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Letters to the Editor

Bernadette, we are not all blind

I read the interview with Bernadette Noe in wonder, and I would ask her: How could you think we are all so stupid? You find the press intrusive, yet you are still giving interviews.

You do not live in a $5 million house only because the market is down. You are tired of everyone thinking you have escaped with this huge asset, yet you sure knew enough to escape to Florida and put it into your name only. You started in a $250,000 house, upgraded to the $500,000 island home, then landed in a $2.6 million house all in about 10 years, yet neither of you had significant increase in legal earning ability. So, being reasonably intelligent, where do you think the money came from?

You run a deficit every month, yet you leased two new cars in the last year? Is one for weekdays and one for weekends? And you were upset to find Tom was unfaithful. Weren't you both married when you started seeing each other?

You were given a full release from the civil lawsuit. Wasn't that part of Tom's plea bargain? You are sitting right where you want to be with a big smile on your face, so stop shooting off your mouth so I do not feel inclined to respond.

Sheri Kasson


As a voter living in the Pike-Delta-York School District, I would like to know when there will be an end to the special elections that will once again raise my property taxes.

When a special election is to be held, it should be publicized. Most voters with whom I spoke had no idea that yet another school tax levy is being proposed, let alone how much of an increase it would mean to their taxes. Six mills is more than you think it is.

I urge each voter who feels their tax burden is already high enough to go to the polls on Tuesday and let the Pike-Delta-York board know your views. Let them know that you would like to see a plan of action as to how this emergency money will be spent and how it will help our children to learn and ultimately become good citizens of the community.

Dee Mutchler


Voters in the Mason Consolidated Schools district will decide Tuesday whether to recall more than half of its board of education. The turmoil in our district has already caused one of the board members on the recall ballot to resign.

For the following reasons, I oppose the recall and urge voters who have not made up their mind to do the same:

Under Michigan law, recall petitions are reviewed for clarity, but the allegations are not verified. The board members named on the recall petitions have factually refuted the allegations against them.

The focus of those supporting the recall has shifted to budget decisions made by the board during a time of financial stress for most public school systems in our county and state. The choices are difficult and often not popular. Recalling board members will do nothing to make budget decisions easier.

Board members and administrators should be held accountable by involved parents. However, in this case, the criticism has been destructive rather than constructive. It's gotten personal. It has hurt the image of our school system.

There is a learning curve when a person first serves on a school board. Some turnover may be good. That's why we have elections. But turning over more than half the board at once would likely do more harm than good.

The quality of a local school system says a lot about a community. We need to stop taking sides and find ways to work together to support our school system. Recalling board members is not the answer.

David L. Smith

Mason Class of 1965

Erie, Mich.

I live in the Ragan Woods area near Southwyck Shopping Center and have a young child. For my child to play on playground equipment, we have to get in a car and drive to Swan Creek Metropark.

I would like to have a park within walking distance, which would be a good use for the site previously known as Southwyck. I would like to see a playground area for various ages of children, including an area for older kids and teens that has a skateboard area and maybe a basketballand tennis court.

Rather than spending so much time and effort trying to lure retail stores, which sell products mostly made in other countries, why don't we invest in our children's health, social, and creative well-being and give them a place of their own?

Jill E. Lloyd

Crossbough Drive

How refreshing it was to read in the July 20 paper the touching article about the coffee house in Missouri where the customers "pay it forward." Nice to see something so positive amid all the negative news.

Mary Dubbs

Bowling Green

A citizen reports an apparent break-in by two men. A policeman responds, knowing it's a possible burglary, and finds two men already inside the residence. One man claims to live there. The officer demands identification.

What would a reasonable person do? Produce the ID and thank the officer for ensuring his property is safe.

What would a combative black man with a victim mentality do? Well, read the paper.

Joseph E. Pflager


Thank you to the residents of Toledo and surrounding communities for your expressions of love, support, concern, and prayers during the tragedy we experienced in the loss of our beautiful home in the historic Westmoreland neighborhood by fire on June 9.

Although it is a daunting task to pick up the pieces after our lives have been turned upside down, we know it is only by the grace of God that we are able to manage and have a sense of peace that surpasses our understanding. What a blessing it is that we are able to see the outpouring of support from friends, neighbors, and persons who we otherwise may never have known.

We, like many of you, are surprised to learn that fire hydrants may not work as we believe they should. With what has happened to our home, we encourage all citizens to raise questions about the hydrants nearest your homes and your neighbor's homes. Do the hydrants work? Do they have enough water pressure? And when was the last time they were checked to assure your safety? Do you know whether the hydrants are 4-inch, 6-inch, or 8-inch?

All citizens have basic rights to feel safe, to be safe, and be assured of safety at all times.

Herman and

Barbie Harrison

Mount Vernon Avenue

A July 28 writer stated that the most powerful man in America, our President, couldn t see past his color and that truly scared her and should scare us all. Well, what truly scares me is just what color the writer thinks our President can t see past. Is it his whiteness, his blackness, his Hawaiian-ish, his whatever-ish?

I m colorblind except when it comes to hate, fearmongering, racism, or any sleazy treatment of another human being. Then I truly see people s colors for what they are yellow.



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