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Letters to the Editor

Forgo more heat from Mideast

Your Aug. 7 editorial “Mideast heat” perpetuates a common myth about the Middle East. You say that “the absence of a credible peace process between Israel and Palestinians is again inviting violence,” as if this were the most important issue.

The most destabilizing factor in the Middle East is Iran. The Iranians' drive to acquire nuclear weapons is considered so threatening by their Arab neighbors that the United Arab Emirates' ambassador to the United States declared recently that he considered stopping Iran's nuclear weapons program to be of paramount importance.

Few administrations have put more effort than the Obama Administration into forcing an Israeli-Palestinian settlement, or engaging Iran. Unfortunately, the effort has all been in the wrong direction, operating from dreadfully faulty premises, with predictably disastrous results.

In the name of being evenhanded — no one expects us to be “evenhanded” between North and South Korea — President Obama has aligned himself almost entirely with the Arab agenda against Israel.

He has largely abandoned our only true ally in the region to appease a collection of unstable monarchies and dictatorships that claim to be our friends, even as they go on funding organizations that preach hatred of the West and grow yet more terrorists who will attack us.

Mr. Obama has bent over backward with overtures to Iran, only to be treated with contempt and deceit.

One may not blame President Obama for wanting to bow out, simply from sheer embarrassment.

If you are suggesting that he redouble his efforts with more of the same, I have some land in Florida I'd like to sell you.

Rob Vincent


Republican gubernatorial nominee John Kasich's proclamation that if elected he would cancel the high-speed train project should be an indicator to everyone (“Kasich: No to train plan; GOP hopeful calls $400M idea ‘white elephant,'” Aug. 5).

America lags well behind the rest of the world in high-speed mass transit. I understand that the train as planned in the beginning would be considerably slower than it should be.

But a governor needs to have a vision for the future and the willingness to solve problems and make things happen.

While the wealthiest 2 percent will undoubtedly do well with him as governor, Mr. Kasich's backward approach will do little for the rest of us.

Jim Clark

Marengo, Ohio

I was sorry to learn that Delta Airlines is eliminating its flights from Toledo to Detroit (“Delta adds flights from Toledo to Minneapolis; Airline discontinues service to Detroit,” Aug. 5)

I have flown Delta to Detroit for my connecting flights four or five times a year. Now I do not know how I am going to make these trips. It would be nice if Delta kept at least one flight between Detroit and Toledo.

Years ago there was a shuttle travelers could take to and from Detroit. Maybe that could be looked into again. It would be a blessing to those of us who do not drive.

Nancy McBride

Nash Road

We are not billionaires, but early in our marriage we pledged to donate at least 10 percent of our income to charity (“Over 36 billionaires join list as big donors; Many follow pleas from Buffett, Gates,” Aug. 5)

This guiding principle has been a blessing in our 60 years of marriage, and we urge young couples to try it.

It's called stewardship.

You receive the joy of helping others.

It may lead to a sense of financial harmony in the home.

What a difference it would make if everyone made such a pledge.

We thank the billionaires, but please don't wait to become one before making your own pledge.

Bea and Tom Walker

Marblehead, Ohio

I have worn a prosthetic arm for more than 48 years. I am capable of doing anything I choose to do, including driving a car and riding a bicycle.

But on a recent trip to Cedar Point with my family, I had no sooner secured myself in the seat to take a water ride than I was told by the operator that the manufacturer had specified that no one equipped with a prosthetic device could ride.

I have visited many amusement parks, from Canada to Florida, and I have at no time been refused entry to the rides of my choice.

I had not been subject to such treatment during previous visits to Cedar Point.

Nowhere in the process of purchasing our tickets, mostly online, was there mention of restrictions.

I later checked some of the rides' descriptions on the park's Web site and found no restrictions, except those pertaining to height.

This action is a discriminatory measure born of ignorance.

I suggest that anyone looking for a park destination check its policies carefully, rather than risk being ordered, in effect, to move to the back of the bus.

Linda Keller

Waynesburg, Pa.

People are protesting the building of mosques, not just near Ground Zero in New York City. That suggests that the protests are more about Islam and Muslims than about a mosque near Ground Zero (“Freedom must work both ways,” Aug. 11).

Robert Orlet

Earl Street

Gina-Marie Kaczala wants to become Lucas County auditor (“Kaczala's widow files to run,” Aug. 10).

Three past property tax bills not paid? An auditor should be able to manage her personal finances before she is elected and allowed to manage millions of Lucas County tax dollars.

Evelyn Zimmerman


The self-proclaimed standard bearer for fiscal responsibility, the Republican Party, has endorsed Gina-Marie Kaczala for county auditor.

Couldn't the party come up with a candidate who paid her taxes on time? Without apology, Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook said she addressed the situation “as soon as she found out about it.”

Does Mr. Stainbrook really believe that a 21-year employee of the county auditor's office didn't know her property taxes weren't paid for two years?

And this is the person the GOP has chosen to safeguard tax revenues in Lucas County?

Dean Henry


The Aug. 8 op-ed column by Jonathan Ross, “Medicare: Improve it, expand it,” should be read by all members of Congress and become law.

Medicare for all would take the laws out of the hands of the insurance companies, which have too much control of our lives and heath systems. We would still have to purchase supplemental health insurance, which would not be as costly as full health insurance.

Even that coverage should be regulated by law and subject to strict regulations, so that everyone is covered and not at the mercy of big insurance. In addition, Congress should be on the same Medicare plan as everyone else.

Mary Ann Gorney

105th Street

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