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Web site has truth about candidates

As the election draws near, lies about the candidates from both parties abound: Barack Obama is a Muslim, and would raise taxes on the middle class. Sarah Palin once belonged to a radical political group in Alaska, and favors the teaching of creationism in public schools.

None of these things is true.

Senator Obama is, in fact, a Christian, and his proposed tax policies would actually lower taxes for middle-class Americans more than Sen. John McCain's proposed tax plan would. Governor Palin has always been registered as a Republican in Alaska, and she favors the teaching of evolution in public schools.

I would strongly encourage all voters, regardless of political affiliation, to visit This is a nonpartisan Web site devoted to debunking myths and rumors about the candidates from both parties.

As citizens of the greatest country on Earth, we owe it to ourselves to cast our votes based on facts, not on lies. The upcoming election is too important for us not to be truthfully informed about the candidates.

Judi Malhotra

St. Thomas Court

Regarding Sarah Palin, the outrage displayed by the opposition will display her strength. At this point I think of this woman as a treasure. The upcoming debates and media interviews should give us a clearer understanding of Sarah.

A one-on-one with Marilou Johanek would be entertainment at its finest for people who enjoy watching blowouts. I'm looking forward to Marilou's assessment of the Palin/Biden debate. A dream debate for me would be Sarah versus Nancy Pelosi (another blowout).

Jeffrey Long

Westchester Road

Ohio has lost thousands of jobs in recent years. Therefore, this state cannot afford an even higher unemployment rate and more government regulation of private business. That is why Ohioans should vote "no" on Issue 5 in November.

By voting "no," voters can overturn HB 5445, the payday-lending bill. If this bill remains in place, it has the power to close 1,500 payday-lending stores, leaving 6,000 people jobless and without benefits.

In November, please vote to protect our economy as well as our financial freedom. Help overturn HB 545 by voting "no" on Issue 5.

Ashley Sharpe

Tecumseh Street

I am an 80-year-old woman. I took a degree in chemistry and physics in the late l950s. It was a man s world. I did not expect special treatment because I was a woman.

I have a message for Sarah Palin. To paraphrase President Truman: If she can t take the heat of national politics, let her go back to her Ketchikan.



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