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ODNR, change the rules

Doesn't the Ohio Department of Natural Resources have more important things to do than waste money and time harassing Toledo Police Sgt. Mark Fry about the fawn whose life he saved ("Officer rescues fawn, but ends up in trouble," June 5)?

This is sad. The state should butt out, think about changing some of the stupid laws and rules, and find other things to address.

Craig Boehk


I was raised in and worked my whole life in Toledo. I read about the police sergeant who saved a fawn after its mother died. Why is the Ohio Department of Natural Resources investigating him?

The sergeant did a compassionate thing and should be commended for it. ODNR, stop showing your ignorance.

I cannot believe that some people and organizations can be so thoughtless.

Charles Presser

St. James City, Fla.

Since when is being kind and merciful an infraction of the law?

Sergeant Fry should be commended for his kindness in rescuing the fawn. Instead, he's being investigated by the ODNR. That is beyond ridiculous.

Sandra Weber

Kenwood Boulevard

As an avid hunter all my life, I support obeying rules to benefit wildlife, but investigating a person for saving a deer is going a bit far.

Wake up, Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The doe didn't die of a disease. Go after the bad guys.


Overly Court

Our recent weather-related tragedies should remind all of us that life is uncertain ("Lives shattered," June 7). Have plans for spiritual and financial peace of mind. That's a must.



The storms that took lives and caused terrible destruction made your front page. There must be at least one "pit bull" that's homeless now as a result of the tornadoes.

Get your priorities back where they were.

J.L. Bell

Oldham Road

As a former resident of Lake Township, my heart goes out to those who suffered in the storms. It must be awful to lose everything, and have to start over.

Several Toledo Public Schools buildings might be empty this fall. Perhaps TPS could let Lake Local Schools rent them.

Many Catholic schools in the area are being consolidated. Perhaps the parishes could share their spaces.

Arlene Rinaldo

Mellwood Court

No one will argue about the urgent need to reverse the economic decline of Lucas County or the importance of improving the effectiveness of our economic development effort ("Cautions sounded on county reforms," June 8).

But Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop's argument that our economic problems will go away with a new charter and a new government organization is absurd. It makes as much sense as expecting a team's performance to change by changing the uniforms.

Even crazier is suggesting that we use Cuyahoga County as a model. If we need an Ohio county model, there must be five or 10 counties with better economic track records to consider.

We have serious problems in Lucas County, and a serious analysis would help define the causes and suggest solutions. Most likely the analysis would show that those we elect, and their philosophies, strategy, and decisions, have more to do with economic growth than the organizational structure.

Joe Andrews

Ontario Street

I would suggest Ben Konop contact Sen. Richard Lugar. When he was mayor of Indianapolis in the mid-1960s he proposed "unigov." It was adopted in 1970. Unigov combined city and county offices and services and eliminated a lot of duplication.

I would be in favor of a similar program for Toledo and Lucas County that would eliminate the county commissioners.

Ed Garvin

Heatherwood Drive

I don't dispute the need to consider changing the structure of county and regional government. However, just because a change passed in Cuyahoga County, that does not mean it will work in Lucas County. Since Cuyahoga's issue passed in November, there's no guarantee it will work there. Perhaps a little watchful waiting is wise.

Your June 6 article "New Jersey counties find reforms bring efficiencies" states that county executives in New Jersey were convicted of corruption and extortion charges stemming from their actions in office. Giving someone power to do great good is also power to do great harm.

Gretchen Gehring

Saddlebrook Court

The people who complain the most about the White House's handling of the BP oil spill are the same folks who profess to despise "big government" and often scream: "Drill, baby, drill."

Hal Simon


The Gulf of Mexico has been here for millions of years. It took modern civilization only 100 years to destroy it.

Maybe it's time to go back to a simpler way of life. Will we ever stop using so much oil? A few more accidents like this one could end life in our oceans. The trade-off is not worth it.

Wade Born

East Streicher Street

Oregon is having a July 4th fireworks display funded by the city and donated profits from the local BP-Husky Refining operation.

Can anyone be joyous about accepting this money and burning it up on fireworks while so many in the Gulf area are in crisis?

The money should go to the suffering families of the men who lost their lives on the oil rig, and to others who are suffering losses in the Gulf region.



Sylvania Township trustees were correct to vote against the tax the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority proposed ("Trustee vote kills chance for TARTA sales tax," June 2).

I see empty or near-empty TARTA buses on routes. They sit on the side of the road while drivers take breaks or are on layovers to keep the routes on schedule.

Where are the fuel-efficient and smaller buses that would more accurately reflect the limited ridership TARTA has? Instead of giving TARTA more money, have it enact cost-saving measures and live within its means.

Don't feed TARTA's desire for more public resources.

Robert J. Zuber

Roywood Road

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