputy editorial page editor for the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, against all people from the "tribe of conservative Neanderthals."

Yes, it was savage for Michael Savage to insult those who suffer from autism. But to lump all conservatives into "the mindless rank-and-file" is greater savagery. The irony that Mr. Henry rages against the spoken word with the printed word - with greater vitriol and angst - is almost hilarious if it were not so offensive. Perhaps he is jealous that his platform and pay pales by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. That a man in his position can crank out such demeaning and puerile guff, and that it would be published in two newspapers with the approval of the other editors, is indeed baffling. This goes beyond bitter journalism.

Though conservatives are "mindless," eventually, through our "burp and utterance" we'll figure out that we don't want to pay 75 cents to be called Neanderthals, blowfish, and self-righteous busybodies. Mr. Henry claims that "liberals don't think it's funny or clever to stereotype and bully"- as he bludgeons and pigeonholes. He assumes we dolts tune in to gets our orders. At least we aren't paying to get the little election "cheat sheet" The Blade supplies its rank and file so they can vote for the editors' pick of liberal louts.

Jenifer Christiaanse


The July 25 editorial "Reform Michigan later" falls far short of insightful opinion. Calling for a constitutional convention, as one statewide newspaper said, "would be horrendous for Michigan."

The Reform Michigan Government Now petition, which is being challenged by a Michigan Chamber of Commerce lawsuit would:

Reduce the number of Supreme Court and Court of Appeals justices in response to a diminished caseload while adding 10 new judges to the Circuit Courts which have seen an increase.

Have all elected state officials and their spouses file annual financial disclosures to disclose possible conflicts of interest.

Have a two-year waiting period before an elected official can lobby after leaving office.

Prohibit a state judge from hearing a case in which they have a personal or financial interest.

Require a public roll-call vote on decisions by lawmakers in committee meetings. No more "secret" votes.

Eliminate partisanship during redistricting regardless of which party is in control at the time.

Reduce the size of our bloated legislature by reducing the number of senators from 38 to 28 and the number of representatives from 110 to 82.

Roll back the 38 percent pay increase legislators gave themselves without public comment, which made them the second highest paid in the nation.

Have all elected officials participate in the same health and retirement plan as state civil servants.

Michigan's government is broken. The RMGN petition attempts to pull Michigan out of the political and economic gutter.

Since our elected officials refuse to lead on needed reform, they should step aside and let the people of Michigan decide in November through a legal ballot initiative brought on by the will of the 500,000 people that signed the petitions.

Joseph Lukasiewicz,

Executive Director,

Reform Michigan Gov. Now!

Hastings, Mich.

In a recent letter, Jesse Otto, Jr., stated a number of items that were going wrong with Toledo while the mayor planted flowers. Does Mr. Otto only write to The Blade and not read it?

He notes that the population is slipping away, yet a mayor's committee is finding persons who were left out of the Census count.

He also indicates that North Towne Mall has slipped into oblivion and Southwyck Shopping Center is now history. Cinco de Mayo just has opened a very lucrative business right across the street from North Towne Mall and there is a fabulous Super Fitness Center housed in the mall.

Just to the East on Benore Road is a new Fairfield Inn and on East Alexis, a new Menard's.

Federal, state, and local dollars are being invested in "sprucing" up Reynolds Road and plans for the Village at Southwyck are progressing.

Yes, Mayor Finkbeiner is planting flowers throughout Toledo. Flowers are usually what you give in times of celebration.

Congratulations Toledo! You're beautiful.

Richard Woodbury

San Diego

In past years, the residents of Key Street were given a few passes on their door for the Lucas County Fair. The passes were given for inconveniences such as daily garbage pickup in front yards and the occasional person parking in front of a driveway, not to mention the noise. The passes were a small but appreciated gesture.

This practice stopped a few years ago but fair board President Dave Pruss provided me and fellow residents along Key free passes at my request because of the inconveniences stated above, but this courtesy has also stopped.

There was a split admission charge at this year's fair, something new, pay an afternoon admission and after 6 p.m., pay another.

If you wanted to spend the whole day at the fair you would have to pay twice. This is not going to ensure a large attendance. In these hard economic times, where entertainment dollars are hard to come by, you would think the fair board president would reduce admission prices to ensure large attendance numbers and provide the residents of Key a little compensation for their inconveniences.

Before the fair is over, attendance will be down significantly and the board will offer free admission, just like last year.

Jakob Gassner


Isn't this ironic?

On July 23, I was busy preparing dinner for my granddaughter. She graduated from UT last May. Since she cannot find a job here in the area, she is leaving for Charlotte to work. But I happened to think that my property taxes are due on July 31 so I had better get a check in the mail. I wrote the check and walked to the mailbox, which is three houses down.

On the way back, I stepped in a pothole and fell face down on the pavement. A visit to St. Anne's ER confirmed a broken nose that needed stitches and a face badly bruised.

I certainly hope that check will help the city repair our street that has been in dire need of repairs for a long time.

Carolina Francis

Rose Garden Drive

Rancamp Addition got stuck with the new garbage-can system. Of course the city spent a ton of money buying the cans and the trucks just to get rid of two employees.

It's supposed to be a two-month trial period. But do you think, for one minute, they are going to get rid of the system? It's going to be and that's it. What do you do if you have more garbage that one can can hold?

What a wonderful sight to drive in the neighborhood and see all the garbage cans in front of people's garages because they have no other place to put them. Where was the union when all this happened?

George Hartman

Malcolm Road

So Carty decided to up the number of Toledo residents by 16,000. I can t believe not one person had the guts to tell him that he s not going to get away with counting potholes as people.



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