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Letters to the Editor

Rethink idea to close Rec Center halls

We can all agree that we are seeing very troubled economic times. Why, then, do the county commissioners plan to close the recreation buildings at the Lucas County Recreation Center that bring in thousands of dollars in rental fees to the county and tens of thousands of dollars in economic impact to the local businesses in the area? Hall II currently is rented out for almost every weekend from January until June, which is the time when the county would not issue any more contracts.

Each craft, gun, home, RV, and cat/dog show brings thousands of people to the Toledo area who spend money locally. Both recreation halls also are used for area sporting groups. Where would they go to practice? Closing the halls may force some of these organizations out of business, or force them to move to another venue. Some may even leave the county.

The commissioners have to realize that the halls have many conveniences that make them highly attractive to show promoters and organizations. Despite their age and the need for some maintenance, the halls are structurally sound, still very usable, and should be kept open.

Hopefully the county commissioners will realize that putting only a few thousand dollars in fixing some of the leaks and waiting until the economy improves to do the rest makes economic sense.

Dave Grabarczyk


Lake Erie Center, host of an Ohio Environmental Protection Agency meeting to hear comments on a variance request by the Bay Shore power plant, was hot on a cold night recently. EPA representatives spoke about FirstEnergy's request to continue to dump the same level of toxic mercury into Maumee Bay, while trying to explain how the high level of mercury in the bay might diminish when the plant "voluntarily" reduces its effluent's toxicity over the next five years.

Local townsfolk asked pointed questions, while the EPA suggested that though the plant was pouring millions of gallons of water tainted with the poison into the bay daily, the cost of a solution would be high.

Plant officials argued they weren't adding much to the toxicity levels (now quite high by EPA standards) of water coming into their plant from Maumee Bay. It seems they overlooked that the mercury there, which comes from burning coal and other industrial sources, might be coming from their stacks.

Is the EPA protecting our environment? Can we afford to drink tainted water? Is it OK to continue to kill fish? Should the variance be stopped? Send your comments to OHIO EPA Surface Water Dept., Attn: Permits Unit, P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, OH 43216-1049 as soon as possible.

I've had mercury poisoning and it's no picnic.

William Stuber


The Blade's Dec. 10 editorial on the "Take Back Toledo" initiative ended, strangely, with a parting shot at the Toledo Club. At least the word "hiding behind the cloistered walls of the Toledo Club" struck me as such. My question is: Why?

As a former member of the Toledo Club (I am now retired and spend more time out of the area than in), I was going to include a long list of what a treasure the club is, as well as a downtown Toledo institution that deserves your support. But as I thought about it further I came to this conclusion: Ah, what's the point?

John O'Neil


Editor's note: Block Communications Inc., parent company of The Blade, has in recent times added numerous members to the Toledo Club from its executive ranks and has donated significant sums for capital projects. We believe BCI has done more for the club lately than any other corporate entity in Toledo.

I would like to respond to the latest news on the effort to recall Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

I applaud the effort of those who would like to recall or replace the mayor of this great city. However, the energy needed to carry this out should be used if the mayor decides to run again. Please get the word out, support his opponent, and emphasize the shortcomings of the mayor.

Our city will continue to make strides and it deserves leadership we all can be proud of.

Charles Ellenberger

109th Street

The "Take Back Toledo" group might want to reconsider whom it appoints as front men. I watched Channel 13 news following Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's news conference. Two of the group's (alleged) members were interviewed. Brian Wilson from 1370 radio referred to Carty as "the petty tyrant on the 22nd floor." Bill Delaney (Delaney's Lounge - he still may be in the process of repealing the state smoking ban) said he would vote for a recall if Carty had even one more day in office.

The air around them reeked of personal vendetta. In any event, I cannot correlate their remarks with the recall group's stated goal of electing a mayor whose main goal is to make Toledo "more business friendly." Actually, their remarks make the group sound more like a lynch mob than a progressive, forward-thinking entity.

One probable outcome of this movement is more negative national publicity for Toledo. This time it will be on the recall group's conscience. Please tread prudently.

Dave Anderson


No one could be prouder of their city than Mayor Carty Finkbeiner. He comes across as an enthusiastic cheerleader, zany or not, who brings excitement as well as enlightenment and thought-provoking issues to the forefront. Everyone's a critic.

Chris Urfer

Brookside Road

I was born and raised in Toledo. I graduated from Libbey High School, and the University of Toledo.I moved away some time ago and, I can honestly say, thankfully so, based on what is going on in my hometown. I cannot believe what I am reading and hearing about Toledo and, in particular, Mayor Carty Finnkbeiner.

His stance on the Marines was atrocious. His stance on the Fairness Doctrine was ridiculous. Is the First Amendment meant just for him and no one else is permitted to speak unless they agree with him? I am outraged at his attitude and the positions he has taken. Three terms? My goodness, how can people of Toledo do that to themselves?

Mayor, I am ashamed of you, the horse you rode in on, and the horse you ride now. You are way too full of yourself.

Darrell Swanson

Newark, Del.

All you hear and read about these days is the gloom and doom in our area and around the country. Not much is said about all of the good things that are happening, such as all those who devoted their time, material, and expertise to things like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Habitat for Humanity, and Old Newsboys, and the endless sponsors and volunteers of events for accident victims and people with illnesses. No one thinks about how much goodness is still out there, how much we all have to be thankful for.

This is truly a great part of the country in which to live. We are surrounded by so many giving people and organizations. Let's recognize the extreme amount of positive by individuals and corporations in this community that give back and help pull us through these tough times.

We all can't give or volunteer for everything, but we could pick one and feel better about ourselves and our neighbors.

John Retzke


Romanoff Electric Co.

Regarding the scandal in Illinois involving Gov. Rod Blagojevich, I'm anxiously awaiting what word will be used to precede "gate" in this latest political scandal. Sounds like it deserves one to me. But then again, I'm just being cynical.

Kevin Gossett


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