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Letters to the Editor

Jobs are not right of every American

On Oct. 12, Blade publisher John Robinson Block asked Sen. Barack Obama if he agreed with his assessment that Americans have a right to a job. He also suggested we should have a second Bill of Rights including a right to health care, a home, and education. It's obvious Mr. Block has spent little time trying to understand rights.

If I have a right to a job, health care, housing, and education, why would I not have a right to a free Sunday paper? Why would I have to pay $2? Why would people have to pay to run their advertisements?

The fact of the matter is these are not unlimited resources. These are scarce resources produced by people of ability. They are the intellectual and physical property of their producers. William Blackstone, the famous jurist our founders used extensively, said, "It's in the nature of private property itself that determines the use and the user."

Therefore, the producers can keep the property, sell it or even destroy it, but no one has the right to the fruits of someone else's labor or property.

Communism could be defined as the abolishment of private property. Is this what Mr. Block advocates? Certainly he must know what a failure that has been.

If he's asking the government to provide these, has he forgotten that government has no money? It can only provide what it first takes by force, at the point of a gun. Is he saying theft is a moral concept?

As for a second Bill of Rights, coming from the perspective of a Monday-morning quarterback I would have to side with the founders, who did not want the first Bill of Rights included in the Constitution.

Their fears have become reality. But that's another editorial.

Jim Boehm

Drummond Road

The Blade began its Oct. 18 story about "Joe the Plumber" with the word "unlicensed" in describing his occupation as a plumber.

Shame on The Blade's journalism skills as it totally missed the context of his story. His story is that he has a dream of owning a business that one day may employ four or five plumbers. The Blade slanted its story in the first sentence as to discredit his dream.

All Americans have dreams, including the very famous dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., and we all know the words from his famous speech.

A dream is to be honored and cherished as that is the foundation that has built our country. We all dream of a better life.

Since you are so concerned as to his licensed or unlicensed occupation, perhaps it is about time we licensed journalists and bring back a sense of fairness into the current sleaziness of a once proud profession.

Today's journalists inject their feelings and political desires and don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Well, let my letter raise awareness and show the disgust we have for unfair media coverage in this country. I do not have a journalism degree, but I surely can write about the facts and not let my political bias show.

Joe Reynolds


Hopefully, the voters of this state will see Issue 6 for exactly what it is: a constitutional amendment for one specific private enterprise, one casino at a specific location between Columbus and Cincinnati.

Should we amend our state Constitution to benefit one specific private entity? Absolutely not.

The Constitution should protect all Ohioans and any changes should be made with all citizens in mind, not just one private company.

Is gambling the best possible economic stimulator for our state? No matter how you feel about gambling, a special-interest constitutional amendment, changing our state constitution to protect one specific private entity is wrong.

John Polofka

Meadowwood Drive

Anthony Wayne Schools is one of the top school districts in Ohio. It has enjoyed the "School of Excellence" rating for six consecutive years.

This is true because of wonderful parental support and good teachers. This is true even though Anthony Wayne spends less per pupil than other area schools.

Even after cutbacks resulting in the loss of 33 teachers and other employees, overcrowded classrooms, kindergarten meeting every other day, loss of tutoring services, and many other changes, it is still necessary for additional funding.

Anthony Wayne needs the support of the community. As a parent of four Anthony Wayne graduates, and as a former Anthony Wayne educator, I am proud of this school system and urge you to vote "yes" for Anthony Wayne Schools on Nov. 4.

Robert Streight


The recent flurry of election court cases have further tarnished the reputation of the state to fairly administer an election in which the outcome of a national race could be in the balance based on Ohio's result.

Rather than take the case merits of Ohio Republican Party vs. Brunner on, let the reader step back and ask: Is this is how Ohio should behave in proctoring elections in a fair and unbiased manner?

My assessment is that the role of partisanship in the secretary of state's office is truly the systematic problem, regardless of the issue. It appears to this writer that other than bad political theater, this partisanship serves no purpose but distraction and is harmful to our beautiful state's reputation.

One suggested solution is to adopt legislation, similar to Wisconsin, which has created the Government Accountability Board, which assumed the combined responsibilities of the former state elections board and the state ethics board.

Simply put, the referee should not be a player in the game if one desires a fair result.

David Hiscock


In times of financial uncertainty, when the stock markets and lending institutions are decreasing by the day, many people tend to become fiscally frugal when voting on election issues that ask for taxpayer dollars.

When you go to the polls Nov. 4, remember that there is one issue that is important to all people of Lucas County. This is the Mental Health and Recovery Services replacement levy.

What does the Mental health and recovery Services board provide for citizens of Lucas County?

It provides mental health and substance abuse recovery and prevention programs for all residents. Most of the programs provide a sliding-scale fee or are done at no cost for those who do not have the financial means to afford mental health services.

There are many reasons why this issue is important to all people of Lucas County. About one in 17 Americans suffers from a severe mental disorder. That translates into 6 percent of the population. And 26.2 percent of adult Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder.

If you take into account those under the age of 18 and those who do not seek treatment, the numbers would be much higher.

As you can see, this is not something that only affects a small group of Americans. We all have friends, family members, and co-workers who are or will be part of this statistic.

Furthermore, there are many who do not seek help because there are not adequate services because of little or no funding.

Please remember, when you go to the election polls on Nov. 4, vote yes for the Mental Health and Recovery Services board replacement levy.

Aaron Bonnough


It s hard to understand, after being in the plumbing industry for years, how Joe Wurzelbacher could be out working in the Toledo and surrounding area and not be licensed or checked. Is it the lack of enforcement by the city of Toledo, or is it his employer who should know better? Regardless, Joe is not a real plumber.


307th Street

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